Easter is a time for indulging, so why not celebrate the bank holiday with one of these spectacular sweets? Whether you're looking for a rich chocolate cheesecake, comforting hot cross bun pudding, or light, zingy lemon tart, we've got a range of dazzling desserts to please everyone.


Whether you have Easter eggs to use up or want to create a cocoa-filled ode to the season of chocolate, we have cakes, desserts and bakes to fit the bill with our Easter chocolate recipes. Or maybe you’re not so much of a chocolate lover, why not try our Easter cookies? There are alternative flavour options, such as carrot or shortbread. Round off your Easter lunch with a showstopping bake; check out our top Easter cake ideas for inspiration.

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Chocolate Cheesecake on a cookie dough base, topped with chocolate eggs

What better way to round off an Easter feast than this showstopping chocolate cheesecake on a buttery cookie dough base? This rich, creamy dessert is topped with a layer of silky chocolate ganache, then decorated with all manner of chocolate mini eggs, white chocolate buttons, mini cookies and chocolate nests. Kids will love piling on as many toppings as they can! You can find more tips for making your own edible decorations in our cookie dough cheesecake recipe.

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2. Lemon curd, mascarpone & passion fruit tart

Lemon, mascarpone and passion fruit puff pastry tart on a board, with lemons

Fancy something a bit lighter to balance all the chocolate? This zesty lemon and passion fruit tart is simply bursting with fresh, tropical flavours and takes just 15 minutes to prepare. Make the most of a jar of lemon curd by combining it with creamy mascarpone and passion fruit to form the main filling. Spread this over a crispy puff pastry base, then top with fresh passion fruit and crunchy pistachios for a simple yet satisfying spring dessert.

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3. Easter egg brownies

Chocolate brownie traybake topped with mini eggs and colourful chocolates

Spend a fun afternoon in the kitchen with the kids baking up these gooey Easter egg brownies. We know that 'leftover chocolate' may sound like a ridiculous thing, but if you do just happen to have the odd packet of chocolate mini eggs floating around, why not scatter them over your finished bake to make a cute and colourful topping? We've also added fondant-filled chocolate eggs and fluffy chenille Easter chicks, but anything goes!

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4. Salted caramel & hazelnut banoffee pie

Banoffee pie topped with cream, salted caramel and hazelnuts

Calling all banoffee fans! We've taken this comfort food favourite up a notch with a salted caramel filling, muscovado whipped cream and crunchy hazelnut praline topping. Despite these extra flourishes, it's no more extra work thanks to a few cheat’s ingredients, like dulce de leche for the filling and chocolate oat biscuits for the base. This impressive salted caramel & banoffee pie is ready in under an hour and perfect for making ahead.

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5. Easter Simnel cake

Easter Simnel cake on a glass stand, topped with yellow marzipan icing and 11 marzipan balls

Bake our fruity Simnel cake for a traditional Easter treat. The moist sponge is packed with citrussy flavours, dried fruit, and gentle, warming spices. Top with a smooth layer of marzipan and 11 rolled balls, which are said to represent the 11 disciples of Jesus. For an extra wow-factor, we've popped this under the grill for a couple of minutes to create a caramelised effect. Do take care if you do this, though, as the marzipan will burn easily.

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6. Chocolate egg baked tart

Chocolate tart filled with golden mini eggs

Looking for a simple yet impressive dessert? Our fudgy baked dark chocolate tart oozes luxury, but is super-easy to make. It's ready in under an hour, but you can also prepare it a day ahead. A rich, dark chocolate ganache filling is speckled with glinting golden chocolate eggs, which also add a delightful caramel crunch with every mouthful. Serve with cooling crème fraîche and top with a dusting of cocoa powder, if you wish.

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7. Rhubarb & ginger crème brûlée

Rhubarb & ginger crème brûlée in a round baking dish

Celebrate seasonal rhubarb by incorporating it into a luxurious crème brûlée. The harmonious combination of these punchy pink stems with zingy stem ginger and rich, creamy custard is irresistible. It wouldn't be a proper crème brûlée without that signature caramelised topping – if you don’t have a blowtorch, pop it under a hot grill, but keep a close eye, it may go runny.

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8. Tiramisu meringue roulade

Tiramisu meringue roulade on a plate

When faced with the difficult decision of choosing between two desserts, we think it's only right to combine the best of both. A case in point is this marvellous tiramisu and meringue roulade. The coffee ganache and silky mascarpone cream centre contrast beautifully with the crisp meringue exterior. A final dusting of cocoa provides a hint of bitterness to balance out the dessert's sweet notes.

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9. Peanut butter & jam pudding

Self-saucing sponge pudding with jammy base revealed, topped with almonds

There's little more comforting than a warm, self-saucing pudding. Our contemporary take on this retro classic is flavoured with the dream team in toast toppings – peanut butter and jam. Think soft, nutty sponge with a slight saltiness and jammy, sweet berries below. Serve this peanut butter & jam pudding with a dollop of vanilla ice cream or warm custard.

