Using up Easter chocolate with kids

Kids got a little more chocolate on their hands than you bargained for? Help them make a little dent in their stash with our scrumptious and very shareable recipes...

Choc fridge cake
Plying kids with an abundance of shiny Easter eggs is fun, but only if you're not the one who has to deal with the tantrums and tummy troubles later. So if your kids have acquired a mountain of Easter eggs from grandparents, aunts, uncles and so called 'family friends', then you might have a long holiday on your hands.

When it comes to guarding chocolate, kids are street wise, I've seen them set up a protection racket that would put The Godfather to shame. So if you are planning to deplete the store a little, you might need to get creative with your tactics...

Choc chunk, cashew & cranberry cookies

Break the chocolate monotony with a batch of these chewy biscuits, packed with dried fruit and nuts. Roughly chop any thick leftover eggs into chocolate chunks, then let the kids mix and roll the dough to their heart's content. 

Choc chunk, cashew & cranberry cookies

Mini chocolate cheesecakesMini chocolate cheesecakes

If these mini cheesecakes don't persuade the kids to part with a few precious chocolate shards then you are in serious trouble. This recipe has been written for kids and makes a really fun indoor project. After all who doesn't love some enthusiastic biscuit bashing on a rainy day?

Mini chocolate cheesecakes

Hot chocolate milkshakesHot chocolate milkshake

These decadant, creamy shakes taste best after a long Easter walk. Let the children get busy smashing up the chocolate and you can add a nip of rum or brandy into the adults' cups. We'd say everyone's a winner.

Hot chocolate milkshake

Crispy chocolate fridge cakeCrispy chocolate fridge cake

Getting children to pool their chocolate into this little creation is double clever, not only will you make a nice dent in their milk, white chocolate and mini eggs, but they should be so proud of their creation they won't mind slicing it up and sharing it out.

Crispy chocolate fridge cake

Chocolate lolliesChoc-egg lollies

These sparkly choc-egg lollies guarantee a glitzy afternoon, and make for an art project and cooking lesson rolled into one. Let young Picassos get creative with the decorating then help them finish their lollipops with ribbons and cellophane for special Easter gifts for friends.

Choc-egg lollies

Chocolate cornflake cakesChocolate cornflake cakes

An oldie but a goldie - no one will be able to resist getting stuck into these retro treats, you can also decorate liberally with smaller eggs for a double chocolate fix. So if you are visiting friends, pass the chocolate problem on by bringing a batch with you. Kids can proudly show off their handy work, and you can feel just as smug at your own sneakier efforts.

Chocolate cornflake cakes

Not even made a dent? Our chocolate baking recipes are full of brownies, fondants and cakes to deplete the very biggest Easter stashes.

Have you got any sneaky ways to use up leftover chocolate? We'd love to hear your ideas...


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28th Mar, 2016
Lighten up.
9th Apr, 2015
I do not need recipes for my 'kids' as I do not have any goats!! However I would like some for my 'children' Please don't follow the trend by using slang language.
Lisa Stevens's picture
Lisa Stevens
12th Feb, 2018
Hi as anyone got any easy recipes please. I can't cook tbh but mybdsughter who is 11 now keeps asking me to make cakes she can even make pancakes herself now but is live to make one for Valentine's days with her that we can share together with my partner and other 3 children so if anyone has something easy to make that would suit Valentine's day that would be great xx
goodfoodteam's picture
22nd Feb, 2018
We're sorry we missed your Valentine's request but we hope you find this easy cake recipe collection useful in future: Enjoy!
22nd Apr, 2014
Melt leftover chocolate and dip chopped fresh or dried fruit in the chocolate, half coating the fruit. Allow to set in the fridge, perfect little lunchbox treats!