• Comes with side burner, flat plate for searing steaks and burgers, generous cooking space, lots of useful accessories included, useful warming rack


  • Instructions lacking, the barbecue was quite fiddly to put together, a little wobbly, struggled to ignite the side burner; had to use a lighter

Boss Grill Georgia Classic review summary

The Boss Grill Georgia Classic is a generously sized, budget-friendly, four-burner gas barbecue, that also includes an additional side burner. The main cooking area is split between two grill and flat plates, allowing you to both grill and sear food at the same time.


Additional storage space can be found underneath the main grill and two wings either side of the barbecue serve as prep or table space. This model requires propane gas.

First impressions of the Boss Grill Georgia Classic barbecue

This barbecue is a vision in chrome and grey. The large chunky dials and long heat-proof handle were welcome additions, as were the two types of cooking plate.

The panelling and wings felt quite flimsy, and we're not sure if they will withstand the elements when storing outside.

This model does come with useful additions such as wheels that make moving the barbecue around easy to do. Two of the wheels lock into place for safety, too. A thermostat can be found on the hood – this displays temperature in Celsius only and is very responsive to changes in temperature.

How easy is the Boss Grill Georgia Classic to assemble?

The Boss Grill Georgia wasn’t the easiest barbecue to put together. The instruction manual contains several small pictures that aren’t overly clear, which meant we were left trying to work out quite a bit on our own.

We found much of the assembly a fiddly process owing to the flimsy sides which were easily bent out of shape. This model hasn’t been finished to the highest quality either, particularly some of the screw holes, which made threading the screws difficult.

All in all, it took two of us around an hour and a half to assemble.

How easy is the Boss Grill Georgia Classic to use?

Once assembled, the main grill area was quick to ignite. We popped down the lid and allowed it to come to temperature, which took around 10 minutes. While it was heating up, we heard the metal popping, which we found disconcerting. We also spotted a decent sized gap between the lid and the body of the barbecue, which indicated the less-than-professional finish on this model.

The grill and sear plates were both easy to insert into the barbecue and offered relatively even heat distribution. We found both plates were very responsive to changes in temperature. The front 10cm of both plates did not get particularly hot, however, forming cool spots when cooking.

We struggled to get the side burner to ignite. Although we heard the tell-tale click and even saw a spark shooting from the ignition plug, the hob failed to ignite without the help of a lighter.

Cooking results

We cooked a variety of barbecue classics to put the Boss Grill to the test. On the flat grill plate we cooked chunky barbecue potato slices, which were fully cooked and evenly browned all over. Again, on the hot plate, we browned burger buns, but we found these didn’t toast as evenly as we’d have liked.

On the grill plates we cooked a whole aubergine, courgette slices and halloumi kebabs. The aubergine cooked quickly and charred consistently. The halloumi kebabs cooked very well, from the top to the bottom of the skewer. Each vegetable was nicely browned with some defined sear marks. The char lines on the courgette weren’t as well defined as we’ve seen produced by other models, but the slices were evenly cooked.

We used a heavy cast iron skillet to put the side hob to the test. The pan stand is made from thin, slippery metal, which meant our skillet didn’t feel particularly safe on the hob. Nevertheless, the pan heated up quickly and we were able to cook a perfectly medium rare sirloin steak.

How sustainable is the Boss Grill Georgia Classic?

Unfortunately, the Boss Grill Georgia Classic came wrapped in a significant amount of plastic and polystyrene, all of which was unrecyclable.

The manual didn’t include any information about whether spare parts were available to buy or where to buy them.


A fiddly assembly process, flimsy materials and inability to get the side burner to work without a lighter let this model down. There’s still much to like about this model though, such as the additional cover, extra space and the searing plate.

For basic barbecue tasks such as grilling and searing, the Boss Grill Georgia Classic is a decent option that won’t break the bank.

Boss Grill Georgia Classic specifications

Brand: Boss Grill
Model: Georgia Classic
RRP: £299.97
Dimensions (cm): H: 107 x W: 148 x D: 54
Materials: Stainless steel
Warranty: One year
Gas needed: Propane

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