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10. Chocolate & salted caramel waffle bread & butter pudding

Chocolate waffle traybake and on a plate

Sweet, sticky and chocolatey – our special twist on bread and butter pudding is everything an Easter dessert should be. Crispy waffles are baked in a rich, chocolatey custard with a hidden puddle of salted caramel below. It can be prepared up to a day before baking, and benefits from at least one hour resting before going into the oven, as this gives the waffles a chance to soak up all the lovely custard.

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11. Rhubarb crumble trifle

Rhubarb and custard trifle topped with crumble, in a large glass bowl

Finish off your Easter feast on a light and fruity note with a classic dessert with a twist. Syrupy baked rhubarb is stacked with layers of fluffy sponge and vanilla custard, then topped with a dollop of creamy mascarpone laced with almond liqueur. Complete this towering rhubarb trifle by sprinkling over a crunchy oat and almond crumble, and you have a proper grown-up dessert.

12. Triple chocolate & peanut butter layer cake

Triple layered chocolate cake topped with chocolate eggs, shards and pretzels

It wouldn't be a proper foodie ode to Easter without a massive triple-layered chocolate cake. This spectacular bake features layers of moist chocolate sponge sandwiched with a salty-sweet peanut butter frosting. We've gone all out for the toppings, with a decadent dark chocolate ganache drip, crunchy pretzel bark, chocolate eggs, and shimmering gold lustre dust. The result is truly mesmerising, as well as being mouth-watering!

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13. Lemon drizzle sponge pudding

Lemon drizzle sponge pudding in an oval dish with slice taken out

There's little more as satisfying as an oozing self-saucing pudding. We've given the classic lemon drizzle cake a special retro twist by turning it into a sensational sponge pudding, complete with gooey citrus sauce. This budget-friendly dessert features a speedy homemade lemon curd that will magically pool at the bottom of the cake batter while baking to form a sweet syrup. Best eaten straightaway with cream or custard, this lemon drizzle sponge pudding makes a light and refreshing round-off to a rich Easter lunch. Also try our indulgent British classic pudding, Queen of Puddings recipe.

14. Easter traybake

Chocolate traybake topped with mini Easter eggsand chocolate pieces

Make this easy Easter-themed traybake with the kids. Deliciously squidgy and easy to make, this tasty Easter egg traybake features a chocolate sponge covered in fudge icing, decorated with Easter sweets and treats. Enjoy them for a post-Easter lunch snack, or wrap them up and give them as a gift to friends and family.

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15. Carrot cake monkey bread

Carrot cake monkey bread wreath topped with drizzle icing and a slice taken out

Although we wouldn't normally advocate bread for dessert, this sweet and sticky bake is a worthy exception. We've given the classic American monkey bread an Easter makeover with warming carrot cake spices, crunchy walnuts, marzipan balls, and a zesty orange icing. Our unctuous carrot cake monkey bread is best served warm and designed to be pulled apart – it's sure to be a hit with a kids!

Check out more of our carrot cake recipes and try our classic monkey bread.

16. Boozy baked caramelised bananas

Bowl of caramelised bananas with pecans, ice cream and spoon

Bananas are such a versatile fruit when it comes to puddings. We love them in everything from banoffee pie to banana ice cream sandwiches. This brilliantly boozy dessert takes the fruit to the next level by baking them in rum or whisky and maple syrup, then grilling until beautifully golden and caramelised. Served with ice cream and toasted pecans for a simple, sophisticated end to the meal.

17. Hot cross bread & lemon pudding

Hot cross bun bread and butter pudding in a baking dish

If you've somehow ended up with a surplus of hot cross buns and want to jazz them up, we've got a sweet solution. Combine this Easter baking staple with a classic British pudding, and you have the ultimate comfort food. Our hot cross bread & lemon pudding is sumptuously rich and stodgy, but gets a refreshing, tangy lift from lemon curd. It's perfect served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

See our collection of hot cross bun recipes for sweet and savoury variations on this fruity Easter bread.

18. Easter chocolate pots with pick ‘n’ mix toppings

Individual chocolate pots with a spread of colourful toppings

These Easter chocolate pots are delightfully decadent, low on effort and require very little preparation time. Whip them up in just 15 minutes using fresh shop-bought custard, dark chocolate and crème fraîche. After chilling, serve the individual chocolate pots with a colourful spread of crushed chocolate mini eggs, chopped toasted hazelnuts, and sprinkles, so everyone can dig in and help themselves.

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19. Apple & almond crumble pie

Apple crumble pie with slice taken out

Take the best of two of our favourite puddings – the golden, crunchy topping of a crumble and the buttery base of a pie – fill it with fruit and voilà! You have a warming dessert that slices neatly and delivers a trio of textures. We’ve made our crumble pie with apples, but you can fill it with your favourite fruits of the season.

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20. Chocolate tiffin Easter nest

Chocolate tiffin nest with pretzels, peanuts, raisins and topped with chocolate eggs

This eye-catching Easter tiffin will not only brighten up the room, but also makes a great activity for kids to get involved with. The 'nest' is based on a simple fridge cake, which can be customised with tasty additions like pretzels, peanuts, shredded wheat and raisins. Fill generously with a colourful assortment of chocolate eggs, then let your little helpers dig in to their chocolatey creation.

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