We've scoured our site and done a deep dive into the nitty gritty data to find your all-time favourite summer cocktail recipes. Discover which classic cocktails made the list and learn how to make delicious twists from our user comments, BBC Good Food team tips and innovative new recipes.


All your favourite summer drinks recipes are perfect for sitting back and enjoying with friends. They're simple to make, don't require special mixology skills or equipment, and taste like summer in a glass.

Celebrate the sunshine with even more fabulous summer cocktails from our ultimate recipe collection and top cocktails & drinks guides.

1. Passion fruit martini

Passionfruit martinis in glasses

At the top of our list sits the fabulously fruity passion fruit martini. This easy but impressive looking cocktail is perfect for entertaining. Grab the martini glasses and a bottle of prosecco to serve. Want a handy tutorial? Check out our video on how to make a passion fruit martini and mocktail for a boozy and non-boozy alternative. For more fun variations, try our top 10 martini recipes.

Top cocktail tip: Learn how to make your own sugar syrup with our simple step-by-step recipe. Store in the fridge for quick cocktail making.

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2. Mojito

Two mojito glasses with limes in the background

It's no surprise that the mojito takes the second spot on our cocktail menu. Our audience are firmly in love with this refreshing, simple sipper. Learn from the experts and watch our video on how to make a mojito and a pomegranate mojito mocktail for non-drinkers. Want to try a re-worked version of the traditional recipe? Check out our mojito recipes collection and try our champagne, strawberry and even beer mojitos.

Top cocktail tip: Mixing for a crowd? We love making a sized-up version in the form of our mojito pitcher to keep guests' glasses filled.

3. Sex on the beach

Sex on the beach in glasses with orange garnish

Conjure up images of sunny holidays with this old-school cocktail menu staple. If you're a fan of vodka cocktails, add this easy tipple to your repertoire. Combine sweet peach schnapps, fresh orange juice and cranberry juice to make this bright and bold glassful. If you need more inspiration for using up a stray bottle, peruse our vodka cocktail recipes collection.

Top cocktail tip: Get to grips with the best kit around with our review of the best cocktail shakers and learn the difference between cobbler, Boston and French shakers.

4. Espresso martini

Two cocktail glasses with espresso martini in them

Just as delicious in the summer time as it is in the winter, the espresso martini gives any cocktail menu a caffeinated kick. Learn how to make an espresso martini like a professional with our simple video tutorial. For a tasty non-alcoholic version, try our simple coffee shrub. Adjust the sugar syrup to your taste. If you're a cocktail aficionado, try even more coffee cocktail recipes and kick your party up a notch.

Top cocktail tip: To get the perfect frothy top on your espresso martini, make sure you shake your mixture vigorously for around 20 seconds until the ice has chilled the shaker on the outside.

5. Piña colada

Pina coladas in glasses with garnishes

When you're craving a taste of the tropical, a piña colada is the only way to go. Blend together rich coconut cream, white rum and bittersweet pineapple, et voila! Mix up your cocktail with a helping hand from our video on how to make piña colada.

Top cocktail tip: For a frozen cocktail, mix the juice, rum and coconut cream together and freeze in ice cube trays. Then whiz the frozen cubes (with a couple of ice cubes if you like) to a slushy consistency.

6. Pimm's

Pimm's in glasses and jug on tray

A glass of Pimm's in the garden is an English summer tradition. If you're got guests coming over, whip up a pitcher of Pimm's filled with fruit and mint leaves, then chill until needed. Try our 7 new ways with Pimm's for slushies, cakes and cooling lollies. Want to try something different? Check out our video and learn how to make our next level Pimm's slushie.

Top user tip: One of our users BertieBounder recommends using ginger beer instead of lemonade for a fiery twist.

7. Aperol spritz

Aperol spritz in glass with lemon and olive

Indulge in our classic Italian Aperol spritz – with just three ingredients, it packs in plenty of flavour. Mix Aperol, prosecco and soda with our proportions, or try different ratios to your taste. This bright orange drink conjures up images of Italian piazzas, seaside bistros and lazy afternoons in the sun. It only takes a few minutes to make, so is ideal for an impromptu gathering. Try our new ways with Aperol for more sun-drenched cocktail ideas.

Top cocktail tip: For a speedy cooling cocktail, try freezing ice cubes of aperol, ready to pop in a glass of soda water or lemonade, or blitz in a food processor then top up with prosecco.

8. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan cocktails on tray with garnish

The perfect marriage of sweet and sour, this cocktail staple is definitely one to add to your repertoire. This eye-catching blend of orange liqueur, lemony vodka, lime and cranberry juice makes for a zesty, citrussy glassful. Check out our video on how to make a cosmopolitan with just the right amount of sweet and sour and a wonderfully flavourful mocktail version.

Top cocktail tip: Try an extra special twist on the classic and add a splash of champagne to your finished drink, stir gently and serve. Also, to get the most of your orange zest, waving it gently over a lighter flame with release the oils and give you a punchy citrus aroma and flavour.

9. Frozen margarita

Frozen cocktail in glass with lime wedge

Whip up this blender-friendly margarita to cool off on a warm summer day. The beauty of a margarita is that it's versatile; experiment with different flavours by adding a dash of fruit juice or chunks of frozen fruit. Try our frozen watermelon margarita for a a vibrant version of the traditional tipple.

Top cocktail tip: For an injection of fruity flavour, try adding a scoop of sorbet to the mixture before blending. Raspberry, grapefruit and orange all work well.

10. Frozen strawberry daiquiri

Strawberry daiquiris in glasses with garnishes

Our strawberry slushie can be made with just four ingredients. It's perfect for summer when strawberries are at their ripest and bursting with sweetness. For more grown-up slushies, read our frozen cocktail recipes collection.

Top user tip: Our user DougieMack suggests trying spiced rum to balance out the sweetness and give your cocktail an extra layer of complexity.

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