Toast the season with a glass of something special. Deck the halls and fill them with the aroma of mulled wine, or serve a drop of Christmassy fizz with or without the booze. Either way, you'll offer the perfect welcome for guests arriving in from the cold.


For even more merry-making inspiration, take a look at our festive drinks recipe collection, which includes traditional tipples and modern twists on your favourites. Plus, kit out your kitchen with top cocktail-making products after reading our review of the best cocktail shakers.

Best Christmas cocktail recipes

1. Mulled wine cocktail

Cocktails on a tray with garnishes

No other aroma encompasses Christmas quite like our mulled wine cocktail. Cinnamon, cloves, clementines and Cointreau – this classic red wine recipe is perfect for traditionalists. Delicious served hot or cold. Read all our top tips on how to make mulled wine with our ultimate guide.

2. Classic snowball

Cocktail with cherries

Serve up a classic snowball filled with creamy Advocaat, sweet lemonade and plenty of ice. This retro party tipple garnished with a kitsch maraschino cherry is rich and boozy, just how we like our Christmas drinks.

3. Classic mulled wine

Mulled wine in cups on tray

Make a batch of mulled wine to warm up a crowd of thirsty partygoers using a good-quality red. We recommend an unoaked tempranillo with a dash of sloe gin for extra-fruity sweetness. Mix it up and try our mulled white wine or mulled rosé wine for a lighter version of the classic.

4. Winter whisky sour

whisky sour with straw on tray

For fans of the dram, mix up our winter whisky sour. This classic bourbon cocktail uses fresh orange and lemon for a sweet, sharp, citrussy edge. A sprinkling of gold edible glitter around the glass adds some festive cheer. Check out our best ever whisky cocktail recipes for more party-worthy tipples.

5. Amaretto fizz

Cocktails with cherries

Combine canned cherries, their sweet syrup and some almond-flavoured amaretto to create a Christmas-cake-inspired amaretto sour. The sharp lemon cuts through the sweet marzipan flavour of the amaretto, making a perfectly balanced drink. If you're hosting, try pairing your sours with salty nibbles like our Spanish skewers.

6. Irish cream

Miriam Nice shows you how to make homemade Irish cream liqueur and a non-alcoholic version. It’s the perfect way to end your Christmas dinner and also makes a fabulous gift for friends and family.

7. Dark & stormy coffee cocktail

Cocktail on tray with candle

Our dark & stormy coffee cocktail is one for caffeine fans who like a touch of warming ginger. This layered highball drink will look suitably impressive on your table and takes just minutes to make. Add a final squeeze of lime for a refreshing tropical twist.

8. Spice 75

Cocktails with orange peel on tray

Our spice 75 screams 'class' and is a quintessential taste of Christmas. This aromatic version of the French 75 uses allspice and a measure of rum. Garnish with an artistic twist of orange for an eye-catching pre-dinner drink. It's a strong combination made to be sipped at leisure.

9. Grapefruit spritz

Spritz in glass with garnish

Take a break from super-rich eggnog and creamy cocktails and try our fresh grapefruit spritz. Serve up a taste of the warmer months with a dash of Aperol and zesty grapefruit topped up with prosecco. Put your bottle of fizz to good use with even more easy prosecco cocktail recipes.

10. Christmas cream liqueur

Christmas liqueur on ice in glasses

If you're a fan of creamy Christmas drinks, this glass of deliciousness will be right up your street. Our easy Christmas cream liqueur, made with lashings of dulce de leche, makes a great homemade gift (if you manage to restrain yourself from trying a snifter). The dulce de leche adds a deep toffee flavour. Serve over ice for an after-dinner treat.

11. Clementine martinis

Clementine cocktails in glasses

Whether shaken or stirred, martinis are divine. Our elegant clementine martinis are easily doubled if you're catering for a big group. These picture-perfect cocktails are a great way to use up any fruit going to waste and we guarantee they'll go down a treat.

12. Eggnog

Kick-start your Christmas with eggnog, a classic creamy cocktail. Miriam Nice shows you how to make a mocktail and vegan version, too. Cheers!

13. Cinnamon butter rum

Buttered rum in glasses on trolley

No one could turn down a glass of our cinnamon butter rum laced with festive spices. It takes just two simple steps to make the ultimate winter indulgence. If you're bored of mulled wine, this is the ideal Christmas alternative. This rich, syrupy delight will put a glow in your cheeks.

14. Cranberry margarita

Margarita in glass with orange sugar rim

Our vivid red cranberry margarita with a decorative orange sugar rim is a wintry take on the classic tequila cocktail. When the holiday season rolls around, a batch of these striking tipples will add a pop of colour to the party.

15. Whisky sour

Start the festive season by making your very own classic whiskey sour or mocktail if you don’t drink alcohol. Miriam Nice adds eggs white to hers to make it nice and silky, but you can make it without.

