Feel like you're stuck in a breakfast rut? Fear not. We've collected our most nourishing, flavourful breakfasts – from creamy avocado on toast to heart-healthy porridge oats – to give you a welcome break from your usual toast or cereal. All it takes is a bit of planning and a few extra minutes in the morning. Think of it as a gift to your body to kick-start it with all the goodness you need to get the most out of your day.


Take a look at our nutritious ideas below, then browse our top healthy breakfast recipes and mood-boosting breakfast recipes for more inspiration. Plus, see our high-fibre breakfasts and lower-sugar breakfasts.

15 easy, healthy breakfast ideas

1. Avocado on toast

Black beans, tomatoes and avocado on toast

Vibrant, creamy avocado is a nutritious, filling way to start the day. It's an excellent source of monounsaturated fat and vitamin E, it has more soluble fibre than other fruit and provides a range of minerals from iron and potassium to folate. Read our guide for more on the health benefits of avocados.

Turbocharge your avocado on toast:

Mexican-style black beans & avo on toast
Poached eggs with smashed avocado & tomatoes
Basic avocado on toast
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2. Homemade muesli

Bowl of muesli topped with yogurt and fresh berries

It’s the work of moments to make a batch of your own cereal for the week ahead, adding exactly what you like while avoiding the extra sugar hidden in many shop-bought varieties. The DIY option is also a great way to up your intake of fibre in the form of wheatgerm or bran, slow-release carbs like oats, and/or nutritionally valuable dried fruits, nuts and seeds.

Try these healthier homemade cereal recipes:

Homemade muesli with berries, yogurt and dates
High-fibre muesli

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3. Porridge

Bowl of porridge topped with frozen berries, sliced fruit and peanut butter

Cost-effective, quick and filling, porridge is an all-round winner for a wholesome, versatile breakfast to make at home or work. With a few twists and tasty add-ins, it can be flavoursome and even more nutritious, too. Get into the habit of eating a bowl in the morning and it will fuel you all the way to lunchtime. Read our guide to the health benefits of oats and the best way to prep porridge.

Ring the changes with our healthy porridge ideas:

Healthy porridge bowl
Cinnamon porridge with banana & berries
Summer porridge
Porridge with blueberry compote
Apple & linseed porridge
Banana & tahini porridge

Discover more healthy porridge and healthy oat recipes.

4. Overnight oats

Overnight oats in glass jars, topped with fruit and honey

We love overnight oats for a grab-and-go brekkie, offering a fast hit of nutrition. Leave a glass jar of oats and fruit to soak overnight in the fridge and wake up to creamy, soft oats that you can pack and take to work or enjoy as a no-prep, express breakfast ahead of a busy morning. Learn how to make overnight oats – also known as bircher muesli – then try our different suggestions.

Simple overnight oats and bircher muesli inspiration:

Basic overnight oats
Chia & almond overnight oats
Peanut butter overnight oats
Carrot cake overnight oats
Bircher muesli with apple & banana
Orange & blueberry bircher

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5. Omelette

Herb omelette in a frying pan with tomatoes

Cheap and versatile, eggs are also loaded with proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Whip them into an omelette along with veggies, herbs, salmon or cheese. This healthy herb omelette with fried tomatoes makes a protein-rich brunch or breakfast for two people and is ready in just 10 minutes.

More omelette recipes:

Mushroom & basil omelette with smashed tomato
Healthy pepper, tomato & ham omelette
Omelette pancakes with tomato & pepper sauce
Try our egg-free vegan spinach omelette

Try more healthy omelette recipes and also read about the health benefits of eggs, what to look for when buying eggs and how to choose and store different types of eggs.

6. Smoothie

Glass of strawberry smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to boost your vitamin C levels in the morning. If you are a fan of fruity blends, then try our vegan strawberry smoothie or tangy raspberry & apple smoothie. Get a burst of tropical flavours from this pineapple and banana sunshine smoothie or fuel your morning workouts with a protein-packed peanut butter smoothie. Wondering if smoothies are good for you? Read our guide to find out about their sugar content, as well as the best portion sizes.

More fruit and veg smoothies...

Kale smoothie
Mixed berry breakfast smoothie
Kefir breakfast smoothie
Breakfast super-shake
Strawberry green goddess smoothie

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7. Chia pudding

Chocolate and chia pudding with fruit in other bowls

Small but mighty, chia seeds are a nutritional powerhouse. As well as being high in fibre, calcium and magnesium, they provide a rich plant source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. As they have a low GI, chia seeds also help to stabilise blood sugar, making them a great breakfast option. Despite being pretty pricey, chia seeds have a long shelf life and are delicious in porridge, jams, or even as an egg substitute in baking. Put them to good use in our delicious vegan chocolate chia pudding, which can be made in just 5 minutes. Simply mix together the seeds with almond milk, cacao powder, maple syrup and vanilla extract, then leave overnight to soak. Enjoy it with frozen berries for a luxurious yet low-calorie breakfast.

Try these other chia seed breakfast ideas:

Chia pudding
Raspberry ripple chia pudding
Raspberry chia jam
Oat & chia porridge
Chia & yogurt puddings

Also discover more chia seed recipes.

8. Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and spinach on a plate

Supercharge your breakfast with a steaming plate of scrambled eggs with basil, spinach and tomatoes. Spinach is bursting with nutrients that are important for our skin, hair and bone health, whilst tomatoes provide a source of vitamins. Protein-rich eggs will keep you full through the morning. This simple brekkie packs in two of your five-a-day and is great for those on a gluten-free diet.

