Fire up the grill for a family barbecue in the garden. See our top-rated classic recipes like beef burgers, chicken kebabs and sticky barbecue ribs.


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1) Sticky barbecue chicken


Use up thrifty chicken thighs and drumsticks with this sticky barbecue chicken. Get a head start and roast the chicken up to two days ahead and make the barbecue sauce up to a week ahead. When it comes time to barbecue, simply brush the sauce onto the chicken and grill until they are browned and sticky.

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2) Halloumi burgers


Get dinner sorted in a flash with these speedy halloumi burgers. These vegetarian burgers are super filling and come together in just twenty minutes. Grill thick slices of halloumi, then assemble with toasted buns, hummus, lettuce, and tomato.

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3) Korean chilli, sesame & honey chicken


Try this top-rated Korean chilli, sesame & honey chicken, full of bold flavours. The sweet and spicy glaze is loaded with gochujang, a Korean paste made from red chillies and fermented soybeans. Skewer chicken thighs, coat in the glaze and then grill until cooked through.

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4) Stickiest ever BBQ ribs with chive dip


Slow cook our stickiest ever BBQ ribs for a super tender result that falls off the bone. Start by roasting the ribs for two to three hours while making a barbecue sauce on the hob. Marinade the ribs then grill on a hot barbecue until crispy on the outside. Serve with a creamy chive dip.

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5) Swedish meatball burgers


Beef burgers like these Swedish meatball burgers are essential to any summer barbecue. Make a classic burger patty with beef mince, breadcrumbs, eggs and onions. Barbecue until cooked through then melt cheddar cheese on top and finish with lettuce and tomato.

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6) Barbecued banoffee splits


Satisfy your sweetooth with these family-friendly barbecued banoffee splits. Stuff bananas with a mixture of butter, light brown sugar and vanilla extract. Wrap the bananas in foil then grill for 15 minutes. Serve with a scoop of ice cream and scatter with chopped pecans.

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7) Sticky chicken & chorizo skewers


Embrace the fresh flavours of summer with these sticky chicken & chorizo skewers. Skewer bite-sized pieces of chicken, thick chorizo slices and whole padron peppers, then coat with a garlic, honey and thyme glaze. Serve with a batch of homemade fluffy olive oil flatbreads.

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8) Chicken souvlaki


This Greek-inspired chicken souvlaki is loaded with herbs and spices like oregano, mint, cumin, coriander and paprika. Marinade the chicken for up to 48 hours then skewer and cook on a hot grill. Make a batch of soft pita wraps and a cooling tzatziki dip. Serve with chopped tomato, lettuce and red onion.

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9) Easy vegan burgers


Make a big batch of these easy vegan burgers and freeze some to have on hand for a sunny afternoon. These plant-based burgers are packed with sweet potatoes, polenta and sweetcorn. Serve in buns with a dollop of salsa, some onion and salad leaves.

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10) Greek chicken kebab


Our five-star Greek chicken kebab is made with chicken thighs to make it extra tender and succulent. After marinading overnight, thread the chicken on to two skewers and grill for 45 minutes or until cooked through. Let rest for 20 minutes before serving with pitta bread and fresh salad.

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