Easter is a great time to gather together friends and family to enjoy the very best food and wines. Make Sunday lunch something special by following our classic menu plan – start with a fresh veg soup, then enjoy roast lamb with all the trimmings, followed by a decadent chocolate tart. Whether you're going for a traditional Easter dinner, spring chicken pie or a meat-free alternative, we've got a variety of options.


This crowd-pleasing menu serves a minimum of six people, so it's perfect if you're catering for guests or extended family. We've also made several alternative suggestions for each course, so you can mix and match according to diet and preferences.

If you and your loved ones don’t eat meat and want vegetarian or vegan inspiration, check out our best vegetarian Easter recipes and vegan Easter ideas. If you don’t want Easter to ruin your healthy eating style, we've also put together the best feel-good feast, full of nutritious recipes, in our healthy Easter lunch menu. And, if you’d rather keep lunch light and leave the real foodie festivities for dinner, check out our Easter dinner ideas. If you want to create a pretty table for guests, check out our best Easter table decoration ideas with spring plates, candles, ornaments and more.


1. Pea, mint & spring onion soup with parmesan biscuits

Multiple bowls of pea soup with parmesan biscuits balanced on top

Kick off your meal with a stylish springtime starter packed full of feel-good greens. For best results, liquidise the soup while it's still hot. The parmesan tuiles are packed with cheesy flavour, but are incredibly delicate and brittle, so handle with care when serving. You can make both the soup and biscuits a day ahead and store in an airtight container, keeping the tuiles between sheets of baking parchment.

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2. Salmon & prawns with dill & lime aïoli

Plate of prawns, herbed mayonnaise and smoked salmon

This starter is perfect if you’re entertaining a crowd this Easter. It can be prepared in just 15 minutes with no cooking involved. Simply mix mayo with garlic, herbs and a squeeze of lime, and arrange your plate as you wish. Keeping it light prepares your stomach for the feast to come.

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3. Smoked trout & radish remoulade tartines

Plate of toasts covered in smoked trout and radish

Another no-cook starter perfect for feeding a crowd is our smoked trout & remoulade tartines. The creaminess of the fish works perfectly with the zesty lemon and capers, with the celeriac and apple providing a fresh kick.

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4. Minted melon, tomato & prosciutto salad

Plate of melon, prosciutto and chopped tomatoes

Quality produce will ensure the melon, heirloom tomatoes and salty prosciutto marry beautifully. It’s the perfect sharing platter to kick off your Easter lunch, as it means everyone can get stuck in. Just make sure everyone’s sharing! As no cooking is involved, it can be on the table in 10 minutes, so you don’t have to miss any of the festivities yourself.

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5. Spring lamb skewers with lightly pickled allotment salad

Lamb skewers on a plate surrounding a bowl of salad

If you want to impress guests with flavour at your Easter feast but aren’t looking to spend the entire day cooking, these spring lamb skewers are the starter for you. They can be prepared in 30 minutes or made the night before to give the lamb maximum marinating time. On the day, just whip up the pickled allotment salad and barbecue the skewers for 3-4 minutes.

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6. Roast lamb studded with rosemary & garlic


Make traditional spring lamb the centrepiece of your celebratory lunch. This simple and succulent roast leg is studded with rosemary and garlic for a real flavour boost. If you have time, do this a day in advance so the herbs can really permeate the meat. Arm yourself with all the essential roasting gadgets to help achieve the perfect results.

If you want a more adventurous flavour profile, try our slow-cooked lamb marinated in prunes, pomegranate molasses & spices. It pairs perfectly with boulangère potatoes.

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7. Spanakopita

Crispy greek filo pie with a slice cut out

Try our beautifully flaky spanakopita recipe for a meat-free main that will impress your guests. Using shop-bought filo pastry alleviates pressure and means this showstopper can be prepared in just 10 minutes. If you have leftovers, you can also avoid waste by freezing them – a great midweek meal when reheated.

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8. Spring chicken pot pie

Chicken pie in a baking dish with some pastry cut out

Celebrate Easter with this spring chicken pot pie. It's kinder on your wallet than traditional roast lamb, but equally enjoyable. Plus, you can freeze the pie uncooked, so all the preparation can be done in advance. This means you can enjoy all the festivities on the day, such as the Easter egg hunt. Check out our guide for throwing the best Easter egg hunt.

