Grab a plate and pile on the potato salad, perfect patties, colourful salads and all your very favourite trimmings – it's barbecue season! Celebrate seasonal veg, vibrant summer flavours and confirmed barbecue classics with our top veggie barbecue recipes. We guarantee you won't miss meat with our stunning veg-filled mains. Prepare hearty veggie burgers and fresh salads to furnish your plate.


20 best vegetarian barbecue recipes

Veggie BBQ sharing platters

1. Courgette, jalapeño & feta nachos

Loaded nachos

We also can't resist a plate of nachos with all the trimmings – try our courgette, jalapeño & feta nachos for a summery twist on this party classic. Discover more nacho recipes.

2. Nachodums


Another option is to give your nachos an Indian makeover with our punchy nachodums. Mix up Tex-Mex flavours with poppadums, paneer, chutney and salsa for a magnificent cheesy platter.

3. Halloumi fries

Halloumi fries recipe served in a pot with a yogurt dip

We certainly don't skimp on the nibbles. Make a batch of salty, crispy halloumi fries with a spicy yogurt dipping sauce, and be prepared for them to steal the show. They're easy to make in just 20 minutes, and you'll never look at a humble block of cheese the same way again. Watch how to make next-level halloumi fries and then discover our top fried halloumi recipes.

4. Courgette, green bean & feta salad

Courgette, green bean & feta salad in a roasting dish

More substantial than simply a side dish, this courgette, green bean and marinated feta salad with a hazelnut crumb is bursting with summery flavours and textures. Both the veggies and the breadcrumb topping can be prepped ahead and simply assembled on the day to give you more time outside in the garden. Discover more delicious recipes with courgettes.

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5. Feta, tomato & olive loaded fries

A plate of fries loaded with cheese, olives and veg

Recreate the classic Greek salad components on top of oven-baked fries for an easy yet delicious sharing platter that you'll be coming back to all summer. It comes together in less than 30 minutes - ideal for when you need to whip up a veggie dish for hungry mouths in a flash. Try more Greek salad recipes.

Veggie BBQ sides

6. Charred baby aubergine & toasted quinoa salad

Tray of aubergine, quinoa and feta

Turn standard veggies into stunning barbecue sides everyone will want a scoop of. Our charred baby aubergine & toasted quinoa salad is full of gorgeous textures and flavours, including crunchy hazelnuts and creamy goat's cheese. Now try our vegan recipes with aubergines.

7. Cheesy corn on the cob

Grilled corn on the cob sprinkled with cheese

Add a buttery, cheesy corn on the cob, lightly charred and sprinkled with parmesan, and you've got yourself a summer feast. Spice up this archetypal side even more with our recipes with corn on the cob.

8. Next level potato salad

Potato salad topped with crispy onions

Elevate the classic potato salad with our best-ever version of this classic barbecue side dish. Cooked potatoes are tossed through a punchy mustard dressing for extra flavour as well as the classic mayonnaise. Try another one of our ultimate potato salad recipes.

9. Greek flatbreads & salad

A selection of Greek flatbreads & salad

Sometimes simplicity really is best when it comes to summer salads. Homemade flatbreads are cooked on the barbecue for a lovely charred look and flavour and served alongside a refreshing Greek salad. If you want to switch things up, discover more flatbread recipes.

10. Easy baba ganoush

Easy baba ganoush with crudités

Making your own homemade baba ganoush is more than worth the effort when it comes to your vegetarian summer barbecue. Cooking your aubergines over the coals will give the dip extra flavour and dimension thanks to the smokiness. Discover more delicious dips to serve.

Veggie BBQ mains

11. Grilled filled cumin flatbreads

Barbecued flatbread topped with feta, olives, toasted pumpkin seeds and yogurt

Now to the main event! Fire up the grill, get your tongs at the ready and create some impressive mains. Wrap up crumbly feta, olives, smooth yogurt and toasted pumpkin seeds in our grilled cumin flatbreads for a fragrant addition to your plate.

