Discover a world of icy delights with our array of ice cream topping ideas. Whether you crave the childhood joy of crafting your own sundae masterpiece, complete with a mass of toppings like crunchy nuts, sugary sweets, and fresh fruit, or prefer the elegance of a decadent scoop adorned with a sprinkle of brownie or biscuit crumble, our recipes cater to every palate. And for those seeking a more mature indulgence, explore our selection of boozy options tailored exclusively for adults.


Embrace the heat of summer with our collection of cooling ice cream recipes and refreshing ice lolly recipes, perfect for sweltering days. Dive into the season's bounty with our array of summer dessert recipes, celebrating the vibrant flavours of seasonal fruits. For those moments when the kitchen feels like a sauna, explore our assortment of no-bake dessert recipes, offering sweet satisfaction without the sweat.

Not a fan of traditional ice cream? Quench your thirst with our selection of creamy milkshake recipes and invigorating summer drink recipes, ensuring everyone stays refreshed and revitalised during the hottest months.


Cake topped with nuts

There are numerous benefits to including nuts in your diet. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, they also promote gut health. Yet, beyond their nutritional value, nuts offer a delightful flavour profile. Adding nuts as a topping to your ice cream introduces a pleasing contrast in textures. The smoothness of the ice cream is complemented by the occasional crunch.

Why not add a hint of spice for a truly elevated ice cream experience? Enhance your homemade chocolate ice cream with our sweet & spicy nuts or chilli & ginger nuts for a kick that works perfectly with the creamy texture of the ice cream. While it might sound unusual, rest assured that the pairing of chocolate and chilli is a renowned combination that promises to delight the senses.

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For those with a penchant for sweetness, our caramelised nuts, coated in a blend of icing sugar and Grand Marnier, provide a perfect indulgence. Or try our crunchy nut cake decoration. A blend of toasted flaked almonds, blanched almonds, icing sugar, and golden syrup. Serve it hot for immediate enjoyment, or return it to the freezer to solidify into a crunchy shell.

If you prefer a healthier option, try garnishing your ice cream with crumbled pieces of our nut & raisin protein balls. The natural sweetness of raisins adds a delightful touch to your treat without guilt.

Check out our guide for more information on the health benefits of nuts and our article on the top healthiest nuts.


Box of fudge

Nothing is better than loading up your favourite ice cream flavour with all the sweets your younger self could imagine. The joy of being an adult is that no one can stop you. If you're hosting an ice cream gathering with friends and aiming to elevate store-bought ice cream to gourmet heights, consider incorporating homemade sweets into the mix.

Our easy fudge is a great option as it requires only five ingredients. While it’s a bit more challenging, it’s really worth it. For a delightful crunch, sprinkle shards of homemade bonfire toffee over your ice cream.

Inspired by the iconic Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice cream, enhance your frozen treat with homemade cookie dough truffles, either whole or broken, and delicately folded throughout.

Marshmallows are also a great addition to fold into ice cream, as their pillowiness compliments the dense, creamy texture.

While caramel can be daunting for novice bakers, experimenting with homemade honeycomb provides a simpler yet equally satisfying alternative.

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Bowl of boozy baked bananas with ice cream

Enhance your ice cream experience by incorporating your favourite seasonal fruits. While it may seem unconventional, consider trying our indulgent, boozy baked caramelised bananas paired harmoniously with either salted caramel or classic vanilla ice cream. The infusion of rum adds a delightful warmth and makes it an ideal choice for cosy winter evenings.

If you crave a burst of zesty freshness without the bulk of fruit chunks, our honey & lime ice cream, adorned with a delicate sprinkling of lemon or lime zest, offers a tantalising option.

For those seeking extra sweetness, elevate a simple scoop by substituting the Greek yogurt in our strawberry labneh recipe with velvety vanilla ice cream. For a truly decadent treat, top it off with strawberries macerated in fragrant rose water, honey, and crunchy pistachios.

Indulge in the exotic flavours of our mango & cardamom syllabub, crafted with succulent, ripe mangos, as a refreshing post-curry dessert.

Don't let your oranges go to waste! Transform them into delectable candied orange peel, a versatile treat that can be stored for up to 4-6 weeks. It offers a delightful burst of citrus sweetness to various desserts.

Get creative with seasonal fruit using our fruit recipe ideas.