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9. Wild garlic & mushroom lasagne

Large pot of mushroom and garlic lasagne with a chunk missing

Make the most of the short wild garlic season in early spring in the UK with our vegetarian mushroom lasagne recipe, where it's used to infuse the silky white sauce. You'll enjoy the most satisfying cheese pulls from this main. Cut through the richness by pairing it with a refreshing tomato salad, such as our garden tomato salad or rainbow tomato salad.

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10. Italian-style roast cabbage wedges with tomato lentils

Charred cabbage on a bed of lentils in tomato sauce

This roast cabbage with crisp, caramelised leaves on the outside and a soft, sweet centre makes a beautiful vegan centrepiece. Serve with our Italian-inspired lentils and golden roast new potatoes.

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11. Dauphinoise potatoes

Baking dish of dauphinoise potatoes with a chunk missing

Garlicky potatoes are the perfect accompaniment to lamb, and our slow-cooked dauphinoise is sure to impress. Make this classic potato bake extra-luxurious with double cream, and add gruyère for an extra-cheesy hit, if you like. Serve alongside fresh spring vegetables and sweet, seasonal baby carrots.

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12. Spring green salad with parsley & blue cheese

Serving bowl of spring green, parsley, blue cheese and walnut salad with red onion

This vibrant spring green salad with blue cheese, quinoa and walnuts makes a flavourful and high-fibre side dish while remaining low in calories. It’s also incredibly versatile, as you can easily replace the spring greens with kale or chard.

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13. Purple sprouting broccoli, jersey royal, burrata & anchovy salad

Serving dish of purple sprouting broccoli with potatoes and burrata

Purple sprouting broccoli takes centre stage in this decadent potato salad that includes a whole ball of burrata. The dressing, comprised of shallots, garlic, chilli, anchovies, lemon zest and juice, mustard, honey, olive oil, and tahini, creates a balanced flavour profile of sweet, salty and zesty, working beautifully with the creaminess of the burrata and freshness of the roasted broccoli.

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14. Baked new potatoes with wilted wild garlic

Bowl of baked new potatoes covered in wilted wild garlic

Roasted potatoes are an elite side dish for any Easter roast, but these baked new potatoes take them to the next level. Flavoured with wild garlic, these potatoes can be paired with meat or fish, and are a healthy alternative to other forms of potato. If you’re not a fan of wild garlic, replace it with watercress for an equally vibrant spring side dish.

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15. Next level cauliflower cheese

Baking dish of cauliflower cheese topped with breadcrumbs and crispy onions

If you’re a fan of roasted cauliflower, this next level cauliflower cheese is for you. Coat your cauliflower in a decadent cheese sauce that packs a punch, thanks to spices and crispy onions. The breadcrumb and onion topping provides the necessary crunch needed to counter the oozing cheese sauce and fall-apart cauliflower.

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16. Vegan chocolate cake

Chocolate cake on a stand with a slice missing topped with berries

This easy vegan chocolate cake makes the perfect Easter dessert that everyone can enjoy. Replace standard chocolate with dairy-free alternatives, and your guests will be none the wiser! Decorate with seasonal fruits or additional vegan Easter treats. For our favourite Easter eggs, including vegan-friendly ones, check out our Good Food Easter Taste Awards 2023.

17. Easy apricot tart

Apricot and marzipan tart square on a plate

Take a break from all the chocolate and impress guests with our easy apricot and marzipan tart. You'll make the marzipan, but use ready-rolled puff pasty and canned apricots for ease.

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18. Vegan simnel cake

Simnel cake on a stand

Make a vegan-friendly version of a classic simnel cake this Easter so everyone can enjoy a treat. Get kids involved by showing them how cooking with alternatives can be both easy and fun. It can also be an opportunity to explain the story behind simnel cake's traditional decorations. Use a kitchen blowtorch to quickly achieve that signature burnished look on the marzipan – though that’s certainly an adult’s job.

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19. Easter egg cheesecake

Easter egg cheesecake on a plate topped with mini eggs with a slice missing

Prepare this no-bake vanilla cheesecake for a beautiful centrepiece to end your Easter feast. Decorate with all your favourite chocolate eggs. We’ve gone for mini chocolate eggs, but why not go all out and chuck on pieces of leftover chocolate Easter eggs, too?

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20. Easter nest cake

Chocolate cake topped with easter eggs with a slice cut out

This Easter nest cake is a spectacular sight, covered in eggs of all shapes and sizes. It’s a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen, as this recipe is simple to follow – there are only four steps, and there's a helpful tutorial video to guide them, too.

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