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How to throw an Easter egg hunt

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Keep kids entertained over Easter by leading them on the ultimate egg hunt around the house and garden. Follow our clues and pick up some tasty treats on the way.

Call us fogies but for all the flashy technology children have at their fingertips these days, we think a good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt is as good as any tablet game. A dizzying hunt for treasure? The starry-eyed anticipation of a pile of sweets to dive into? Parents wearing silly bunny ears? We can’t think of a better way to spend a springtime afternoon.


So if you have a flock of little lambs to keep entertained this Easter, follow our step-by-step guide to throwing the perfect treasure trail.

How to throw an Easter egg hunt

First, plan your route...

Allow us to state the obvious but houses come in all shapes and sizes, so creating a generic, one-size-fits-all hunt is tricky – but we tried. Don’t say we’re not good to you… Our six-step, flexible Easter hunt has been designed to work in all kinds of houses, big and small.

Print our Easter egg clues

Then, lay your clues and treats...

Depending on how much space you have to play with, you can either fold the clues and get your children to gather them up before reaching a giant chest of confectionary at the end, or you can leave edible clues along the way. Pick up some shop-brought treats or rustle up a few of our homemade goodies for kids.

Our Easter chocololate product review makes life even easier – we’ve picked plenty of sweets that could be used as prizes. We particularly recommend small foil-wrapped eggs…

Now follow our clues and tips for where to nestle your treats:

1. Somewhere cold

This is a good opportunity to store sweets that are in danger of melting in the fridge.

2. Somewhere cosy you sleep at night

It goes without saying you don’t want smears of chocolate on the duvet, so for bedroom-based treasure, go for wrapped chocs and sweets.

Try our coconut bauble truffles in an egg box or chocolate truffle egg box

3. Where you wash up

Empty the sink and clean it well. Use the surrounding work surface to lay out a tray or plate of something chunkier, such as hot cross buns or cupcakes.

4. What do you wear to keep warm in cold weather

Children’s coat pockets are generally small and shallow, so create long, thin treats to be stood up vertically – wrap them in a little kitchen paper to stop them shedding crumbs.

5. Where you keep your toothbrush

When it comes to food in the bathroom, make sure it’s really well covered – preferably stored in an airtight container.

6. Something you use to cook

Find your biggest pan and use it to hide the largest treat of them all - an Easter egg! We have a nest-load of egg advice, from advice on making your own to a bumper buyers guide to the best Easter chocolate.

Don’t forget to provide kids with a bucket or basket for storing their haul.

The fortune chest

If you’re choosing to lead your keen hunters to one giant haul of treasure, we’re not short of recipe inspiration. Try making a tray of Easter chocolate bark and breaking it into shards, before packing it into bags or cellophane for each child. These cute vanilla chick pops and choc-egg lollies also make the ultimate reward to hand out at the end.

Family-friendly Easter recipes
Easter baking recipes
How to make your own Easter egg

Overdone it?

If your little one is in danger of bursting at the seams after all that chocolate, quietly hide the rest away and, once the sugar rush has worn off, use surplus cocoa treats in one of our leftover Easter chocolate recipes.


For everything else you need for a perfect Easter, visit our hub page.

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