Hate to see food go to waste? So do we, especially when it's part of a delicious Sunday roast that took time and energy to prepare. Each of these roasts has suggestions for how to use the leftovers to make more delectable dinners. These inventive ideas will make midweek meals something to look forward to.


Browse our collection of Sunday lunch recipes for more roast dinner inspiration, or check out our 10 dinners which make great lunch leftovers. We've also got plenty more ideas for how to use up leftovers with our range of leftover food guides and leftovers recipes. Read more tips for how to reduce food waste and follow our 5 nights of waste-free family meals for a week of easy meal planning.

If you cooked... chicken

Rosie Birkett's herby roast chicken comes with irresistible sides and the vibrant tarragon salsa verde is a welcome addition to your dinner plate. Chicken is a versatile roast, and there are many ways to transform your bird into something exciting.


Leftover roast chicken ideas

This chicken & freekeh chopped salad with leftover salsa verde makes a fresh, throw-together meal for when you need something speedy and full of flavour. Or give your chicken an Asian-inspired makeover with this leftover roast chicken pad thai. Looking for something next level? Our creamy roast chicken risotto really makes the most of your leftovers, incorporating shredded roast chicken into the dish as well as using the chicken skin to make crispy crackling. Enriched with butter, white wine, parmesan and truffle oil, this dish might even be better than Sunday lunch itself!

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If you cooked... lamb

This slow-roasted shoulder of lamb lets the oven do all the hard work and you end up with meat that falls off the bone. The marinated lamb is full of spices and the leftovers will keep for a few days in the fridge.


Leftover roast lamb ideas

Rustle up a fragrant leftover lamb curry, combining chunks of roast lamb with a simple curry paste and enjoy it with naan and rice. If you're feeling adventurous, why not try this Sri Lankan inspired lamb kuttu roti? It's a delicious hodge-podge of lamb, chopped flatbreads, egg and veggies with a fragrant coconutty flavour.

If you'd like a Turkish-inspired dish, try our lamb shoulder & smoky aubergine flatbread. The chunky aubergine gives a smoky depth to the pizza-like base and the tahini drizzle is seriously addictive.

Craving comfort food? Use up both your roasties and meat in our leftover lamb & potato pie for a clever twist on the classic cottage pie.

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If you cooked... salmon

Roasts don't have to be all about the meat. Try this lightly cured roast salmon with preserved lemon with a zingy citrus and gin marinade. It's perfect for a grown-up Sunday lunch centrepiece, served with roasted veg and creamy dauphinoise potatoes.


Leftover salmon ideas

There are so many fishy dishes you can whip up from leftover salmon. These creamy salmon & dill fishcakes make a great lunchtime pick-me-up, or if you're craving carbs try this samphire & lemony salmon linguine for a fresh take on seafood pasta.

If you cooked... pork

This showstopping malt-glazed roast pork from Tom Kerridge makes for a truly top-notch Sunday lunch. Who could resist super-crunchy crackling and a gorgeously sticky malt and honey glaze? Your roast can also save you time when prepping Monday lunch.

Roast pork rack with malt glaze, next to crackling strip

Leftover roast pork ideas

The whole family will love these pork & black bean tacos with creamy avocado and a squeeze of lime. The melding of flavours and textures makes this an instant classic. If you want something with a little more kick, try these spicy Singapore noodles. The slightly sweet yet savoury curry sauce complements the pork and makes a low-calorie supper.

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If you cooked... beef

You can't go wrong with this easy roast beef – it's one of our top-rated roast recipes and takes just 15 minutes to prepare. Serve with roast carrots and gravy for a winning Sunday family dinner.

Sliced roast beef with roast carrots

Leftover roast beef ideas

Leftover roast beef is known for being quite tough, but if you cut it up into strips and toss in a stir-fry it will quickly revive the meat. Try our healthy beef chow mein for a quick and easy Monday night supper that's also low in fat and calories. Alternatively, slice the roast meat thinly and use it to make a gourmet baguette for lunch the day after. This indulgent Victorian diable sandwich pairs roast beef with punchy capers, mustard, parsley and also any leftover gravy you might have!

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If you cooked... ham

Go all out this weekend with our indulgent roast ham and cheese dish. Featuring sticky-glazed gammon on a bed of rich cauliflower cheese, it's perfect for serving with crispy roasties to mop up the sauce.

Roast gammon on a bed of cauliflower cheese

Leftover roast ham ideas

As well as being delicious served cold on its own, leftover gammon lends itself to a variety of new dishes. Use up both the roast ham and any cheese from this recipe with our simple ham quesadillas, or whip up a quick souffléd omelette. Make this ham & leek cobbler for a healthy yet satisfying family supper or pack leftovers into a puff-pastry case to make some crispy ham, cheese & mushroom turnovers.

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If you cooked... roast potatoes

There's more to Sunday lunch than just the centrepiece! Learn how to achieve the crispiest ever roast potatoes with a fluffy middle and golden, crunchy exterior – perfect for soaking up the gravy!

Bowl of roast potatoes next to Yorkshire puddings

Leftover roast potato ideas

Roasties can also be reinvented into all manner of creative dishes. Try frying them up with caramelised pickled onions, thyme and cayenne to make our speedy refried roasties. Or incorporate them into a spicy Bombay potato omelette for an easy lunch or dinner. For something extra special, scatter them with brie and thyme and oven cook again to make these luxurious baked potato skins, finished with a drizzle of truffle oil.

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