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The best bank holiday drinks

Come rain or shine, bank holidays are a great excuse to indulge in a cocktail or two. From flavoured gins to the best prosecco cocktails, we've rounded up our favourite drinks for the occasion. 

If you’re celebrating the bank holiday, our most popular cocktail recipes are here to make your long weekend even more enjoyable. Not only are they easy to make, there’s something for everyone. 


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Gin cocktails 

Gin is more popular than ever, so it’s a good time to learn some simple serving options to take it to another dimension altogether. You don’t need any fancy equipment for some speedy cocktails – even a jam jar will do as a shaker. It’s all about the love you put into the preparation.  

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Non-alcoholic cocktails 

Whether you’re passing on the booze, entertaining with kids or just fancy a crisp cordial, we’ve got plenty of non-alcoholic cocktails. It can be a challenge to inject soft drinks with the same amount of sparkle as their alcoholic equivalents, but we have some tips to ensure teetotallers don’t miss out.

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Flavoured spirits

Master the technique of taking the neutral base of a white spirit such as gin, vodka or rum, and infusing it with matching herbs, fruit and spices. Use seasonal ingredients such as rhubarb or elderflower to make impressive spirits that taste lovely in different cocktails.

Flavouring your own alcohol isn’t an exact science – this relatively simple process requires creativity, a Kilner jar and not much else. Follow the simple steps in our flavoured spirits guide

Prosecco cocktails

Prosecco tends to be slightly sweeter than champagne and is much more affordable, so it’s ideal for creating cocktails. It balances sharp ingredients like citrus, rounds off harsh edges of clear spirits, and adds a splash of fizz to your favourite fruit liqueur.

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Punch recipes

If you’re feeling optimistic about the weather, get yourself geared up for some delicious punch recipes. If you’re looking for a light punch to kick off your bank holiday weekend, we’ve got five recipes you can make in minutes that are fabulously fruity and will help you beat the heat.

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