Tray of nut & seeds granola

To enhance the texture of your ice cream, consider incorporating pantry staples for added crunch. Cereal, a common household staple, can add a satisfying crunch to your creamy treat. Opt for homemade cocoa pops for a unique blend of crunchiness and lightness.

For those indulging in vegan ice cream, our nuts & seeds granola or homemade vegan granola, crafted from oats, nuts, and apples, offer a medley of textures that complement the creaminess of the dessert.

For a chewier sensation nestled within your ice cream, consider incorporating our chewy no-bake cereal bars or marshmallow crispy cakes. When gently folded in, these treats create a delightful sweet surprise, adding layers of texture and flavour to each spoonful.

Check out our guide on fun recipes that use cereal for further inspiration.


Raspberry ripple blondies in a stack on a serving stand

Crumble our chocolate fudge crinkle biscuits on top of ice cream to enhance it with a chewy, chocolatey twist. Ready in just thirty minutes and easily freezable, a single batch can last a long time.

For a festive touch, sprinkle our decadent almond, orange, and ginger florentines over your ice cream. These treats capture the inspiring flavours of Christmas, perfect for getting into the holiday spirit.

Fold in large chunks of our ginger biscuits to add a satisfying crunch, or smash them into fine dust to sprinkle on top for a decorative finish.

There's nothing better than a warm chocolate chip cookie—except a warm cookie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream melting on top. Similarly, paired with ice cream, a raspberry ripple blondie straight from the oven makes for a mouthwatering treat.

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Brownie topped with mini eggs and toy chics

Chocolate brownies and ice cream are a classic pairing, and it's easy to see why. Combining warm, gooey chocolate with cold, creamy ice cream creates a pure bliss dessert. But what about those with special dietary needs? They deserve to enjoy this treat too!

Our gluten-free brownies and vegan brownies offer delicious alternatives that cater to everyone's preferences. And why not add a twist for those who can indulge in traditional brownies? Try our chocolate orange brownies, peanut butter brownies, or Easter brownies for a delightful variation.

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Three sundae glasses filled with custard sundae

Sauce is an incredibly important aspect when building your ice cream sundae extravaganza. Check out our ice cream sundae bar recipe for classics like chocolate and strawberry. Our frozen custard sundae recipe includes a brilliant salted caramel sauce for a rich, sweet, salty sauce. If you’d prefer a slightly more sophisticated take, why not replace your strawberry sauce with a red berry coulis? Our blackcurrant compote and strawberry jam are also great options for adding a burst of berry flavour without adding too much extra fat to this decadent dessert.

Discover more jam recipes and compote recipes.


Two glass mugs of warm rum with cinnamon sticks in

Ice cream isn’t just for kids—add an adult twist with a splash of booze. Elevate your dessert with our salted caramel martini, a boozy take on classic salted caramel, or drizzle with blackberry vodka for a berry sauce with a kick. Create a deconstructed White Russian by topping vanilla ice cream with Kahlua and vodka. Try our hot buttered rum infused with cinnamon and nutmeg or our Calypso coffee topping for a spirited version of an affogato.

Nut butter

Pot of almond and cashew honey butter

Nut butter makes a fantastic ice cream topping, adding a rich, nutty flavour and energy-boosting nutrients. Our pumpkin seed butter, pistachio & cardamom butter, and sunflower butter are all vegan-friendly options. Try our almond, cashew, and honey butter for a touch of sweetness—it's indulgent yet made with just five ingredients. Our plain almond butter is also freezable, allowing you to prepare a large batch and store it for whenever you need a delicious topping.

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Sliced loaf lemon curd & orange cake

Everyone knows cake and ice cream are a perfect match, but why settle for just one scoop of ice cream and one slice of cake? Elevate your ice cream party by sprinkling your favourite cake crumbles over your dessert.

For a zesty twist, try our lemon curd & orange cake. Fold our blitz-and-bake sticky toffee pudding into your ice cream and top it with a generous drizzle of rich, sticky sauce.

Mix in rum & raisin pudding for delightful bites of sponge and juicy raisins. Although it might seem unconventional, our pistachio cake adds a wonderfully nutty and spongy texture, with the pistachio-coated icing providing a satisfying crunch.

Crumbled brown butter lamingtons introduce a deep, nutty flavour, and the coconut coating perfectly complements the ice cream's creaminess.


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