There's no greater promise of warmer days than your first ice cream, marking the season's shift from grey skies to bright and sunny weather. To celebrate, we've assembled our favourite ice cream and ice lolly recipes which evoke the flavours of summers gone-by.


These retro recipes will give you a hit of childhood nostalgia in the form of cider lollies, brown bread ice cream and Arctic rolls. They're not only perfect for sunshine treats, they're also great for summer dinner parties and al fresco gatherings.

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Brown bread ice cream

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brown bread no churn ice cream

Use up stale brown or wholemeal bread to recreate our nostalgic no-churn ice cream. It's smooth and creamy, with an almost toast-like flavour, offering cool comfort during the warmer months.

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Club Tropicana ice cream cake

A dessert plate serving Club Tropicana ice cream cake

This retro-looking ice cream cake adds serious 'wow' factor to your summer party menu. It uses shop-bought madeira cake, ice cream and sorbet to cut corners - all you need to do is assemble the layers and freeze until you need it. Guests will no doubt love the layers of mango and raspberry sorbet, sponge, cream and chocolate.

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Mint choc chip ice cream

Fresh mint choc chip ice cream in cones

This luxurious riff on a classic mint choc chip features large dark chocolate chunks, vanilla seeds and fresh mint leaves and stalks for a real minty flavour. Serve in bowls or cones for a quintessential summer treat.

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Baked alaska

Baked Alaska on a cake stand

Featuring ice cream, fluffy meringue and sponge cake, this recipe for baked alaska evokes nostalgic bliss. The best part is it's easier to make than it looks, plus it serves up to 12, so it's a fun option for feeding a crowd.

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Classic Arctic roll

Classic Arctic roll

Turn your hand to this retro Arctic roll for a showstopper pudding, wrapping vanilla ice cream in a light sponge cake along with homemade strawberry jam. This frozen dessert serves 6-8, making it perfect for a dinner party or small gathering.

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Strawberry milk pops

Three strawberry milk pops

Made with just three ingredients, these easy strawberry milk pops will make you feel like a kid again. Making your own ice lollies are healthier and cheaper than shop-bought - it's just as creamy as ice cream but lower in fat.

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Crunchy raspberry ripple terrine

Crunchy raspberry ripple terrine

This lovely and light and terrine with fresh raspberries makes a decadent summertime dessert, using just five ingredients. It's best fit for a dinner party as it can be made ahead of time, meaning there's one less job to do on the day.

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Cider & blackberry ice lollies

Cider & blackberry ice pop

Take a trip down memory lane by recreating these classic boozy ice lollies. Tangy blackberries provide a lovely fruity kick, and they make a fun alternative to frozen cocktails.

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Fruity Neapolitan lolly loaf

Fruity Neapolitan lolly loaf

This fruity Neapolitan-inspired loaf will certainly turn heads at any dinner table. It's a fun and interactive dessert, slicing off individual lollies at the table in front of each of your guests. For a smarter version, leave out the lolly sticks, slice and serve with raspberry sauce and a little fruit on the side.


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