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Potato, pea & egg rotis in bowls with a serving spoon

5 nights of waste-free family meals

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Cut down on food waste and make a week of tasty family meals using our handy shopping list. This budget-friendly, 5-day recipe plan will make busy school nights a breeze.

With increasing awareness around food sustainability, packaging and sell-by dates, reducing our food waste has never seemed so important.


There's little more frustrating than buying expensive or unusual ingredients which only get partially used in a recipe, before being dismissed to the nether regions of the fridge. So avoid disappointment of floppy and forgotten foods, by following our easy meal-plan and shopping list for a week of no-waste suppers.

From nourishing soup to hearty vegetable curry, these five simple but scrumptious recipes make the most of affordable ingredients and use up any leftovers, so you'll be fully prepared for the week ahead.

Buy your ingredients

We've pre-loaded your shopping list with five days of meals to feed four people, so that you can quickly buy all your ingredients in one go. Just click below to be taken to the shopping list, where you can buy all the ingredients from your preferred online supermarket, add or remove any ingredients as needed, or print the list, to use when shopping.

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The above shopping list is powered by Whisk. Please check your list thoroughly before purchasing. If the same items appear across different recipes they will not automatically combine in your list and you'll need to do this manually. Please also check the products that have been selected via the Whisk algorithm, as you may prefer a different brand from that listed.

Monday - Green chowder with prawns

Two bowls of green chowder with prawns and cutlery

Start the week on a healthy high with this verdant vegetable blend, topped with prawns. By blitzing part of the soup and reserving the remaining chunky veg to pour back in after, you'll maintain an interesting texture.

Green chowder with prawns

Tuesday - Carbonara with chicken

Two dishes of chicken and bacon spaghetti carbonara

Traditionally, carbonara is made without cream - all you need are eggs and cheese to create a beautifully creamy hollandaise-style sauce. Our version of this simple and speedy pasta dish includes chicken which balances well with salty pancetta strips. With just 5 mins prep time, it will be a saviour on busy weeknights. Serve with a crisp green salad.

Carbonara with chicken

Wednesday - Classic meatloaf with tomato sauce

Sliced meatloaf with a pot of tomato sauce

Try something different and treat the family to this satisfying savoury bake. Combine beef mince with breadcrumbs to make a thrifty and filling supper which can easily be divided into portions. The accompanying homemade tomato sauce is a healthier (and cheaper) alternative to shop-bought packets, and you can save the leftovers for Friday's feast. Wrap any remaining meatloaf and use it as a sandwich filling for a lunchbox the next day.

Classic meatloaf with tomato sauce

Thursday - Potato, pea & egg curry rotis

Two bowls of potato, pea and boiled eggs with rotis

Curries are always a crowd-pleaser and this colourful veg-packed version is sure to impress. Although seemingly an unusual combination, adding hard-boiled eggs to curry provides a great alternative protein source to meat. Serve with cooling yogurt and warm rotis to mop up the fragrant sauce.

Potato, pea & egg curry rotis

Friday - Dough balls with garlic butter & tomato sauce

Dough balls on a tray with tomato sauce and crudites

Friday is fun day! And what better way to celebrate the end of the week, than baking a batch of fluffy dough balls with pizza-style toppings on the side? There's little more enticing than the smell of freshly baked bread, so you shouldn't have any trouble summoning people to the table. Once out of the oven, brush the dough balls with homemade garlic butter and let them soak up the delicious juices. Serve with leftover tomato sauce from the meatloaf, alongside crudités and cured meats.

Dough balls with garlic butter & tomato sauce

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