12. Green burgers

Pile of green burgers in buns next to tomatoes and ketchup

Of course it wouldn't be a barbecue without brilliant burgers. Add a pop of colour to your spread with our green burgers, packed with spinach and served with sweet potato fries. Discover how to make the perfect veggie burger with our easy-to-follow guide, packed full of simple, tasty recipes.

13. Falafel burgers

Falafels in pitta with veg

Or put together a chunky falafel burger in just 20 minutes, and serve in fresh, fluffy buns with a generous spread of smooth hummus for a luxurious flourish.

14. Halloumi burgers

Four halloumi burgers in buns topped with salad

Try these moreish veggie burgers filled with a winning combination of halloumi, hummus, sliced tomato and crisp lettuce – all encased in a toasted brioche bun. For serious cheese fans, try our new ways to serve halloumi.

15. Vegan BBQ teriyaki tofu

Teriyaki tofu on top of a bed of broccoli and courgette

Marinate the tofu ahead of time to allow it to absorb all of the umami-rich flavours. Once it's been chargrilled on the barbecue it'll convert even the most staunch tofu nay-sayers! Try our favourite recipes with this versatile plant-based protein.

Veggie BBQ kebabs

16. Tamarind, squash and halloumi skewers

Vegetarian marinated skewers on a oval plate

Do something a little different and put together these tamarind, squash and halloumi skewers. If, like us, you're obsessed with gorgeous grilled halloumi, try these spiced skewers with an irresistible mix of sweet and savoury flavours. Discover more tamarind recipes.

17. Vegan kebabs with avocado dressing


Chunks of mushrooms, peaches, courgettes and red onions combine together to make vegan-friendly skewers that everyone will love. The cooling and creamy avocado dressing provides a refreshing counterpart. Try our best vegan barbecue recipes.

18. Tandoori paneer skewers with mango salsa

tandoori paneer skewers with mango salsa

Paneer makes a great meat-alternative for your vegetarian barbecue spread. These ones are basted with a speedy yogurt, lime juice and tandoori marinade to supercharge their flavour. Can't get enough of this Indian cheese? Discover more paneer recipes.

19. Harissa aubergine kebabs

Harissa aubergine kebabs on flatbread with a minty carrot salad

Toss chunks of aubergine in a sweet and sour mix of harissa paste and red wine vinegar for a North African-inspired skewer. Pile on top of warm flatbreads with the refreshing carrot, onion and mint slaw. Try more harissa recipes.

20. Griddled glazed vegetable kebabs

Mixed griddled vegetables on a skewer

You can't go wrong with an assortment of summery veg griddled on the barbecue, and this recipe brings in a sticky glaze for extra flavour. Swap out the honey for maple syrup if you're entertaining vegan friends, too. Discover the rest of our delicious veggie kebab recipes.

Sweet treats

ice cream sandwiched between biscuits

When the coals are cooling and everyone's ready for something sweet, bring out the lollies. We have strawberry & prosecco lollies for an elegant grown-up tipple in treat form, or our orange-flavoured sunshine lollies for a low-calorie lolly both kids and adults will love. If you're in more of an ice cream mood, try our speedy banana ice cream sandwiches. Mix and match your favourite cookies and ice cream flavours for even more delicious combinations. Get some inspiration from our favourite ice cream sandwiches.

Check out our easy ice lollies for kid-approved simple recipes.


Glass of margherita with a lime

With our top sangria recipes and our fabulous, fruity summer punches, make sure nobody goes thirsty. Cool down with an ice-cold watermelon & strawberry slushie or, for a more naughty iced beverage, why not try our frozen margherita? Iced tea is a gorgeous summer staple, so why not try our twist on the classic peach iced tea and go for a funky blueberry and mint flavoured tea. Got a glut of blackcurrants to use up? Try making your very own blackcurrant cordial for a refreshing non-alcoholic drink.

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