All you need for this easy garden craft is some sticks and twine. Just be careful of splinters and thorns while searching for the perfect twig! You can leave the photo frame plain for a rustic look, or kids might like to paint it in a bright colour – if they do, we recommend using acrylic paints. To finish, add your favourite family photo or get the children to draw their own picture for the centre.


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Prep 30 mins

You will need

  • 2 straight sticks, roughly the same length, for the sides
  • 2 straight sticks, roughly the same length, for the top and bottom
  • Twine or string
  • Double-sided tape or PVA glue, to attach a photo (optional)


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  1. Take one of the side sticks and one of the bottom sticks and place them together at a right angle, so the sticks overlap each other.
  2. Tie the sticks together at the point where they overlap, leaving a short length of twine for later. Start at the back and then move over the front stick and then behind the back stick again. Repeat in a figure of eight movement.
  3. Once you’ve repeated the figure of eight at least four times, tie the string to the short length you left at the back and cut off the excess.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 with your remaining sticks until all four sticks are tied together. Tie a loop of twine to the top for hanging. Then just add your chosen picture to the back to finish – use double-sided sticky tape or PVA glue to attach.

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