Plying kids with an abundance of shiny Easter eggs is fun, but only if you're not the one who has to deal with the tantrums and bellyaches later. So if your kids have been sent a mountain of Easter eggs from grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends, then you might have a long holiday on your hands.


When it comes to guarding chocolate, kids are smart. So if you want to deplete the store, you'll need to get creative with your tactics. Here are ten of the best Easter recipes for kids that use left-over chocolate.

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Top 10 Easter recipes for kids using leftover chocolate

1. Easter egg rocky road

Piles of rocky roads topped with mini eggs

No baking required with this super-easy rocky road recipe. Invite little hands to help bash the biscuits and mix together with melted chocolate, marshmallows and chocolate mini eggs.

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2. Easter nest cake

Chocolate cake with slice missing topped with Easter eggs

This cake makes an incredible Easter showstopper, but also an excellent post-Easter cake – fingers crossed, your kids will give up their mini eggs for the cause.

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3. Choc chunk, cashew & cranberry cookies

Cookies filled with cashews and cranberries on a drying rack

Break the chocolate monotony with a batch of these chewy biscuits, packed with dried fruit and nuts. Roughly chop any thick pieces of left-over eggs into chocolate chunks, then let the kids mix and roll the dough to their heart's content. Alternatively, use up left-over mini eggs with these Easter egg cookies.

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4. Chocolate chip banana bread

Banana bread with chocolate chips, slice cut off

This delicious banana bread uses up two things: over-ripened bananas and Easter chocolate. Plus because the recipe only calls for two simple steps, it's a great bake to make with kids.

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5. Mini chocolate cheesecakes

Mini chocolate cheesecakes in cupcake wrappers. Topped with mini eggs

If these mini cheesecakes don't persuade the kids to part with a few chocolate buttons, then you're in serious trouble. This recipe has been written for kids and makes a fun indoor project. After all, who doesn't love some enthusiastic biscuit-bashing on a rainy day?

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6. Easter hot chocolate

Mug of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, marshmallows and broken mini eggs

This glossy, thick hot chocolate is a triple chocolate feast. Make it using not only cocoa powder, but also remaining Easter egg chocolate. Decorate with whipped cream, mini eggs and mini marshmallows. Ensure you’re in a good mood, because this decadent drink will leave your children bouncing off the walls.

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7. Crispy chocolate fridge cake

Stack of chocolate fridge cake topped with mini eggs

Crispy, fun and no need to turn the oven on – get the kids (and their chocolate) involved in this quick and easy Easter special, packed with biscuits, sultanas, puffed rice and lots of chocolate.

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8. Cheesecake-filled Easter eggs

Easter eggs filled with cheesecake and topped with mini eggs

This indulgent dessert is excellent for using up left-over mini chocolate eggs. Kids will love bashing the biscuits for the base, and you can teach them the importance of patience when baking, as there are a few essential chilling steps.

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9. Chocolate pizza

One chocolate pizza cut into slices

Everyone loves a stuffed-crust pizza, and this sweet version puts Easter egg chocolate to good use. Top with mini marshmallows or other sweet treats from your kids' Easter chocolate stash.

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10. Easter rocky road cheesecake bars

Squared of rocky road cheesecake bars topped with icing and mini eggs

These moreish rocky road cheesecake bars are perfect for clearing your cupboards of nuts, dried fruits, or opened packets of pretzels and popcorn. Top with left-over mini eggs, if you're lucky enough to still have some.

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Have you got any sneaky ways to use up left-over chocolate? We'd love to hear your ideas...

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