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Kids' Kitchen competition

The Kids' Kitchen collection of cookery videos and recipes is designed for children aged 7-11 to cook with a little help from an adult, younger children will need extra support. Older children and teenagers can still enjoy making these and may want to adapt or further develop the recipes, swapping in their favourite ingredients, or adding extra spices and seasonings to make them their own.

Kids' Kitchen recipes are written in step-by-step format, with clear lists of ingredients and equipment, making them easier for children to follow. There will be three recipes to support each new skill; one basic, one which will be more of a challenge and one for more advanced little cooks. It’s worth talking through and practising the cooking skill with your child before cooking the dishes. The videos and recipes can be followed as you would a cookery course, cooking each dish with your child to help develop their skills and confidence in the kitchen.

We’d love to see what you’ve been cooking, send your pictures to us at or tag us online with #gfkidskitchen.

Kids' Kitchen cooking skills

Part One: Chopping and basic knife skills

Kids Kitchen chopping video link

Learning how to hold a knife and cut ingredients safely is a fundamental skill in cooking. This chopping and basic knife skills guide covers safety advice to factor in before getting started, as well as three ways to chop and recipes that use basic knife skills.

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Recipes that use chopping and basic knife skills:

Fruity skewers with yogurt dip

Crunchy chopped salad

Baked veggie korma

Chopping and basic knife skills video and guide

Part Two: Weighing and measuring skills

Weighing Measuring Kids' Kitchen skill

Weighing and measuring ingredients is a great way for your children to practise their maths skills. As well as using scales, this guide covers how to weigh and measure with jugs, cups and spoons.

Recipes that use weighing and measuring skills:

Chocolate overnight oats

Cheesy sweetcorn cornbread

Easy baked tomato risotto

Weighing and measuring skills video and guide

Part Three: Boiling skill

Boiling skill

Learning how to boil food safely is essential as accidents can easily happen when you’re working with hot liquids. Follow this guide's safety tips to unlock a world of pasta, rice, stews and sauces.

Recipes that use boiling:

Easy Greek-style pasta salad

Golden noodle soup with soft-boiled eggs

Easy salmon sushi rice bowl

Boiling skill video and guide

Part Four: Pan-frying skill

Pan-frying Kids' Kitchen

Pan frying can be done with little or no oil or fat and is a fast cooking method, perfect for cooking meat, fish, eggs, tofu, most vegetables and stir-fries. This guide's steps to success ensure cooking over a high heat can be done safely.

Recipes that use pan-frying:

Cheesy black bean quesadillas

Rainbow fried rice with prawns & fried eggs

Spiced lamb burgers with minty yogurt

Pan-frying video and guide

Part Five: Baking skill

Baking Skill

Once your kids have mastered how to use an oven safely and correctly, crusty loaves, pizzas, pies and cakes are all just a recipe away. Follow this guide's list of kitchen kit for baking as well as a step-by-step on how to line a cake tin.

Recipes that use baking:

Seedy rosemary soda bread

Pear & chocolate flapjacks

Blackberry Victoria sponge

Baking skill video and guide

Part Six: Roasting skill

Roasting Kids' Kitchen

This guide includes steps to success for roasting, including adjusting the height of the racks before starting, and factoring in time to preheat the oven. With the correct kitchen kit to hand, kids can safely make the accompanying roasting recipes.

Recipes that use roasting:

One-tray roast chicken dinner

Sticky mango-roasted salmon

Roasted pepper shakshuka

Roasting skill video and guide


We’d love to see what you’ve been cooking, send your pictures to us at or tag us online with #gfkidskitchen.

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