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Best family picnic recipes

Enjoy a wholesome family picnic with our most popular recipes. Create a perfectly planned menu of sandwiches, salads, sweet treats and refreshing drinks.

When the sun comes out, so do the picnic blankets. It’s the perfect relaxed family gathering – you can adapt your basketful of goodies to different diets, and include as much make-ahead or on-the-spot prep as you like with your preferred balance of sweet and savoury tastes. Check out our best ever family picnic recipes…


Summer sandwiches

We have a great variety of stunning sandwiches kids and adults will love. Kids can help to prepare this colourful stuffed rainbow baguette. Pile it high with vibrant veg such as beetroot, red pepper, carrot and green leaves, along with hummus, pesto and slices of cheddar – each mouthful will be a feast. The baguette is easily transportable if you wrap it in baking parchment and tie with string. Remember to take a bread knife along with you so you can slice it when you’re ready to eat.

If you have a large family, then this irresistibly cheesy garlic tear-and-share bread will also go down a treat. For something smaller, our triangular egg & cress sandwiches are delightfully dainty and quick to make. Toast the bread lightly for a great texture contrast with the creamy egg filling, and skewer each sandwich with a pick to keep them together when carrying your picnic.

Find more super sandwiches and picnic breads:
Pressed picnic sandwich
Pitta bread
Tear-and-share stuffed deli rolls
Leek, cheddar and bacon loaf sandwich
Pesto focaccia sandwich

That’s a wrap!

Wraps are an easy way to transport lots of tasty fillings without spillage en route. Give your picnic food a Greek twist with these chicken skewer & tzatziki wraps which can be barbecued or cooked on the griddle beforehand, then wrapped with green salad. Or try our veggie-packed wraps which you can customise with a range of mouthwatering fillings, including pickled onions, roasted veg, coconut tzatziki and spicy green sauce.

Try our other favourite picnic wraps:
Lemon & yogurt chicken flatbreads
Veggie olive wraps with mustard vinaigrette
Turkish kebabs with tomato chilli sauce
Turkey, pea guacamole & radish wrap
No-cook burritos

Easy cupcakes

Want to get creative? Try making our easy vanilla cupcakes with swirled buttercream icing for a pretty snack. Or mimic the colours of a popular ice cream combo with these gorgeous Neapolitan cupcakes using chocolate chips, cocoa powder and colourful frosting. Our basic cupcakes are also a quick and easy recipe that can be whipped up in only 35 mins!

Get the kids baking with more picnic cake recipes:
Fairy cakes
Caramel button cupcakes
Unicorn cupcakes
Brown butter & cherry friands

Jazzy jars

Liven up your picnic hamper with homemade food jars – they’re easy to transport and they look amazing! These tasty red berry granola pots are a perfect summer dessert, made with strawberries and raspberry coulis, topped with a layer of creamy yogurt and crunchy granola. For a veggie jar packed with goodness, try making up our coconut chicken noodle salads. Layer up noodles, beans, cherry tomatoes, spinach and chicken and drizzle with a tasty coconut and peanut dressing.

For more sweet and savoury picnic jar ideas:
Strawberries & cream cheesecake jars
Layered rainbow salad pots
Berry yogurt pots
Griddled salad jar
Stripy hummus salad jar

Picnic pies

Load your picnic hamper high with delicious pies and pastries. Capture the tastes and colours of summer with our beautiful rainbow veggie pie which will make a stunning centrepiece for any picnic blanket. Part tortilla, part pie, this kaleidoscopic composition is formed by layering up beetroot slices, peppers, squash, onions, feta, potatoes, peas, eggs and herbs. Now that’s what you call a perfect pie!

Whether you like Marmite or not, we think these Marmite & cheese sausage rolls may be the best you’ll ever taste. Get more meaty bites with these South American-style beef & chorizo empanadas which are packed with flavour. For something lighter, try our roasted tomato, parmesan & pancetta quiches – so tasty that little fingers are guaranteed to be reaching for more!

Tuck into more tasty pastries:
Mini pizza quiches
Picnic pie
Quiche Lorraine
Pickled onion pork pies
Tomato tarts

Sunshine sips

Strawberry and vanilla milkshakes in milk bottles with straws and berries

Cool down on a hot summer’s day with these cute and fruity mini milkshakes. There are three delicious flavour options to choose from – banana, strawberry & raspberry, or mango & coconut – so nobody will be disappointed. Store in the fridge before transporting these and serve in milk bottles with colourful straws.

We’ve got plenty more refreshing picnic drinks to quench your thirst:
Watermelon lemonade
Mint & mango iced tea
Homemade elderflower cordial
Rhubarb cordial
Watermelon & strawberry slushie
Sunshine smoothie

Savoury snacks

Curate the ultimate picnic sharing platter for al fresco dining. With a selection of cooked and smoked salmon, stuffed eggs, cucumber, yogurt and dill salad, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Or make our easy prosciutto or chorizo skewers by alternating the meat with manchego cheese, mozzarella, juicy grapes and basil for super-tasty finger food. To serve young children, slide everything off the skewers.

Savoury muffins are a neat alternative to sandwiches that you can bake the night before, then box up and away you go. Our Greek salad muffins are packed with cheesy feta flavour that you can enhance with parmesan – or, even better, the Greek cheese kefalotiri if you can find it at the deli. You can also whip up a batch of sweet potato crisps for nibbling.

Try our other savoury snacks:
Smoked salmon Scotch eggs
Chorizo & manchego scones
Triple cheese & onion muffins
Welsh rarebit muffins
Coronation chicken scones

Sweets and treats

This picnic trail mix is a delightful combo of sweet and salty flavours to munch on while you explore the countryside. Packed with nuts, dried fruit, pretzels and chocolate chips, they’re easy to customise with whatever you have in the storecupboard. Our sweet and fruity cherry & coconut flapjacks are also easy to make ahead, divide up and pack in your picnic box.

More sweet treats:
Tropical rocky road
Millionaire’s shortbread
Strawberry & cinnamon streusel bars
Peanut butter cookies
Lemon sherbet jammy dodgers

Or for a healthier option:
Chocolate & berry mousse pots
Fruity coconut creams

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