Our expert team of Good Food judges blind-tested products across 11 barbecue categories to bring you our definitive shopping list for summer 2022. From burgers and buns to vegan-friendly barbecue products and ice-cream, read on to discover which supermarket products came out on top in our barbecue categories


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Best hot dog buns

hot dog with mustard, three hot dog buns, container with ketchup and wooden spoon

Joint winner: Aldi Specially Selected brioche hot dog rolls £1.09 (pack of six)

Handily pre-sliced to make barbecues a breeze, these are shiny, light and fluffy.

Buy online at Aldi (£1.19)

Joint winner: M&S brioche posh dog buns £2.15 (pack of six)

A sturdier brioche bun, these will hold up against plenty of sauce.

Buy online at Ocado (£2.15)

Best sausages

pile of five sausages on a plate on a blue background

Winner: Morrisons The Best Italian-style sausages £2.75 (pack of six)

These Italian-style sausages stand out for having the best meaty texture and the most flavour, with plenty of herbs and seasoning.

Buy in store at Morrisons (£2.75)

Highly commended: Tesco Finest Maple & Bacon Hot Dogs, £4 (667g)

These were a little sweet from the maple syrup, but had a good texture and didn’t feel low quality.

Available in store at Tesco (£4)

Best vegan sausages

Highly commended: Tesco Plant Chef 6 Cumberland Style Bangers, 350g, £1.75

This simple sausage had a firm texture and looked like a classic sausage – good for hot dogs or vegan sausages and mash.

Available online at Tesco (£1.75)

Best burger buns

burger with red pickled onions, golden bun and green lettuce

Winner: M&S Collection brioche buns £1.70 (pack of two)

These are glossy, with a well-balanced flavour – not too savoury or sweet.

Available at Ocado (£1.70)

Highly commended: Tesco Finest Brioche Sesame Seed Burger Buns, 4-pack, £1.20

Sesame seeds add extra crunch and flavour to these buns, whilst the internal texture is fluffy and would toast well before making the burger. A modern take on a classic burger bun.

Available online at Tesco (£1.20)

Best burgers

burger with red pickled onions, golden bun and green lettuce

Winner: Aldi Specially Selected the ultimate burger £2.69 (pack of two)

‘Savoury, umami goodness’ was one judge’s verdict. These are juicy, with satisfying texture.

Available in store at Aldi (£2.69)

Highly commended: Marks & Spencer 2 Chilli Cheese British Beef Burgers, 300g, £4.50

For an alternative burger, this was our top pick: cheese runs all the way through and the jalapeño chilli is a nice addition.

Available online at Ocado (£4.50)

Best vegan burgers

vegan burger with bun and lettuce and red onion and tomato

Winner: Aldi Plant Menu ultimate no beef burgers £1.99 (pack of two)

A clear winner, this is a good meat substitute option. It has a firm bite and smoky flavour.

Available online at Aldi (£1.99)

Highly commended: M&S Vegan Steak Burgers, 340g, £5

Another good meat substitute option, this would appeal to new vegans missing meat. These have a gentle smoky barbecue flavour.

Available online at Ocado (£5)

Best veggie burger

halloumi in a burger bun and rocket salad on the side

Joint winner: Tesco Fire Pit quarter-pounder halloumi burgers £2.20 (pack of two)

A simple yet satisfying slab of halloumi makes the ideal base for adding your own marinade or spice rub.

Available in store at Tesco (£2.20)

two bhaji burgers with corn on the cob

Joint winner: M&S masala cauliflower bhaji burgers £3 (pack of two)

These would work well in a burger or just with salad and classic barbecue accompaniments. They have clearly visible veg and mild spicing.

Available at Ocado (£3)

Best barbecue sauce

bowl of barbecue sauce with yellow napkin and silver spoon

Winner: M&S The Grill House BBQ sauce £1.65 (300g)

This sticky sauce would work just as well as a marinade. With a deep base note of heat, the initial sour notes lead into a smoky and sweet sauce.

Available in store at M&S (£1.65)

Best chicken

chicken with salad and pot of sauce

Winner: Tesco piri piri half chicken £4 (502g)

The appealing sticky glaze on this half chicken adds plenty of flavour to the perfectly cooked meat – a summery crowd-pleaser.

Available at Tesco (£4)

Best meat kebab

two kebabs with sauce and green salad

Winner: M&S British rump steak kebabs £11 (pack of two)

The three elements of these kebabs work perfectly together: substantial hunks of tender rump steak, soft peppers and a smoky, sticky glaze.

Available in store at M&S (£11)

Highly commended: Waitrose Tandoori Whole Chicken Kebab

For a barbecue showstopper, this whole jointed chicken is marinated in a smoky-sweet glaze and threaded onto skewers, ready for everyone to gather round and grab a hunk.

Available in store at Waitrose

Best vegan kebab

long vegan kebabs with red onion circles and a wrap

Winner: Co-op GRO cauli shawarma kebabs £3 (pack of four)

One for spice fans – these kebabs are very tender in texture and quite fiery, but that doesn’t mask the other flavours.

Available in store at Co-op (£3)

Best cocktail sausages

bowl of cocktail sausages with two sticks

Winner: Waitrose cocktail sausages £2.50 (260g)

These were by far the most visually appealing of those we tasted, and have a moreish pork flavour and texture.

Available online at Waitrose (£2.50)


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