Looking for something close-to-home to keep the kids occupied? These simple garden crafts will give children a great excuse to head outside for some fresh air and frolics. Have fun with the family as you forage for items in the garden, then pop some newspaper on the table and settle down for an afternoon of creativity. You only need a few craft essentials and some objects from your garden to get started.


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1. Ladybird rock painting

Make a cute little paperweight, a decoration for your front porch or even a hefty doorstop when you try this easy rock painting project. We’ve given our ladybirds a cheeky smile to cheer us up!

2. Make a fairy door

Learn how to make a fairy door from wooden lolly sticks – these popular decorations can be added to trees, walls or fences to allow the fairies to come and go as they please. Kids will love adding sequins or buttons to make their own door unique and special.

3. Paint a bee flowerpot

These friendly flowerpot characters are the perfect way to get kids buzzing about planting their own herb garden, so once you’ve made them you can keep the fun going by planting some seeds. Discover how to make a bee flowerpot.

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4. Use sticks as a photo frame

Do you have a little one obsessed with collecting sticks? Embrace their enthusiasm with a stick photo frame, which can be given to friends and family as a homemade gift. All it needs is a printed family photo or an artistic picture in the centre to bring it to life.

5. Create a garden wind chime

Wind chimes can be made from all sorts of gathered items – keys, beads and even spoons – but this wooden stick version is a bit more neighbour- and nature-friendly. It’s easy to make your own garden wind chime and you can paint it any colour you like.


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