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The best gas barbecues on test

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A gas barbecue is an essential buy for the show-off summer cook. The BBC Good Food team bring you an expert review of our top outdoor gas grills.

This page was updated in August 2020.


A sturdy, reliable and efficient gas barbecue can transform your summer cooking. They usually come up to temperature in under 15 minutes, plus they provide the space and versatility to cook a wide range of BBQ recipes.

When buying a gas barbecue, look for models made of heat-retaining materials (steel, enamel or cast iron, for instance) for the most consistent and easy-to-control results. However, do take into account the size and weight, and how easy it is to build. Think about the outdoor space you have and how likely you are to use and move the barbecue, as many models can be compacted for easy storage. A temperature gauge is always a bonus.

We put gas barbecues to the test and scored them against set criteria which included versatility, efficiency, heat retention, cooking results and ease of assembly. Read on to discover our favourite buys.

Best gas barbecues to buy

Napoleon Rogue 425 gas barbecue in black

Napoleon Rogue® 365 gas grill

Best high-end gas barbecue

Read our full review of the Napoleon Rogue 455

A wonderful all-rounder, the Napoleon Rogue 425 gas grill passed every cooking challenge with ease and surpassed its rivals in terms of quality. It provided extra-fast preheating and the best overall heat retention – a vital tool when you’re cooking for a crowd or slow cooking large cuts.

It was one of the simpler builds, having fewer, higher-quality parts. Despite having one of the largest overall grills, it folds down brilliantly (even the side hob can be tucked away) and won’t take up half your garden space.

It's also packed with functional and well-made extras (a side hob, storage shelf for condiments and tools, for example) which are the cherry on top of what overall feels like a robust, well-engineered and food-focused gas grill. Read our full review of the Napoleon Rogue 425 gas grill

Available from Napoleon (£649.99)

Weber Spirit gas barbecue

Weber Spirit II gas barbecue

Best for a gas barbecue expert

Read our full review of the Weber Spirit II gas barbecue gas grill

Weber unsurprisingly don’t disappoint with this shiny, bells-and-whistles gas model that provides versatility and consistency when cooking fast or slow.

Where is does fall down slightly is the build time – we found this to be a complex piece of kit to assemble, taking a total of 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Once you're up and running, preheating takes just 10-15 minutes, and the grill works as well as you’d imagine, connecting and lighting with ease and retaining heat throughout cooking.

The heat distribution is impressively consistent and equally adaptable, allowing you to cook large cuts with precision.

The barbecue really is a statement piece, taking up a lot of floor space, and while the shelves do fold down, the tilt-and-lift style of wheeling it around does take some getting used to. Read our full review of the Weber Spirit II GBS gas grill.

Available from: 
Weber (£599)
BBQ World (£529)
Riverside Garden Centre (£549)

Buyer's advice

What to look for in a gas barbecue

Versatility & efficiency 
In terms of cooking, a two-sided grill that is a good few inches away from efficient gas burners is ideal – this will allow you to manage cooking at different temperatures and avoid burning the food. This will also let you grill large cuts as well as sear smaller produce. You’ll want something that keeps its temperature well and heats up quickly.

Simple & sturdy design
Practical design makes all the difference when you build a barbecue, and in the long-term, a sturdy, waist-height model with easy-to-clean parts will make using the grill regularly more appealing, and help you to barbecue with confidence.

Consistent heat & retention
You’ll want a range built with strong and consistent heat-retaining materials (such as steel, cast iron or enamel) as these will allow you to easily adjust the overall temperature, reheat quickly and char food with ease. They’ll also extend the lifespan of your grill, being both hardwearing and easy to clean.

How we tested gas barbecues

We timed the build of the barbecues to the minute, checking the quality of instructions and how quickly you can start cooking. We tested how simple it was to attach the gas, and how fast the barbecues came to temperature.

We cooked a variety of different barbecue staples (sausages, burgers, halloumi and veggie kebabs), testing how evenly the barbecues grilled each item, and how they adapted to cooking at different temperatures. Further, we checked how easily food could be removed and the grill could be cleaned after cooking.

Barbecues on test

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