• Affordable price for a gas barbecue, even heat coverage, easy to set up with clear instructions, cooks well


  • Very basic with no extra tools or functions, have to assemble the regulator yourself which is very fiddly, limited one-year warranty

George Foreman GFSBBQ1 single burner gas barbecue review summary

The George Foreman GFSBBQ1 is a single burner gas barbecue. Running off camping gas, and designed to sit on a table top, it’s a cheap but cheerful bit of kit that gets the job done.


First impressions of the George Foreman GFSBBQ1 single burner gas barbecue

It looks great, sleek and neat. With no gas connected the temperature knob feels responsive and smooth. However, the materials feel a little flimsy and the lid seems a bit thin. It’s also pretty wide as table top barbecues go.

How easy is the George Foreman GFSBBQ1 to assemble?

It’s easy to assemble, but you’ll need a screwdriver for the lid and you have to screw in the thermometer. This barbecue’s single biggest weakness is that you have to put together the regulator yourself. This is very fiddly – you need water to lubricate the hose onto the regulator and the barbecue, and then you need to use small hose clamps to tighten everything. However, the instructions are simple and clear.

How easy is the George Foreman GFSBBQ1 to use?

Once you’re set up, it’s a dream to use. It gets to temperature in just five minutes and its temperature control is smooth and reacts quickly to any change. It has a couple of cool spots in the corners, but otherwise has even coverage, so you can cook everything at exactly the same rate no matter where it is on the grill.

This barbecue is easy to move around, weighing just 9.6kg. As a table barbecue, it should be easy to keep in a shed or a greenhouse over the winter. However, we also found that the wide 70cm width of this barbecue slightly defeats the point of a table-top barbecue, as it’s too big to comfortably sit on most patio or garden tables.

Cooking results

The cooking was fairly average. It produced good char lines but other barbecues on test had better definition, and though everything was delicious it wasn’t as quick or well-cooked as some of the other barbecues on test.

Above all, what you see is what you get. There’s no extra functions or hidden storage, just a simple grill. However, while you might not make any gourmet grub on this grill, it’s all you need for a few burgers on a sunny afternoon.

How sustainable is the George Foreman GFSBBQ?

This barbecue comes cushioned in polystyrene, and is wrapped in unnecessary plastic. We also worry that the one-year warranty is very short – if it breaks after a year and you have to buy a new barbecue it isn’t sustainable.


This barbecue was the cheapest gas barbecue we tested, so it scores top marks for price, but beware the poor one-year warranty. That said, if you need a gas barbecue on a budget to feed a family, this is excellent value.

George Foreman GFSBBQ1 specifications

Brand: George Foreman
Model: GFSBBQ1
RRP: £123.99
Dimensions (cm): H: 34 x W: 70 x D: 50
Materials: Stainless steel
Warranty: One year
Gas needed: Propane

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