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Do you know when your pepper's peaking or your beetroot's at its best? In barbecue season, that's when! We help you construct a veggie burger to end all veggie burgers. Our guide makes the most of seasonal ingredients for flavour-packed patties, sides and slaws.

Bases and bulk

Falafels in pitta with veg

So you've got a barbecue on the horizon and you need to cover the vegetarian option to keep all your hungry guests happy. It's time to make the most of your vegetable patch, along with a good base ingredient and spices. Chickpeas, beans and lentils are great for binding, adding fibre and protein too. Falafel burgers are particularly popular, as they're simple to make and use just a tin of chickpeas, fresh herbs and storecupboard spices. You can also try tofu if you're feeling adventurous!

Try our falafel burger for a low-calorie craving killer, or the easy cheesy bean burger for a simple family-friendly option.

Seasonal veg

Carrot & sesame burger on a bun with greens

Take advantage of bountiful seasonal veg and pack it into tasty patties. Beetroot, courgette, carrot and aubergine are all are at their finest just in time for barbecue season. While carrots are at their peak, try this carrot & sesame burger, flavoured with tahini, cumin and a lemony sesame spread. If you fancy an all-in-one, combine all of these tasty elements into our ultimate veggie burger with chilli mayo and crunchy carrot slaw. Check out our seasonality table for an extra nudge in the right direction.

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Sides and slaws

Rainbow coleslaw in serving dish

Bulk up your burgers with sides to salivate over. This sweet & sour rainbow slaw with radish, red cabbage and carrot has a zesty citrus dressing. Bread & butter pickles are an essential for that tangy crunch you expect from the perfect burger. It's also impossible to go wrong with classic vegetarian-friendly sides like potato salad and corn on the cob.

Make it cheesy

Hands holding halloumi burger with mixed veg

If you have a hankering for a hunk of cheese, why not add a gooey melting-middle to your burgers? Sprinkling grated cheddar or a crumble of feta into the burger mix creates a delicious dimension.

A hearty chunk of grilled halloumi is the perfect way to pimp your patty - try our halloumi aubergine burgers with harissa relish or spiced halloumi & pineapple burger with zingy slaw. If you're a fan of goat's cheese, give our kale and quinoa patties a go or these perfectly pink beetroot & feta patties.

Dress it up

Burger sauce in a ramekin next to pickles, burger and chips

The addition of sauces and dressing to a burger can completely transform its flavour. Do you want creamy and light? Or spicy and zingy? Take your burgers from boring to brilliant with a drizzle of your favourite topping. Recreate the classic burger sauce of American diners by combining mayo, ketchup, American mustard and cornichons. A chunky relish is always welcome and our red pepper & tomato version is so easy to assemble or try this simple corn relish.

If you're going Greek, a dollop of tzatziki makes a cool addition. For a twist on the traditional, try a lemon, curried or garlic mayo for a change. Our smoky mushroom burgers with roasted garlic mayo are sure to tickle your tastebuds.

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