A spritz is the cocktail of the summer. You can't pass a bar or sunny terrace without seeing the distinctive orange of a bold Aperol spritz – a classic Italian combination of Aperol, prosecco and soda water. But, the world of spritzes goes beyond this, with plenty of fizzy, refreshing spritz recipes to try out.


Read on for our top tips on how to make the ultimate spritz, the ratios to follow and five of our favourite spritz recipes to make.

What is a spritz?

Aperol spritz

A spritz is traditionally a wine-based drink from northern Italy, and is enjoyed as an aperitif. Combining prosecco, bitter liqueur and a 'spritz' of soda water to finish, an Aperol spritz is the most familiar example of this. Now, the term is often used more loosely to describe any cocktail combining spirits, fizz and a mixer. You can even make a non-alcoholic spritz using alcohol-free alternatives.

How to make the perfect spritz

If you're getting creative and making your own spritz recipe from scratch, it's useful to follow a three-two-one formula for fizz, liqueur and mixer. For an Aperol spritz, this would be three parts prosecco, two parts Aperol and one part soda water (for example, 90ml prosecco, 60ml Aperol, 30ml soda water). This is also helpful when doubling or tripling recipes to serve a crowd. Swap the Aperol for different liqueurs to make different spritzes, such as limoncello or elderflower liqueur.

How to garnish a spritz

Citrus slices on wooden board. Cooking process

The base spirits and ingredients of your spritz will determine how to garnish it. An Aperol spritz is usually garnished with a slice of orange to reflect the bitter citrus flavour of Aperol itself. A hugo cocktail is garnished with mint and lime, which pair well with the elderflower base. Add lemon slices or twists of peel to citrus cocktails, edible flowers for floral spritzes, or a thyme or rosemary sprig for any herb-infused drinks. Check out our 10 easy cocktail garnish ideas for more inspiration.

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5 best spritz recipes

Aperol spritz


The definitive spritz you'll see all summer long, which arguably kick-started the spritz trend. Just three ingredients are required for this distinctive orange cocktail: Aperol, prosecco and soda water.

You can also make a Campari spritz using the same ratios, swapping the Aperol for Campari. We've also created a grapefruit spritz, adding a shot of tart grapefruit juice to Aperol and prosecco.

Limoncello spritz

limoncello spritz

For a refreshing citrus twist on a spritz, make a limoncello spritz, replacing Aperol with tangy limoncello.

Hugo cocktail

Hugo cocktail

A classic British cocktail, a hugo spritz is perfect for a summer evening. Fragrant elderflower liqueur or cordial and plenty of fresh mint are added to the prosecco and soda base.

Pink gin spritz

Pink gin spritz in a highball glass

Fans of pink or flavoured gins will enjoy this light pink gin spritz. Served in a tall highball glass, rose gin is mixed with lychee liqueur and topped up with soda water for a delicate, floral spritz.

Bloody spritz

Bloody Spritz

A lot of spritz recipes use prosecco as their base, but this unique recipe uses whisky instead. Combined with peach and orange liqueurs, fresh blood orange juice and fizzy soda water, it's smooth, fruity and sharp all at once.


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