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Homemade instruments including guitar, maracas, drum, harmonica

5 instruments kids can make

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Need a few projects to keep the kids busy? These easy musical instruments are great fun to make and play with – embrace the noise and start a family band!

Encouraging creativity and play while the kids are home from school is more important than ever, so spark their imaginations with these colourful, homemade instruments. Each one is simple and safe to make, using everyday items you can find around the house.


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1. Elastic band guitar

Homemade elastic band guitar

Rescue some items from the recycling box and make this easy elastic band guitar using a tissue box as the frame. We’ve used coloured elastic bands – choose varied sizes and thicknesses to create different notes – and decorated it with buttons.

How to make an elastic band guitar

2. Paper straw panpipes

How to make panpipes

You can rustle up this wind instrument in no time with just a few straws, glue, a lolly stick and ribbon to decorate. We’ve made a cool rainbow effect with these pretty paper straws, but you can use whatever you have to hand and it’ll sound just as great.

How to make panpipes

3. Lolly stick harmonica

Lolly stick harmonica

These little harmonicas are made from wooden lolly sticks and can make an impressive sound for their size! Kids and adults alike will enjoy playing with these – a lovely afternoon project for the family.

Make your own harmonica

4. Wooden spoon maracas

Wooden spoon maracas

Our simple maraca is made using a fillable plastic egg and wooden spoons – if you need an alternative, you can always make a simple shaker from a cardboard tube.

How to make maracas

5. Tin can drum

Tin can drum

Kids will enjoy making their own colourful drum almost as much as they’ll like making noise with them! Try this simple craft activity, either using a tin can or a cardboard food container.

How to make a tin can drum


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