Delicious desserts and seriously chocolatey treats are our forte, so when Easter comes around, we make the most of an abundance of chocolate in our baking. Whether you're entertaining for friends or just have the weekend baking bug, we've got showstopping cakes and cookies that will hit the spot. Check out our Easter dessert ideas for some inspiration.


For more inspiration, see our Easter baking recipes and then find out how to throw an Easter egg hunt. Make the most of Easter and spend it in the kitchen with your family with our fun easter baking recipes for kids. We've also chosen the best Easter eggs to buy if you're looking for the perfect chocolate to enjoy over the long weekend.

1. Classic cakes

Triple chocolate & peanut butter layer cake

Every special occasion calls for a showstopping dessert. This triple chocolate & peanut butter layer cake is a masterpiece to behold. Creamy peanut butter icing is used to sandwich the layers together and provide a crumb coating, whilst a decadent chocolate ganache drip gives a shiny professional finish. Decorate with pretzel bark, chocolate shards, hollow chocolate eggs and other toppings of your choice - the end result will be well worth the effort.

For something a little simpler to make, our chocolate Easter egg nest cake also has the wow-factor. This chocolate sponge tower is crowned with a pretzel 'nest' which your little ones can fill with their favourite Easter chocolate goodies.

If you want a traditional sponge with a light, creamy frosting and delicate white chocolate flavour, our frosted Easter cake is a sure-fire winner. For an extra dose of extravagance, this Easter chocolate truffle cake features simnel spices and a homemade truffle topping – a great option to please fussy eaters. If you’re not much of a chocolate lover, enjoy our gluten-free lemon cake for an easy bake that everyone can enjoy.

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2. Beautiful bread

Carrot cake monkey bread with the front crumbled

The bank holiday weekend means more time honing your bread-making skills. Liven up your Easter repertoire with a unique combination of carrot cake spices and sweet, nutty monkey bread. Little monkeys will love getting their hands sticky with this moreish bake – it’s made to be pulled apart.

Our easy brioche makes a simple but scrumptious breakfast, toasted with butter and jam. Or delight and amaze your guests with a breathtaking tear-and-share masterpiece. Elevate the traditional Eccles cake to unparalleled heights with our exquisite spiced fruit & pistachio bread wreath.

3. Lovely loaves

Carrot patch loaf cake

Embrace an Easter afternoon tea with our incredibly moreish carrot patch loaf cake. This moist and fruity sponge looks as good as it tastes with fondant carrots on a soft cheese frosting. If citrus is more to your liking, get a double dose with this zesty lemon curd & orange cake. Or opt for a vegan banana & walnut bread for a simple bake that everyone can enjoy.

For something more indulgent, try a sticky banoffee loaf with toffee sauce. Using mashed banana in the batter gives the sponge a beautifully moist texture, the dates and toffee sauce make it perfect for sweet-tooths. A splash of dark rum is a lovely addition for grown-ups.

4. Impressive tarts

Chocolate egg baked tart with a slice cut

If you're searching for an elegant dessert for a family gathering or dinner party, look no further. Our Easter chocolate tart is studded with golden eggs – who could say no to a slice of that?

For another dazzling dessert with a difference, try our millionaire's chocolate tart for a sophisticated twist on a teatime classic. The combination of smooth caramel with white and plain chocolate will send your tastebuds into meltdown.

5. Easter traybakes

Easter traybake

A traybake is a great, simple treat for all occasions and our easy malted milk blondies have it all: a little crunch, squidgy sponge and a drizzle of smooth white chocolate. Or if you’d rather double down on the chocolate, go for our Easter traybake with its chocolate sponge covered in fudgy icing. For more extra-loaded Easter desserts, For more extra-loaded Easter desserts, our Easter egg brownies make a great centrepiece, while our Oreo egg cheesecake brownies are another rich, squidgy treat. Pile on the chicks, slice and enjoy.

6. Hot cross bakes

Baking tray of hot cross buns

The traditional hot cross bun can't be beaten. Got vegan guests joining you for Easter? Then bake our vegan version of hot cross buns using dairy-free spread and almond milk. We're no stranger to clever twists on classics, so why not bake one of our alternative recipes? Try splitting your dough to make half dark chocolate orange and white chocolate cherry buns in an impressive checkerboard pattern, or combine hot cross bun with cinnamon swirl for these delicious hot cross cinnamon buns.

Get more ideas for the most inventive things to do with hot cross buns.

7. Biscuits and cookies

Iced Easter egg shaped biscuits

Who doesn't love a beautiful cookie with their afternoon cuppa? Our easy Easter egg-shaped biscuits can be decorated in colourful patterns or filled with a spot of jam in the middle. If you can hold off eating them straightaway, these dainty biscuits make pretty decorations to hang on an Easter tree. Just pierce a small hole in them using a skewer before baking, then thread some thin string through afterwards and dangle them from a few branches. Alternatively, make our more traditional but super-easy Easter biscuits.Our adorable bunny biscuits also tick all the biscuit boxes. They're a great baking activity for kids to get involved with and you can package them as a lovely alternative Easter gift. Or, make a batch of our Easter egg cookies.

8. Simnel spice

Simnel cake on a stand

Keep it classic with this stunning simnel cake. It’s packed with a mouthwatering mixture of dried fruit and spices, and topped with marzipan. For something lighter, combine zesty lemon with nutty marzipan in our lemon drizzle simnel slices.

Or, make a batch of simnel muffins with marzipan middles and obligatory chocolate mini eggs on top. Keep it simple with our simnel loaf cake, or combine Chelsea buns, simnel cake and hot cross buns in genius share 'n' tear buns.

9. Creamy cheesecakes

Easter egg cheesecake with a slice cut out

Everyone loves a cheesecake. A double chocolate cheesecake topped with creme eggs? Even better. This luxurious baked sensation has a bourbon biscuit base, smooth milk chocolate filling and plenty of Easter cheer. For a no-bake cheesecake that’s great for using up leftover chocolate, try our Easter egg cheesecake. Maybe you want a mix of traditional flavours and modern bakes? These hot cross bun cheesecakes should fit the bill.

Expand your Easter baking repertoire with our collection of seasonal bakes, then pair with a classic Easter roast and a simnel sour or two by exploring our classic Easter recipes.

10. Smaller bakes

Easter millionaire's squares

Extend the Easter festivities well beyond Easter Sunday with these delightful baked treats, perfect for tucking into school lunch boxes or savouring alongside a soothing cup of tea. Lemon drizzle meets almondy simnel cake with these lemon drizzle simnel slices. It's a fruity treat that you can slice and serve with ease when entertaining. If you have a penchant for almond and marzipan, delve into the delicious realm of our cherry & almond Easter cupcakes. And who can resist the timeless appeal of crispy chocolate cornflake cakes? Gather the entire family in the kitchen for a fun-filled baking session, creating these irresistible treats suitable for all ages. For those seeking a more intricate baking endeavour, embark on the adventure of our Easter cupcakes and see if you recognise the farm animals your children intended to create. For a simple, no-bake option, try our colourful Easter millionaire’s squares or make these indulgent Easter chocolate mug cakes in the microwave.


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