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Our best ever ice lolly recipes

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Frozen treats are hot right now. But don’t wait for the ice cream van to turn up – try making your own lollies to stash away for sunny days.

Keep cool this summer with our fab range of lovely ice lollies. From boozy prosecco-laced beauties to fruity milk pops for kids, we have every chilled treat your heart could desire.


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Pimm's ice lollies

Pimm's lollies with fruit on ice

Everyone's favourite fruity tipple, now in ice lolly form, with strawberries, cucumber and mint – all the components of your go-to summer staple whizzed up into something super cool. Easy to make and prepped in just 15 minutes, these lollies are definitely worth the effort.

Pimm's ice lollies

Mango, chilli & tequila ice lollies

Mango lolly with chilli on ice

Take advantage of mango season and add a sprinkling of chilli to bring out these succulent summer flavours. The perfect combo of hot and cold, these lollies blend fiery tequila and smooth purée for a treat to the tastebuds. They're so easy to make and sure to be a big hit!

Mango, chilli & tequila ice lollies

Gin & tonic ice lollies

Gin and tonic lollies with cucumber on ice in bowl

Try a twist on your favourite summertime tipple and chill out with our gin & tonic lollies. These boozy, refreshing treats are easy to make and take just five minutes to prep. They're bound to go down a treat at your next party. Freeze slices of cucumber and mint leaves into your lollies for a fun nod to the traditional garnishes. Let the fun be-gin!

Gin & tonic lollies

Watermelon lollies

Watermelon lollies and nachos

Nothing could be cooler than our funky watermelon & kiwi lollies! These refreshing family favourites are bound to be a hit with kids and adults alike. The showstopping lollies are low in calories and packed with vitamin C – and they're sure to steal the show at your next summer barbecue.

Watermelon lollies

Fruity ice lolly pens

Layered ice lolly on white paper

Healthy, cooling and a creative outlet – how often can you say that about a recipe? These child-friendly lolly ‘pens’ are made from sugar-free cordial and fresh fruit, plus a secret ingredient – food colouring. Once they're frozen, dot some extra food colouring on a dish to be used as a palette, and let your kids unleash their inner Picasso.

Fruity ice lolly pens

Frozen berry yogurt pops

Blueberry lollies on glass plate

This hybrid lolly is a beautiful amalgamation of cheesecake, frozen yogurt and fruity ice cream. The best part is you don’t even need a fancy mould to achieve their purple beauty – they’re made in paper cups lined with a gingernut biscuit base. Light condensed milk keeps the fat content down, making them a good alternative to sugar-packed, traditional dairy ice cream.

Frozen berry gingernut yogurt pops

Pink melon lollies

Pink lollies with green sherbet on board

If fancy moulds are indeed your thing, look online for silicone versions in interesting shapes. We like a spherical finish, but these fruity watermelon lollies will work with any shape. Serve upturned on a bright platter or tray with a popping candy dip.

Pink melon lollies

Two-tone fruit lollies

Striped lollies on plate

You don’t get much more failsafe than these layered fruit lollies that are frozen in two stages. We used guava and passion fruit juice, but the recipe would work with any fruit juice, giving opportunity for lots of different flavour combinations.

Guava & passion fruit lollies

Raspberry coconut ices

Raspberry and coconut lollies on red plate

Frozen yogurt is about as simple to achieve as it sounds, and it stands to reason that you can use any flavour of yogurt you like. Greek-style yogurt is extra thick and creamy, making it nicely ice cream-like. Find a coconut-flavoured version and contrast with summer berries.

Raspberry coconut ices

Milk pops

Pink lollies on tray with strawberries

Who doesn’t love a mini creamy milk pop? Our homemade version contains fresh strawberries for added nutritional kudos, and light condensed milk for a creamy, sweet finish. The recipe would also work with other summer berries, such as raspberries or blackcurrants.

Strawberry milk pops

Cereal milk lollies

Milk lollies on ice

Think cereal's just for the breakfast table? Think again. Our moreish cereal milk lollies flavoured with honey nut cornflakes are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. You only need three ingredients to create these unusual ices and they take just five minutes, so forget sweating it out in the kitchen. Be prepared for more nostalgic childhood cereal cravings!

Cereal milk ice lollies


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