How to use up Sunday lunch leftovers

Make yours the roast with the most by using up leftovers in creative, modern ways. Food writer Rosie Birkett's series of sensational Sunday lunches all come with easy recipe ideas for the day after.

Hate to see food go to waste? So do we, especially when it’s part of a delicious Sunday roast that took time and energy to prepare. When Rosie created her Sunday roast recipes, she designed them with leftovers in mind. Each of these roasts has suggestions for two more delectable dinners in their own right, making midweek meals something to look forward to.


If you cooked… chicken

Rosie’s roast chicken comes with irresistible sides and the tarragon salsa verde adds a punchy welcome addition to your dinner plate. Chicken is a versatile roast, there are oodles of ways to transform your bird into something exciting.

The leftover solutions

This chicken & freekeh chopped salad with leftover salsa verde makes a fresh, throw-together meal for when you need something speedy and full of flavour.

Give your chicken an Asian-inspired makeover with this leftover roast chicken pad thai.

If you cooked… lamb

Rosie’s slow-roasted shoulder of lamb lets the oven do all the hard work and you end up with meat that falls off the bone. The marinated lamb is full of spices and the leftovers will keep for a few days in the fridge.

Slow-roasted shoulder of lamb

The leftover solutions

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try this Sri Lankan inspired lamb kuttu roti? It’s a delicious hodge-podge of lamb, chopped flatbreads, egg and veggies with a fragrant coconutty flavour. If you’d like a Turkish-inspired dish, try lamb shoulder & smoky aubergine flatbread.  The chunky aubergine gives a smoky depth to the pizza-like base and tahini drizzle is seriously addictive.

If you cooked… salmon

Rosie’s lightly cured salmon with preserved lemon has a deep citrus note.

The leftover solutions

There are so many fishy dishes you can whip up from leftover salmon. Rosie’s creamy salmon & dill fishcakes make a great lunchtime pick-me-up, if you’re craving carbs, then try samphire & lemony salmon linguine, for a fresh take on seafood pasta.

If you cooked… pork

Rosie’s succulent roast pork is the perfect centrepiece for any family meal. Who could resist super-crunchy crackling? Your roast can also save you time prepping your Monday lunch.

The leftover solutions

The whole family will love these pork & black bean tacos with creamy avocado and a squeeze of lime. The melding of flavours and textures makes this an instant classic. If you want something with a little more kick, try these spicy Singapore noodles, with a handful of fresh coriander leaves. The slightly sweet, slightly savoury curry sauce complements the pork and makes a low-calorie supper.

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Do you have a foolproof favourite for your leftover Sunday roast? Let us know in the comments below…