Cheese and chive mash with bacon

Leftovers recipes: How to avoid food waste

Avoid food waste by following our series on commonly leftover ingredients. Our resourceful recipe suggestions should eliminate any surplus.

How to use up leftover chicken

Canny ideas for making the most of your bird.


How to use up leftover bread

10 recipes to inspire you to use your loaf.

How to use up leftover lamb

Ideas for leftover roast meat, from kebabs to pasties and beyond.

10 ways with turkey leftovers

Tasty turkey treats to help you use up every scrap.

Top 10 ways to use up ripe bananas

Go beyond banana bread to use up a browning bunch.

Top 10 ways to use up celery

Turn this abundant bulb into something special.

Top 10 ways to use up cream cheese

Put those last few spoonfuls to good use in a sweet bake or savoury sauce.

Top 10 ways to use up egg whites and yolks

If separating eggs is a familiar kitchen task, try one of our suggestions to use up whites or yolks.

Top 10 ways to use up mashed potato

Use your mash in sweet and savoury dishes.

Top 10 ways to use up pesto

The trusty Italian green sauce goes a long way.

How to use up leftover anchovies

This canned fish is versatile, thrifty and delicious.

How to use up leftover chocolate video

Go cocoa loco over our ideas for using up leftover chocolate.

25 ways to use up leftover ingredients

Novel ways of using up common leftover ingredients.


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