Check out more scrumptious scrambled egg recipes:

Turmeric scrambled eggs
Superfood scrambled eggs
Kimchi scrambled eggs
Perfect scrambled eggs

9. Granola

Bowl of oat clusters with peaches and yogurt

While it's tempting to reach for the shop-bought granolas, these are often very high in fat and sugar. Instead, by making your own, you can control the level of sweetness using natural alternatives, whilst maximising the health benefits of oats. This bowl of crunchy oat clusters is naturally sweetened with dried apricots and contains healthy seeds and nuts, making it a good source of energising carbs. Served with fresh peaches and yogurt, it's a really special way to start the day.

Fill up on more good-for-you granola recipes:

Crunchy granola with berries & cherries
Low-sugar granola
Healthy homemade granola
Orange & raspberry granola
Maple granola crunchy porridge topper

Also check out more energy-boosting granola recipes and granola bars.

10. Full English breakfast

Plate with roasted cherry tomatoes, sausages, mushrooms, baked beans and fried egg on

There's little more satisfying than sitting down to a hearty full English breakfast, but that shouldn't mean you feel bloated and lethargic for the rest of the day. Our lighter take on this celebrated national dish features homemade baked beans, poached eggs and low-fat chipolatas served with roasted cherry tomatoes and mushrooms. It's packed with flavour and even delivers three of your five-a-day.

Rustle up this healthy full English, then try our other lighter cooked breakfast and brunch ideas:

Vegan fry-up
Saucy bean baked eggs
Mushroom hash with poached eggs
Slow cooker breakfast beans
Potato pancakes with chard & eggs
Avocado & black bean eggs
Mushroom brunch
Smoky beans on toast

Enjoy a relaxed morning with some more of our healthy brunch recipes.

11. Baked oats

Blackberry and apple oat bake in a round skillet pan with spoon

We just can't get enough of oats, and given their multiple health benefits, it's no surprise! Baked oats, in particular, make a filling, fibre-rich and fuss-free hot breakfast to set you up for the day. Try this blackberry & apple oat bake for a comforting twist to your regular porridge. The warming spices, crunchy pecans and fruit provide a variety of textures and flavours to liven up the oat base, making it almost reminiscent of a crumble. Best enjoyed with milk, yogurt and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Warm up on chilly mornings with more of our wholesome baked oat recipes:

Baked banana porridge
Blueberry baked oats
Cocoa & cherry oat bake

12. Shakshuka

Bowl of shakshuka with eggs and vegetables

Start the day with a fragrant mélange of spiced tomatoes, pepper, spinach and eggs. Our healthy shakshuka offers a lighter take on the traditional Middle Eastern dish, perfect for sharing with friends and family. It packs in four of your five-a-day, as well as being a source of vitamin C, calcium, iron and folate. Boost the veg content further by incorporating greens into the dish – our green shakshuka makes the most of seasonal veg and herbs.

Serve up these wholesome shakshuka recipes:

Pea & broad bean shakshuka
Microwave shakshuka
Italian-style shakshuka with spinach, ricotta and basil

Check out more of our satisfying shakshuka recipes.

13. Pancakes

Two plates of pancakes topped with yoghurt and fruit

Pancakes aren't just for Shrove Tuesday – we believe this highly versatile staple should be enjoyed as a nutritious breakfast throughout the year. Give them a fruity boost by incorporating mashed banana into the batter and serving with fresh berries and yogurt. Or make them super light and fluffy using whipped egg whites and skimmed milk.

Try some of our healthy pancake ideas:

Banana oat pancakes
Healthy pancakes
Breakfast pancake platter
Vegan strawberry pancakes
Blueberry & lemon American pancakes
Cinnamon crêpes with nut butter, sliced banana & raspberries

Alternatively, why not try a savoury twist for brunch? Our Staffordshire oatcakes with mushrooms are vegan and provide a source of folate, fibre, iron and two of your five-a-day.

We've got plenty more healthy pancake recipes to test your flipping skills.

14. Tofu scramble

Tofu scramble with tomatoes on toast

Tofu is a versatile veggie ingredient made from soya beans which forms a significant part of many plant-based diets. As well as providing a natural source of iron, magnesium and calcium, it's also packed with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, is low in calories and high in protein. Try our vegan spiced tofu scramble with cherry tomatoes for an egg-free take on scramble on toast. It's remarkably similar to the original dish and extra firm tofu will maintain its structure best, whilst taking in the flavours of turmeric, cumin and paprika. Perfect for breakfast, served on toasted rye bread or sourdough.

Our tofu brekkie pancakes also make a delicious treat using this versatile ingredient.

For more inspiration, check out our other tofu recipes and read about the health benefits of tofu.

15. Healthy bakes

Plate of scones with strawberries and yoghurt

Who said baking can't be healthy? With a few clever ingredient swaps, you can whip up all manner of nutritious treats to enjoy for breakfast. These chia & oat breakfast scones with yogurt and berries use wholemeal spelt flour, chia seeds and oats to achieve a light and bouncy texture, whilst also being high in fibre and folate. A trick to making your bakes healthier is incorporating fruit or veg in place of butter and sugar. For example, mashed banana and apple sauce provide a source of natural sweetness and moisture in these wholemeal breakfast muffins.

Start the day with these healthy ideas:

Healthy banana bread
Fig, nut & seed bread
Baked salmon & eggs
Seeded wholemeal soda bread

For more tips, read our guide on how to make healthier bakes.

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