Whipping up a batch of homemade ice lollies makes for a quick and exciting summer activity for kids, and they’ll love eating the results. From frozen cheesecakes and tropical treats to avocado-based popsicles, we’ve got lots of kids' ice lolly recipes to inspire you this summer.


1. Sunshine lollies


The combination of orange, satsuma and carrot makes these refreshing sunshine lollies a bright and vitamin-packed treat. This is the perfect recipe for kids to get involved with as they can help grate the carrots and juice the orange, plus there is lots of mixing fun to be had.

2. Creamy avo lollies


These moreish creamy avo lollies are a super-stealthy way of packing in the green stuff. Mix avocado with fresh lime juice, natural yogurt, vanilla and honey for a dreamy summer treat. Kids won’t be able to get enough!

3. Frozen banana lollies

Frozen banana lollies

These easy frozen banana lollies use real fruit so are great as an after-school energy boost. Get the kids to help decorate them with yogurt, melted chocolate and sprinkles galore.

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4. Cereal milk lollies


Using only three ingredients, you can make a batch of cereal milk ice lollies in no time and with very little expense – plus, children will love the novelty of making this unusual flavour.

5. Frozen berry & ginger nut yogurt pops


Frozen berry & ginger nut yogurt pops are a great way of using up seasonal berries and they’re a cross between cheesecake, frozen yogurt and fruit ice cream – need we say more? You don’t even need an ice lolly mould for these cool customers. Just grab some paper cups and lolly sticks and you’re ready to go.

6. Tropical granola lollies

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Try these tropical granola lollies – they're packed full of fresh mangoes and banana, plus a touch of coconut milk. To take these treats to the top, dip the tips in dark chocolate and granola then leave them to set.

7. Strawberry milk pops


These super simple strawberry milk pops are healthier and cheaper than shop-brought versions. You only need three ingredients and they're a total breeze to make, making them a winner all round.

8. Watermelon lollies


Bright, cheerful and high in vitamin C, these unique watermelon lollies are made with 100% fruit. We think they’d be perfect for a kids’ party in the summer or a family picnic.

9. Fresh orange lollies


When summer fruit is in abundance, whip up these fresh orange lollies made from whole oranges and pears – kids and adults alike will love them. If you don’t have any wooden sticks, you can always freeze spoons into them as a reusable alternative.

10. Raspberry tea ice lollies

Raspberry tea ice lollies

Older kids especially will love making raspberry tea ice lollies, which combine fresh fruit alongside a non-caffeinated teabag infusion. Delicious!

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Have your kids tried any of our ice lolly recipes? We would love to hear from you in the comments below…

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