Our expert team of Good Food judges blind-tested products across barbecue categories to bring you our definitive shopping list for summer 2024. From burgers and buns to vegan-friendly barbecue products and ice cream, read on to discover which supermarket products came out on top in our barbecue categories.


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Good Food Summer Taste Awards 2024 winners: best barbecue food

Best sausages

Winner: Lidl Deluxe honey & mustard sausages, £2.49 (400g)

Lidl Deluxe Sausages Honey & Mustard

These sausages were a hit with the crowd. They boasted a flavourful blend of mustard with a touch of honey sweetness.

Available from Lidl in-store

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Highly commended: Co-op Irresistible pork sausages, £3.70 (400g)

The judges praised the flavour and texture of these sausages, noting a delightful peppery kick and satisfying bite.

Available from:

Co-op (£3.70)

Highly commended: Asda Extra Special pork & chorizo sausages, £3 (400g)/2 for £5

The chorizo infused in these sausages adds inviting, spiced flavour notes without being overwhelming.

Available from:

Asda (£3)

Highly commended: Tesco Finest 4 signature pork sausages, £4 (440g)

The judges were impressed by the juicy texture of this sausage, ideal for a barbecue hot dog with its perfect size.

Available from:

Tesco (£4)

Highly commended: Lidl Deluxe caramelised onion sausage, £2.49 (400g)

These sausages boasted a pleasant caramelised onion flavour, noted by the judges for their slightly sweeter twist on caramelisation.

Available from Lidl in store

Best vegan sausages

Winner: Asda OMV! Deliciously vegan butcher inspired no pork sausages, £2.95 (360g)/2 for £5

ASDA OMV! Deliciously Vegan Butcher Inspired No Pork Sausages

This irresistible meat-free summer grilling option will steal the spotlight at your barbecue. Its remarkably authentic sausage taste and texture might just make you doubt whether it's truly meat-free.

Available from:
Asda (£2.95)

Best burger buns

Winner: M&S 4 Japanese-style milk buns, £1.85 (300g)

M&S Japanese style milk buns

These burger buns delighted the judging panel, boasting a wonderfully soft and doughy texture accented by delightful sweet notes.

Available from:
Ocado (£1.85)

Best burgers

Winner: Aldi Specially Selected the ultimate Burger, £2.89 (340g)

ALDI Specially selected the Ultimate Burger

These burgers retain their juiciness while cooking and have a lovely colour once cooked. The judges commended their excellent texture and they're the perfect size for any burger bun.

Available from:

Aldi (£2.89)

Best veggie burgers

Winner: M&S halloumi quarter pounders, £5 (240g)

Halloumi quarter pounders

This creamy and salty halloumi burger pairs perfectly with a dollop of relish or chutney.

Available from:
Ocado (£5)

Highly commended: Co-op GRO bean burger, £1.90 (227g)

These bean burgers impressed the judges, noting their ability to hold their shape while maintaining a soft, thick bean texture.

Available from:

Co-op (£1.90)

Best vegan burgers

Winner: Morrisons Plant Revolution vegetable burger, £1.99 (454g)

Morrisons Plant Revolution Vegetable Burger

The judges were impressed by this remarkably meaty alternative and the charred texture achievable with these burgers. They noted that, unlike some vegan alternatives, these burgers didn’t taste overly artificial, offering a satisfyingly authentic experience.

Available from:

Morrisons (£1.99)

Best meat or fish kebab

Winner: M&S master grill British caesar chicken breast kebab, £10 (600g)

M&S Grill British Casar Chicken Breast Kebab

This ready-to-cook kebab boasts a robust marinade that caught the judging panel's attention. While they didn't anticipate the caesar dressing and parmesan as a pairing, they were pleasantly surprised by how well they complimented the kebab.

Available from:

Ocado (£10)

Highly commended: Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Texan-style BBQ king kebab, £6.50 (700g)

The panel praised how succulent and juicy this kebab is, though some judges found it a tad too sweet, paired with a bold barbecue sauce.

Available from:

Sainsburys (£6.50)

Best BBQ hero for entertaining (meat or fish)

Winner: M&S Master Grill outdoor bred tomapork, £10 (592g)


This tomapork centrepiece really impressed the team with the quality of the meat.

Available from:

Ocado (£10)

Best BBQ hero for entertaining (veggie)

Winner: Waitrose 4 harissa halloumi kebabs, £4.25 (240g)

Harissa halloumi kebabs

While these kebabs aren't exactly showstopping in appearance, they're a guaranteed crowd-pleaser: the halloumi sticks are coated in a vibrant harissa dressing, making them a moreish veggie option.

Available from:
Waitrose & Partners (£4.25)

Best ice cream

Winner: Co-op Irresistible vanilla & caramel biscuit gelato, £4.75 (360g)

Co-op Irresistible Italian Vanilla & caramel biscuit gelato

The judges were delighted with this creamy, smooth gelato, which struck a perfect balance between saltiness and sweetness with its salted caramel flavour.

Available in store at Co-op (£4.75)

Highly commended: Aldi Gianni's raspberry sorbet, £1.99 (500ml)

This vibrant, fruity sorbet delivers a refreshing raspberry flavour with a subtle hint of tartness.

Available from:
Aldi (£1.99)

Highly commended: Co-op Irresistible tiramisu gelato, £4.25 (380g)

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, this gelato boasts a classic tiramisu flavour with caramel, featuring multiple layers for maximum flavour.

Available in store at Co-op (£4.25)

Highly commended: Morrisons The Best Madagascan vanilla ice cream, £3.49 (500ml)

When it comes to ice cream, sometimes the classics offer a great option, and that’s what our judges thought of this ice cream's lovely classic vanilla taste.

Available from:

Morrisons (£3.49)

Highly commended: Aldi Gianni's mango sorbet, £1.99 (500ml)

This sorbet delights with its smooth, light texture and invigoratingly zesty mango flavour.

Available from:

Aldi (£1.99)


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