Celebrate the holiday with a special Sunday lunch, springtime baking and lots of chocolate eggs. Plus, discover the best ways to use up leftover lamb…
Leftover chocolate recipes

Leftover chocolate recipes

We know you've tried to devour the lot, but here's how to use those scraps for something sweet.
Hot cross bun pudding

Hot cross bun pudding

Got some hot cross buns going stale? Make this lemony pudding and put those leftovers to good use.
Leftover lamb recipes

Leftover lamb recipes

Make something spectacular with your roast lamb leftovers.
Easter baking

Easter baking

Make the most of seasonal spring ingredients and bake up a sweet treat to share.
Easy Easter pancakes

Easy Easter pancakes

Got a glut of Creme Eggs to eat? Turn them into a spectacular sweet breakfast stack.

Top leftover lamb recipes

Spiced lamb pilaf Recipe

Spiced lamb pilaf


(1 rating)

Lamb kuttu roti Recipe

Lamb kuttu roti


(0 ratings)

This Sri Lankan dish uses leftover roast lamb, curry spices and flatbreads,...
Lamb shoulder & smoky aubergine flatbread Recipe

Lamb shoulder & smoky aubergine flatbread


(0 ratings)

This is loosely based on the Turkish dish of lahmacun, but with a thicker bread...
Leftover lamb & potato pie Recipe

Leftover lamb & potato pie


(8 ratings)

This spin on cottage pie is a great way of using up leftover meat and potatoes
Lamb with spicy chickpeas Recipe

Lamb with spicy chickpeas


(5 ratings)

A storecupboard favourite, harissa can turn a bit of meat into a real treat...

Top leftover chocolate recipes

Easter chocolate bark Recipe

Easter chocolate bark


(2 ratings)

Easter egg rocky road Recipe

Easter egg rocky road


(3 ratings)

Kids will love using up leftover chocolate in this clever no-bake treat filled...
Golden egg baked chocolate tart Recipe

Golden egg baked chocolate tart


(7 ratings)

A slice of showstopping Easter chocolate tart is the perfect way to finish a...
Shredded Wheat nests Recipe

Shredded Wheat nests


(9 ratings)

A spin on traditional chocolate cornflake cakes, this version uses extra-fine...
Nutty chocolate crunch Recipe

Nutty chocolate crunch


(18 ratings)

Turn all those nuts, biscuits and chocolate from Christmas into these delicious...
Make small bundles of aromatics and flavourings and use to stud the lamb (rosemary and garlic is a classic combination).