16. Pomegranate rosemary spritzer

Cocktail with rosemary sprig on tray

The savoury, herby notes of this deep pink prosecco cocktail make it an ideal accompaniment to your festive feast. With just three ingredients, our pomegranate rosemary spritzer is a quick-fix drink you can mix up as soon as guests arrive.

17. Salted caramel pecan sour

Cocktail with orange garnish

We've revamped the standard sour and turned it into a moreish modern drink. The mix of sweet, salty and sharp flavours make this drink utterly irresistible. It's well worth the effort of toasting the pecans to bring out the depth of flavour. Finish our salted caramel pecan sour with a grating of fresh nutmeg and sip by the fireside.

18. Vermouth & soda

Cocktails with olive garnishes in glasses

Keep it simple and sophisticated with our vermouth & soda recipes. Choose red, white or rosé vermouth as a base, then top up with sparkling water and ice. White vermouth will give you a drier finish as opposed to a sweet red or fruity, slightly bitter rosé vermouth. Read our guide and discover even more two-ingredient cocktails.

19. Cosmopolitan

Toast the end of the day with a cosmpolitan cocktail or mocktail. Miriam Nice shows you how to make the perfect drink with just the right amount of sweet and sour.

20. St Nick's flip

Cocktails in glasses

Our cognac-filled St Nick's flip is undisputably a dessert in a glass. This creamy creation is filled with cloves, orange, cinnamon and plenty of festive flair. Make your own sugar syrup with our easy recipe and store in the fridge for future parties.

Best non-alcoholic Christmas drinks

1. Faux fizz

Christmas cocktails with garnishes

Mix pear and apricot syrup and top up with sparkling water for a speedy glass of faux fizz. This mocktail is special enough that teetotal party guests and designated drivers won't feel like they've missed out.

2. Mulled apple juice

Apple juice in glasses with cinnamon and orange

Don't leave anyone out in the cold – this spiced citrus mulled apple juice holds all the flavour of the traditional drink with none of the alcohol. Kids will also love this non-boozy winter warmer.

3. Nutmeg & orange Christmas coffee

Coffee in glass on tray

If your ideal after-dinner drink is a cup of java, our nutmeg & orange Christmas coffee is for you. The dates add a little sweetness to balance out the bitter coffee notes. It's also the perfect way to start your Christmas morning.

4. New York sour mocktail

Make your very own New York sour cocktail or mocktail. The sour but sweet-tasting drink has a red wine float and a lovely frothy top – just how you like it.

5. Pear & rose punch

Punch with red berries in bowl

This stunning pear & rose punch makes for a showstopping party drink and needs just a handful of ingredients. Using frozen redcurrants will keep your punch cool and they add a pop of colour to the bowl.

6. Sherry negroni mocktail

Miriam adds a twist to a classic by using sherry in her negroni instead of gin, introducing an irresistible softness. Or, try her delicious grapefruit mocktail version.

7. Gin-free G&T

Cocktail with pomegranate seeds and herbs

Our divine gin-free G&T is sure to be a big hit with cocktail fans and teetotallers alike. This marvellous mocktail uses cardamom, camomile, mint, cloves and rosemary to create a botanical infusion you can top up with tonic. For the most developed flavour, leave your mixture to infuse for 2-4 hrs.

8. Peppermint hot chocolate

Hot chocolate mugs with candy canes

Combine chocolate, cream, milk and stripy candy sticks for a hot cocoa with real Christmas cheer. Give your favourite chocolate creation a festive facelift with peppermint candy cane stirrers that dissolve as you stir. Our peppermint hot chocolate is the perfect no-effort recipe to whip out at a moment's notice.

9. Pomegranate mojito mocktail

Pomegranate cocktails with mint on tray

Pack in the Christmas cheer with our pretty-in-pink pomegranate mojito mocktail. The classic mojito cocktail flavours are universally loved, and our spin uses pomegranate seeds and juice for a fun and fruity variation.

10. Spiced piña colada mocktail

Cocktail with cherries and ice in glass

Get the party started with our spiced piña colada mocktail. Make a clever mock rum syrup with that all-important pineapple tang, then combine with coconut milk, pineapple juice and a squeeze of lime. The peppercorns, brown sugar and cloves in the base syrup all suggest that distinctive dark rum sweetness and spice.

11. Margarita mocktail

Our resident drinks expert Miriam Nice makes a zesty, salt-rimmed glass of margarita and an exciting frozen mocktail with coriander. It's a classic crowd-pleaser for a Christmas party.

12. Hot apple pie punch

Punch in mugs on tray with apple slices

If you're after a booze-free toddy to keep the chills at bay, try this hot apple pie punch with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Inspired by the classic pudding, both kids and adults alike will be coming back for another mugful.

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