Spend time in the kitchen with your little ones and teach them some invaluable baking skills. From pretty iced biscuits to cute cupcakes and cookies, these ten tasty bakes are super easy to make and everyone will enjoy devouring the results afterwards...


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1. Chocolate sweet traybake

Chocolate cake with sprinkles and smarties

Combine two childhood favourites to make this beautiful chocolate sweetie traybake. This American-style cake will satisfy the sweetest of tooths. It's easy to make ahead and divides nicely into squares. Kids can decorate with their favourite toppings, as long as they're bold and colourful!

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2. Simple iced biscuits

Iced letter biscuits

Use a simple biscuit dough to make some fun letter and number shapes. These tasty biscuits only take 20 minutes to bake before you can decorate them. So arm your kids with some coloured icing pens and let their creativity go wild!

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3. Super-easy birthday cake

Chocolate and vanilla sponge with pink icing

Celebrate a special occasion with this simple yet stunning birthday cake. Split the cake mixture in two to make chocolate and vanilla sponges which children can help mix together. To complete this colourful showstopper, sandwich the two layers together and top with a pretty pink frosting. They'll love experimenting with pink food colouring to make a shade of their choice.

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4. Red velvet cookies

Red cookies with white icing

Transform popular red velvet cake into cookie form, complete with cream cheese icing. These chewy biscuits are given their vibrant red hue with food colouring gel and packed with white chocolate chunks. Why not make double the dough to store in the fridge until your cookie cravings strike?

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5. Chocolate chip muffins

Eaten muffin with chocolate chips

Reinvent the flavours of your favourite cookies in the form of a fluffy chocolate chip muffin. They only take 15 mins to prep and are perfect for popping into lunchboxes as a break time snack.

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6. Raspberry & pistachio tea cake

Pink iced cakes

Traybakes are a simple, no-fuss way to create big portions of gorgeous cake. These pretty in pink pistachio sponge squares are topped with a zingy raspberry icing – leave the little ones to decorate with sugar flowers, pearl sugar and sprinkles.

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7. Peanut butter cookies

Cookies in a jar

Fill your cookie jar with these simple, moreish biscuits. Using only three ingredients and no flour, this ingenious recipe is super quick and perfect for young bakers.

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8. Chocolate Rice Krispie cakes

Rice krispie cakes with sprinkles and marshmallows

Whip up some tasty treats with a classic childhood cereal. These cute Rice Krispie cakes are so simple to make and don't need an oven. Just leave them to set in the fridge for an hour and then get decorating with sweets, nuts or dried fruit.

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9. Butterfly cakes

Iced butterfly cakes

These dainty cupcakes will cause a flutter of excitement in any household. Give your cakes wings by slicing off the tops and splitting into two small segments. Position the wings on top of vanilla buttercream and let kids finish them off with strawberry jam and sprinkles.

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10. Treacle sponge pudding

Sponge cake

Treat the whole family to an indulgent, gooey syrup pudding. Dig into the simple sponge to find a zesty, treacle sauce below. It's best served hot with ice cream. Little sticky fingers won't be able to keep away!

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11. Double-dipped shortbread biscuits

Shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate

These deliciously buttery shortbread biscuits will go down a storm with family and friends. Dip them in melted milk and white chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth even more!

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12. Flourless brownies

Pile of brownies

These simple brownies are easy to make and require only five ingredients, so they’re great for novice bakers! By replacing flour with ground almonds, they also become gluten-free. Eat as they are, or enjoy warm with some ice cream for an effortless dessert.

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13. Lemon curd & blueberry loaf cake

Iced blueberry & lemon loaf cake

Kids can help make this simple springtime treat. Using extra lemon curd makes for a zesty bake, but it also adds moisture to this simple loaf cake.

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14. Curly twirlies

Pastry twirls with chocolate and caramel

These curly twirlies are wonderfully gooey and sticky, filled with chocolate chips and melted toffee. Kids will enjoy assembling the ready-made pastry with the filling as it takes some craftsmanship.

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15. Blueberry cake

Cake filled with blueberries

This gorgeously moist blueberry cake can be prepared in just three steps. Kids can take the lead, tossing the frozen berries in flour and combining the wet and dry mixtures. They may need some help working the oven, but allow them to time the baking, so they get the satisfaction of successfully skewering the cake to test if it’s done.

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