10 new ways with Pimm’s

Make the most of a classic summer tipple with the BBC Good Food guide to Pimm's, showing you the many ways to use it, from slushies to cakes and cooling lollies.

Get ready for summer with seven boozy twists on classic British recipes. As well as making up part of the summer drinks range at your next party, you can use it to enhance cakes, desserts and even jam. Almost anything can be improved with a shot of Pimm’s – that’s our motto.


Mix up your own fruity homemade Pimm’s with our easy recipe, then use it as a base for some of our exciting ideas below. Also check out our collection of Pimm’s recipes and summer punch recipes for more inspiration.

1. Pimm’s scones

Whether you’re planning on throwing a classy afternoon tea spread or just want something sweet, substantial and overflowing with strawberries and cream to go with your drinks, these scones are a must. The fruit is pre-soaked in Pimm’s and the cream is laced with a spoonful of Pimm’s for an extra hit of flavour.

2. Pimm’s cake

This Pimm’s cake is a serious summer showstopper. Indulge in the delicate strawberry and lemon buttercream and Pimm’s soaked fruit which is used to decorate. The cucumber essence in the sponge keeps the cake moist and blends perfectly with the fruity cream.

3. Pimm’s slushie

Our Pimm’s slushie is set to be the next big summer drinks trend and we’re obsessed. Frozen drinks may seem complicated but this blend of booze and sorbet couldn’t be easier. Guests will be asking for more than one of these cool cocktails.

4. Pimm’s iced tea

This slightly sweet summer classic is ideal for sitting with and sipping in the shade. Our Pimm’s iced tea is a cooling blend of mint and citrus and takes just 10 minutes to make. Mix up a pitcher and savour those lazy afternoons.

5. Pimm’s lollies

Beat the heat this summer with Pimm’s lollies. These grown-up ices are filled with strawberries, cucumber and of course, Pimm’s for a refreshing party popsicle.

6. Pomegranate Pimm’s

Give this classic summer tipple a fruity twist by adding an equal amount of pomegranate juice to Pimm’s, along with pomegranate seeds, cucumber and lemonade. The ruby red seeds look like floating jewels and provide little extra bursts of freshness. Serve our cooling pomegranate Pimm’s in a large jug and double up the quantities if you are serving a crowd.

7. Pimm’s jellies

It doesn’t get much more British than jelly for dessert. These jars are layered with Pimm’s jelly and a layer of cream for a portable picnic treat. Make these fun boozy puddings in advance to take the fuss out of picnic prep.

8. Pimm’s jam

Take jam to the next level with our Pimm’s soft-set strawberry version. Turn them into tarts, spread them on scones, or add them to your summer breakfast spread. You’ll never go back to standard strawberry.

9. Chilled strawberry & Pimm’s zabaglione

We’ve given this classic whipped Italian dessert a summery twist with fresh berries and Pimm’s. Strawberries, soaked in Angoustra bitters, take on a wonderfully tangy, aromatic flavour which cuts through the rich custard base of the pudding. A splash of Pimm’s gives the zabaglione a nice boozy kick, making this a super simple yet elegant pudding for summer entertaining.

10. Winter Pimm’s punch

Not just a summer tipple, Pimm’s can also be enjoyed during the colder months with a splash of brandy, apple juice and cinnamon. Our winter Pimm’s punch is perfect for serving in large jugs or bowls at a festive party. You could even heat the mixture up gently and pour some into flask for a winter warmer to aid in Christmas market shopping.

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