The idea of an afternoon baking session may seem less appealing when the sun is beaming outside. But as summer means rainbow fruit and vegetables in abundance, it’s actually one of the best times to reach for the mixing bowl. And besides, you need something to do on those woefully common rainy days...


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Our favourite summer bakes...

1. Boozy cakes


Add a boozy kick to your bakes with our cocktail-inspired cakes. Our Pimm's cake (pictured) channels the flavours of a classic summer drink. Or, try a mojito cake, packed with zingy lime and cooling mint. Our gin & tonic cake is infused with juniper berries and an alcoholic hit, or pile summer fruits like citrus and berries on top of this sangria cake.

Pimm's cake

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2. Galette


Making a galette is a great opportunity to showcase seasonal summer fruits. Bake this peach version with a crunchy brown sugar crust. Use up a bunch of cherries while they're at their best in this cherry & almond frangipane galette. For a super-simple dessert, try this five-ingredient caramelised banana & chocolate galette.

Peach galette with brown sugar crust

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3. Fruity cheesecake


Perennially popular, cheesecake works with most fruit, but one of our favourite recipes is this triple-layered, strawberry version. Try this impressive layered lime cheesecake, full of zingy cirtrus flavours. Keep things simple this easy lemon cheesecake.

Triple-layered berry cheesecake

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4. No-bake cake


When it's too hot to turn on the oven, consider an easy no-bake dessert. This strawberry shortcake is layered with biscuits, whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Cheesecakes are another great option, like this four-ingredient chocolate hazelnut ice cream cheesecake.

Strawberry shortcake slice

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5. Sourdough


Sourdough is a great investiment project for those long summer months. Begin with our sourdough starter, then bake a classic loaf like this white sourdough. Alternatively, try our rye sourdough for a deep malty flavour. Assemble a sourdough pizza for a scrumptious dinner.

White sourdough

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6. Super scones

cheese scones

Outdoor afternoon tea just might have the edge on the indoor version. Pile your cake stand high with cucumber sandwiches, delicate cakes and mandatory scones. Try our sweet versions like these Pimms's scones or savoury options like these cheddar scones.

Classic cheese scones

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7. Sausage rolls


The ultimate emergency picnic addition – try experimenting with extra flavours like herbs or cheese. These onion & thyme sausage rolls are loaded with chutney and wholegrain mustard. Make a chicken version with these summer sausage rolls or a plant-based option with our vegan sausage rolls.

Caramelised onion & thyme sausage rolls

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8. Turnovers


A roll of puff pastry will see you right whatever the season. Jam turnovers are a great way to experiment with different fruity flavours. For a savoury version, try these ham, cheese & mushroom turnovers.

Jam turnovers

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9. Perfect pavlova


This cloud-like retro dessert has stood the test of time. Bring it up to date by baking in a rectangular tray and using rose water and edible flowers. Scatter it with summer fruit to avoid any mention of 70s dinner parties.

Cherry, rose & pistachio pavlova traybake

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10. Brownies


Chocolate brownies work well with all manner of summer fruit – go for strawberries in white chocolate blondies, raspberries in milk chocolate brownies or cherries with dark chocolate brownie cupcakes.

Cherry brownie babycakes

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11. Pound cake


Make this lemon & buttermilk pound cake for a perfect addition to an afternoon tea. Bake this vibrant blood orange pound cake for bold citrus flavours. For something more versatile, try our easy vanilla pound cake.

Lemon & buttermilk pound cake

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12. Savoury tarts


Ideal for summer lunches, picnic baskets, garden parties and more, a layered quiche or savoury tart is the perfect way to up your vegetable intake in an indulgent fashion. This version contains spinach, hearty bacon and bold roquefort.

Spinach, bacon & roquefort tart

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13. Ice cream cake


This sensational layered sponge is easier to achieve than you might think. Once you’ve baked your sponge, use the same tin to layer it with homemade mascarpone ice cream – there’s no need for a churner either…

Peach & red berry ice cream cake

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14. Pasties

cornish pasties

There’s no joy like snaffling a beef pasty on a sunny beach in Cornwall, but you can try and replicate the good feeling at home. Use traditional ingredients by picking up authentic beef skirt or chuck. And don’t be scared to get your mitts stuck into lard pastry…

Cornish pasties

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15. Fruit tart


Whether you like yours with a neat patisserie-style crispy base, encased in hearty puff pastry or somewhere in-between, fruit and pastry is one of the most beautiful pairings in the food world. This year, we’re going down the super-simple route…

Rustic strawberry tart

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16. Arctic roll


Cool down this summer by combining cake and ice cream into one mega dessert. This clotted cream version is loaded with fresh raspberries and raspberry jam, rolled in a light sponge. Or try using up a punnet of strawberries with this classic Arctic roll.

Clotted cream & raspberry ripple roll

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17. Vegetable cake


Round about June, courgettes start billowing out of control. We have lots of ways to use up your glut, and we like them most in a moist, light cake.

Courgette, lemon & thyme cake

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18. Layer cake

pauls berry sponge

The most simple layer cake can be easily spruced up by scatterings of mixed summer berries. This four-tier stack by Paul Hollywood contains minimal ingredients put to use with professional panache. Embrace the tropical flavours of pineapple with this spiced hummingbird cake.

Paul’s genoise sponge

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19. Picnic pies


Don’t reserve your pastry skills for rib-sticking winter pies – picnics are the perfect opportunity for a veritable pie showcase. Set up some al fresco dining in your garden and serve these pork, apricot & pistachio puff pastry pies, studded with fruit and nuts. For a vegetarian friendly version, try this veggie rainbow picnic pie.

Pork, apricot & pistachio puff pastry pies

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20. Crumble cake


Combine a fluffy sponge cake with a crunchy crumble topping for the ultimate mash-up. This cherry crumble cake is loaded with juicy summer fruit. Or use up a glut of rhubarb with these tasty rhubarb crumble muffins. For a super simple version, try our apple crumble loaf with a hazelnut topping.

Cherry crumble cake

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