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Top 20 easy summer cocktail recipes

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Cool off when the weather turns hot with one of our thirst-quenching summer cocktail recipes. Try a fruity punch, sangria with a twist, or refreshing spritz.

Scoop up a sensational party punch with plenty of ice, mix a marvellous batch of mojitos or give your G&T a fresh twist. Our favourite summer drinks recipes are perfect for sitting back and enjoying with friends. They're simple to make, don't require special mixology skills or equipment, and taste like summer in a glass.


Celebrate the sunshine with even more fabulous summer cocktails from our ultimate recipe collection and top cocktails & drinks guides.

1. Apple prosecco punch

Apple punch in jug and glasses

Turn a basic apple-flavoured cocktail into a spectacularly elegant party drink with a splash of fizz. Make a batch of our apple prosecco punch in just 5 minutes, then chill until your guests arrive. Crack out your most impressive punch bowl and top with slices of fresh fruit for a showstopping cocktail with (almost) no effort required.

Enjoy more tropical tastes and non-alcoholic recipes from the ultimate punch collection.

2. Raspberry moijto

Raspberry mojitos in glasses with mint leaves

A twist on the classic mojito that's perfect for making the most of a glut of berries. Bruise mint leaves to bring out the herbal flavours and muddle the fresh fruit to release its juices, then mix with white rum and sparkling water. Check out our best mojito recipes for more fruity creations and riffs on this much-loved drink.

3. Sex on the beach

Sex on the beach in glasses with orange garnish

Conjure up images of sunny holidays with this old-school cocktail menu staple. If you're a fan of vodka cocktails, add this easy tipple to your repertoire. Combine sweet peach schnapps, fresh orange juice and cranberry juice to make this bright and bold glassful.

4. Cucumber, mint & melon punch

Cucumber and melon punch in pitcher

Feeling fruity? Our cucumber, mint & melon punch is made with juicy chunks of honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon to beat the heat. This sweet summer cooler is one that's best made in advance so the mint and cucumber can steep in the vodka and impart more flavour. You can leave it for 24 hours or up to a week for a more intense hit. Or, ramp it up with a dash of Pimm's and orange liqueur.

5. Watermelon daiquiri

Watermelon cocktail with watermelon slice garnish

This blended watermelon daiquiri is sure to chill everyone out. If you're a sucker for a boozy slushie, whizz up this super-simple but impressive-looking cocktail in just 5 minutes. Garnish with a wedge of watermelon on the side for an eye-catching pop of colour.

6. Michelada

Cocktails on tray with tortilla chips and lime

Take a humble bottle of lager and transform it into a Latin-inspired michelada. Kick your weekend off with our easy four-ingredient recipe – it's got plenty of oomph. If you're feeling daring, finish your drink with a dash of hot or Worcestershire sauce for a savoury hit.

Try serving with some of your favourite Mexican-inspired recipes to get the party started, like these courgette, jalapeño & feta nachos.

7. Frozen watermelon margarita

Frozen watermelon margaritas in glasses on tray

Want a summery serve for your next garden party that won't take serious mixology skills? Our ruby red watermelon margarita can be whizzed up in ten minutes using frozen watermelon chunks, tequila and zesty lime. Blend until smooth and serve with a chilli garnish for the rims of the glasses.

8. Frozen caipirinha

Frozen cocktails on tray with lime wedges

This chilly spin on the classic Brazilian cocktail is a surefire winner when things start hotting up. Try our frozen caipirinha for a smooth, citrussy treat. The secret to getting the most flavour into your slushie is squeezing as much lime as possible into the sugar syrup. When you're ready to make your cocktails, simply whizz up the lime and sugar syrup in the blender with the other ingredients.

Ready to try more exciting twists? Mix it up with our pineapple caipirinhas or a speedy caipiroska.

9. Tequila pina del oro

Tequila pina del oro

Pineapple is a flavour that instantly screams: 'summer is here!'. Go the extra mile and make your own sage syrup to add a hit of fresh herbal flavour. The reposado tequila has been aged in oak barrels, which imparts a vanilla sweetness and light spicy notes. Try our top tequila cocktail recipes for sunny serves aplenty.

