Our top tipple of choice for summer drinks has got to be sangria. It's simple to make, fabulously fruity and perfect for sharing. Mix up a jug with your favourite fruit-bowl additions (fresh peaches, strawberries or classic orange slices) and you've created an instant crowd-pleaser. Want to try some refreshing twists on the traditional? Look no further. Raise a toast to sunny days with our fun, fruit-filled pitchers.


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1. Classic sangria


A sip of this classic cocktail and we're transported to poolside in Pamplona or sipping drinks in a swanky rooftop bar in Barcelona. It takes just four ingredients to make this thirst-quenching treat. We're firm believers that no summer evening couldn't be improved by a glassful of Spanish red. For an easy but no less delicious non-alcoholic version, swap the red wine for chilled grape juice.

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2. Peach sangria


We're peachy keen for a glass of this slightly-sweet spiced sangria. A dash of Cointreau, a splash of dry white zinfandel and a generous dose of peach schnapps creates the base for this spectacular summer drink. For some extra sparkle, try subbing in some cava or pink champagne instead of the zinfandel. Everyone will be coming back for a top-up, so be prepared to make it in batches.

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3. Rosé sangria


You'll want to double up on this inventive rose-tinted sangria. Use nectarines or peaches as well as strawberries for a summery twist, and garnish with a sprig of mint for an extra dose of freshness. Serve this party-perfect punch with plenty of ice for a barbecue with friends or a sophisticated picnic treat. This blush-coloured booze is our ideal summer sipper.

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4. White wine sangria


Swap red for white and embrace this honey-coloured, elderflower-laced party punch. Scatter a few edible flowers on top before serving for a final flourish. A pop of ginger wine gives this brew a fiery note, complemented by the zingy limes, floral white wine and delicate elderflower flavours. All that stands between you and reclining with a glass of sangria's paler cousin is 10 minutes of prep.

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5. Frozen sangria slushie


Who'd have thought a simple scoop of raspberry sorbet could take your standard sangria to something a little bit special? Our frozen raspberry sangria uses just a few ingredients and takes minutes to make. You'll be sipping in style with this sweet sparkling cocktail. You can sub in sparkling red or rosé wine depending on your tastes.

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