Who says cereal is just for breakfast? Now you can eat your favourite cereal whatever time of day with the help of our fun and easy recipes. Our creative bakes are brimming with cornflakes, puffed rice, fruit and fibre and crunchy granola, with most only requiring a handful of accessible storecupboard ingredients. Ready in under 30 minutes, they're perfect for last-minute baking with kids, too.


Adults needn't miss out though – you too can turn your favourite cereal into a delicious dessert such as our cornflake tart, cereal bar and crunchy bran pot. Kids will also love spending time in the kitchen with more of our easy bakes for kids, from pretty iced biscuits to cute cupcakes and cookies.

20 fun recipes that use cereal

1. Easy cornflake tart


Cornflakes are the star ingredient in this simple tart. With a pastry case and jam base, it's a showstopper which uses up everyday storecupboard ingredients. Plus, it's even more delicious served with creamy custard.

Try this fabulously easy family dessert, then take a look at more easy sweet tart recipes to make over the weekend.

2. Chocolate cornflake cakes

chocolate cornflake cakes in cupcake moulds

Everyone knows and love chocolate cornflake cakes, and the great news is you only need four key ingredients to whip them up. Ready in just 15 minutes, they're are a classic no-bake which the whole family can get involved in, whatever their age.

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We have more fun family desserts for a spot of weekend baking, including a giant cookie and our best ever chocolate brownies.

3. Easy Easter nests

Chocolate Easter nests with chocolate eggs in cases

Make brilliant use of shredded wheat with these simple Easter treats. These deliciously chocolatey nests are perfect for getting kids involved, with just three ingredients needed.

Looking for more fun bakes to make over the Easter period? Take a look at our leftover Easter egg recipes, including an epic Easter traybake that's brimming with Easter treats.

4. Chocolate rice crispy cakes

Rice krispie cakes with sprinkles and marshmallows

Rice crispy cakes are a kids' classic and for good reason. Decorate with your choice of sweets, nuts or dried fruit, put the kettle on and share among the family for a lovely mid-afternoon treat.

Throwing together a birthday party? We have more savoury and sweet treats fit for a celebration, such as our birthday biscuits and chocolate fudge cupcakes.

5. Puffed rice star lollies

Three puffed rice star lollies

Kids can help out to make these chewy, crisp star lollies, made with puffed rice cereal, white chocolate and marshmallows. If you're making ahead for a birthday or celebration, any off-cuts can be chilled and used as crunchy sprinkles for ice cream sundaes.

We have plenty more easy family bakes to get the kids baking, including our red velvet cookies and chocolate chip muffins.

6. Butterscotch cookies

A batch of butterscotch cookies with chocolate chips resting on a wire rack

Take your love of rice puffs further by adding them into the batter in these butterscotch chocolate chip biscuits. They provide a good crispy and crunchy texture, with a soft and chewy inside. Perfect when paired with a cuppa.

Delve into our easy biscuit recipes for more teatime treats, such as our ginger biscuits and chocolate fudge crinkle biscuits.

7. Cereal milk ice lollies

White lollies on ice

You wouldn't believe these moreish milk ice lollies are flavoured with honey nut cornflakes. Made with just three ingredients, they make a fun summer kitchen activity that'll go down a treat with kids.

Whizz up these cereal lollies, then take a browse through our 10 best ever ice lolly recipes for more frozen treats.

8. Breakfast bars

Granola bars in a pile

Combine multi-grain hoop cereal with oats and dried fruit to make our chewy flapjack bars. They're perfect for lunchboxes or a snack on the go, plus they're easy enough for kids to help, too.

We have more sweet snacks for when you're on the go, such as our oaty hazelnut cookies and date energy balls.

9. Apple and cornflake pots

A tray of four individual apple pots with a cornflakes topping

Top these moreish individual pudding pots with cornflakes for a golden sweet crunch. They're ready in under 30 minutes, plus the smooth apple sauce is a real winner.

Individual puddings are great for dinner parties – take a look at more of our next-level dinner party desserts. Struggling to use up a large crop of apples? Take a look at our apple dessert recipes for inspiration.