10. White wine sangria

Sangria with fresh fruit in jug

Try a twist on the traditional pitcher with our white wine sangria. The elderflower pairs beautifully with a crisp, delicate wine and juicy peach slices. Sprinkle in a few edible flowers for a picture-perfect garnish, or try freezing them into ice cubes.

Mix up more sensational punches with our top 5 sangria recipes, from the classic recipe everyone loves to our super slushie version.

11. Pimm's

Pimm's in glasses with fruit and cucumber

A glass of Pimm's in the garden is an English summer tradition. If you're got guests coming over, whip up a pitcher of Pimm's filled with fruit and mint leaves, then chill until needed. Try our 7 new ways with Pimm's for slushies, cakes and cooling lollies.

12. Mint julep

Mint cocktail in mug with straw

Whisky cocktails might summon up images of roaring fires and cosy nights in, but our mint julep takes your standard dram to new heights. Serve bourbon over mounds of crushed ice with freshly picked mint and churn gently with a mixing spoon. If you're making your own sugar syrup, store in the fridge for up to a week for future creative cocktails.

Try our best ever easy whisky cocktail recipes for more party-worthy tipples.

13. Coconut & pineapple cooler

Three cocktails in jam jars on ice

These trendy jars can be left on ice until your guests are ready for a crowd-pleasing thirst-quencher. Coconut gin, pineapple juice and regular gin form the base of this simple mix. Throw in chunks of juicy watermelon for good measure, then fill up an ice box and bring to a barbecue or summer picnic.

14. Seaside G&T

Gin and tonic with ice and samphire

The G&T is the undisputed king of easy cocktails. This versatile recipe can be customised any way you like to make it savoury and spicy, light and fruity or a concoction all your own. Our seaside G&T will transport you to the coast with one sip. We use samphire and a seaweed-infused gin that's perfect for serving after a rich meal. If you love experimenting with flavours, try our 10 gin & tonics with a twist. For a grown-up summer treat, tuck into these gin & tonic ice lollies.

If you're a fan of the classic serve, learn how to make the perfect gin & tonic with our definitive guide.

15. Singapore sling

Singapore sling cocktails with pineapple garnish

Put some tropical flavours on your menu with a simple singapore sling. The ingredients list might look intimidating, but it's as simple as mixing, garnishing and pouring. The balance of bitters, sweet and punchy cherry brandy, and sharp pineapple juice is lip-smackingly good.

16. Aperol spritz

Two cocktails in glasses

Indulge in our classic Italian Aperol spritz – with just three ingredients, it packs in plenty of flavour. Mix Aperol, prosecco and soda with our proportions, or try different ratios to your taste. This bright orange drink conjures up images of Italian piazzas, seaside bistros and lazy afternoons in the sun. It only takes a few minutes to make, so is ideal for an impromptu gathering.

Try our new ways with Aperol for more sun-drenched cocktail ideas.

17. Easy sangria

Sangria in glasses with fruit and pitcher

Get a taste of the Mediterranean with a jug of our easy sangria bursting with seasonal fruit and a little cinnamon spice. Our secret to an extra-flavourful batch? Leave the fruit, cinnamon and sugar to macerate overnight. The splash of Spanish brandy also adds a subtle sweetness and depth of flavour.

18. Frosé

Frosé in glass

A glass of frosé is made for slow, rose-tinted summer evenings. Blend frozen rosé wine, strawberries, lemon and a little sugar together for a fresh tipple everyone will love. If you have time to plan ahead, this super-cool snifter is the perfect party option.

Chill out with more frozen cocktail recipes, from iced daiquiris to sangria slushies.

19. Sea breeze

Red cocktail in glass with straw

Our final cocktail is a breath of fresh air. Mix cranberry juice, grapefruit juice and vodka for a fun and funky sea breeze. Garnish with a stripy paper straw and a slice of lime. If you're craving a day at the beach but you're stuck in the city centre, you won't regret whipping up this bright beverage.

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20. Pink negroni

Pink negronis in glasses with lemon

This rose-tinted negroni uses delicate vermouth, pink gin and summery Aperol to create a seasonal version of this Italian classic. Garnish with a wedge of fresh grapefruit and basil leaf for a hint of herbal flavour.

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