If you have a few spuds lurking in your cupboard, use them to make a fun craft. Shaped biscuit cutters help transform potatoes into easy-to-use stamps for little ones. Adults will need to make the stamps as a knife is required, but this simple project won’t take long – if the kids are bored now, you can entertain them in a matter of minutes!


How to make potato stamps

Makes 2 stamps per potato
Prep 5 mins

You will need
large potatoes
shaped biscuit cutters
sharp knife
paint and paper


1. Halve a potato lengthways to make a long stamp, or across the middle for a smaller stamp. Pat the cut ends dry with kitchen paper or a tea towel.

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2. Press your chosen cutter into the cut end of one of the potato halves – it doesn’t need to go all the way in, it's just to create an outline to follow. Carefully use the knife to cut into the potato and around the cutter to create a stamp.

3. Remove the cutter from the potato. Your stamp is now ready to use!

4. Cover a table with newspaper and squeeze a selection of paints into shallow pots or a tray. Lay out some paper for stamping – kids can either use a paintbrush to load the stamps with paint or dab them into the pots.

What if I don’t have cutters?

Biscuit cutters are handy for making potato stamps, but not essential! You can use a knife to cut any shape you wish into the potato. Simple shapes or letters of the alphabet are good choices. Remember to be careful when using a knife.

Top tips for potato stamps

• If you want to keep your potato stamps, wrap them well and store in the fridge. They’ll be fine to keep for two to three days – although they may go brown, this won’t affect their stamping ability!

• Use your potato stamps to create homemade cards, tags or wrapping paper, or decorate gift bags and make pictures.

• For the neatest result, it’s best not to add too much paint onto the stamps – dab off the excess before pressing down onto paper.

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