10. Chewy no-bake cereal bars

A batch of no-bake cereal bars on a white board

Packed with puffed brown rice, chewy figs, prunes and seeds, these nutritious cereal bars are perfect for your next post-workout snack. They're gluten-free and easy to prepare with no baking involved, too.

Snacking on the go has never been easier with our granola bar recipes – try making our cherry oat squares or homemade granola bars.

11. Melon & crunchy bran pots

Melon with yoghurt topped with bran

You only need 10 minutes to throw together this healthy bran pot, layering fruit and fibre cereal with melon and mixed seeds. It's great for a filling breakfast but can also makes a mid-afternoon hunger booster. It makes a nice change from your go-to cereal with milk, too.

For more prep-ahead cereal breakfast ideas, take a look at our red berry granola yogurt pots and crunchy granola with berries & cherries.

12. Syrup crunchies

A white tin filled with a batch of syrup crunchies

Mix porridge oats with cornflakes to make these sweet and crunchy biscuits – kids will love crunching the cornflakes up and rolling the mixture into balls. If you don't have cornflakes, feel free to substitute with another cereal.

Want to get the kids more involved in baking? These easy bakes are guaranteed to please, such as our butterfly cakes and peanut butter cookies.

13. Honey nut crunch pears

Two pear halves topped with crunchy cornflakes

Baked pears are topped with a crunchy cornflake mixture to make this simple but satisfying dessert. Serve with plain yogurt for a quick midweek treat for all the family.

Need more easy dessert recipes to use up pears? Try our elegant pear desserts for your next dinner party pud.

14. Toffee apple squares

Toffee apple squares

A caramel nut topping made of cornflakes makes this a sticky toffee pud with a difference. Try it next time you're looking for a comforting pud to impress family and friends.

For more comfort puddings with wow factor, take a look at our next-level apple crumble and toffee apple bread and butter pudding.

15. St Clement’s pie

St Clement’s pie

Cornflakes and digestive biscuits form the base of this British version of Key lime pie, topped with a zesty and creamy filling.

If you're looking for desserts to make at Easter – take a look at our lemon drizzle simnel slices and lemon curd, mascarpone & passion fruit tart.

16. Tropical granola lollies

Yellow ice lollies next to a mango and coated in chocolate and nuts

Switch up your summer snacking with these moreish tropical lollies, topped with crunchy granola and rich dark chocolate for a sweet crunch. They feel like a treat while counting as one of your five-a-day.

Take a browse through more fun ice lolly recipes, such as our frozen banana lollies and watermelon lollies.

17. Granola baked apples

A round serving dish with three baked apples topped with crunchy cornflakes

Apples are filled with crunchy granola mixture in this last-minute winter pud. It makes a great budget-friendly option and tastes delicious served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

We have more seasonal puds to tuck in to during the winter months, such as our warming apple flapjack crumble and spiced toffee apple cake.

18. Sunshine burgers

Beef burgers with cornflakes, tomato slices and lettuce

Take your love for cornflakes to the next level with these simple sunshine beef burgers. Served with lettuce, tomato slices and ketchup, it's a great recipe for kids to follow.

Cook these fun burgers with the kids, then try more kids' burger recipes such as our easy turkey burgers and cheeseburgers.

19. Crunchy fish goujons with skinny chips

Crunchy fish goujons on a white serving board, next to a pot of tartare sauce and skinny chips

Keep the kids happy with these crunchy fish goujons. The best part? The fish strips are dipped in crunchy cornflakes, then cooked until crisp and golden.

We love them dipped into tartare and tomato ketchup, with lemon wedges to serve.

20. Salmon nuggets with sweet potato chips

A plate of salmon nuggets, sweet potato chips and peas

These salmon nuggets are made extra crunchy thanks to a crispy cornflake crumb. It's an easy dish to put together on a school night, and is brilliant for getting little ones to eat more fresh fish.

For more fish recipes for the whole family, try our fish pie mac ’n’ cheese and easy fish pie.

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