chocolate-filled barbecued bananas in foil

The best family barbecue desserts

Get grilling, roasting, toasting and dipping at your next barbecue with these mouthwatering family desserts. Celebrate summer and satisfy a sweet tooth.

When the sun’s out, you’ll want to make the most of it, so we’ve made sure these desserts are easy to prepare at a barbecue leaving you plenty of time to enjoy a glorious afternoon with family and friends. Stock up on ingredients, though, as kids and grown-ups alike will be coming back for more — and indeed, s’mores (see below). Be sure to check out our ultimate family barbecue collection, too, for summer recipes worth sharing. 


Roast whole pineapple

A roast whole pineapple with black pepper & rum is a summer dessert that’s sweet, juicy and great with a generous dollop of rum and coconut cream. It can be varied for kids as well. Just leave out the chilli flakes and the rum. 

Chocolate baked bananas 

A barbecue classic: these fruity baked bananas are perfect for popping on the coals and great for customising. Try chopped up chocolate chunks, caramel sauce or a dollop of peanut butter. They’re simple to make and little hands can get involved in prepping their favourite toppings. 

Marshmallow and strawberry kebabs

Toast up these marshmallow and strawberry skewers for a fun, sweet and sticky snack. Try adding a pinch of salt, a drizzle of caramel, crushed biscuits or hazelnuts for that little something extra. Nobody can resist a toasted marshmallow!

S’mores dip

Indulge in a sized-up campfire delicacy in the form of our giant s’mores dip. Biscuits or chunks of fresh fruit are ideal for dipping into this delightful marshmallowy mess. Grill and get dipping. Kids will especially love this American-style summertime treat. 

Chocolate fondue 

Keep it classic with a simple fruity chocolate fondue. Put out some milk chocolate, or yogurt to dip into (perhaps your favourite, fat-free option to make it healthy) and watch this pudding disappear. It even counts as two of your five-a-day!

Roasted stone fruits with vanilla 

Simple roasted fruits like peaches, apricots and nectarines in vanilla and their own juices make a delicious compote to serve with ice cream. Dial down the spices for younger, more sensitive palates. 

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