Tropical passion fruit brings bags of flavour to any drink. Sweet, juicy and floral, with just a touch of tartness, it pairs well with an array of flavours: fragrant vanilla, tart citrus or delicately perfumed elderflower are all good matches.


The cocktail and mocktail recipes below use a combination of fresh passion fruit pulp, passion fruit liqueur or store-bought passion fruit juice, so there’s bound to be a tropical-inspired recipe for whichever ingredients you have to hand.

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1. Passion fruit martini

Passion fruit martini

A passion fruit martini is the classic drink that springs to mind when you think of the passion fruit cocktail on the menu in bars and restaurants everywhere. It has a double flavour hit from juicy ripe passion fruits plus passion fruit liqueur, mixed with sweet vanilla vodka and a touch of lime juice to balance the sweetness. Mixed together and commonly served with a shot of prosecco, it’s definitely one to get the party started.

2. Raspberry and passion fruit martini

Flirtini cocktail raspberry and passion fruit martiniValentines day menu

Based on the passion fruit martini recipe above, this raspberry martini twist on the classic swaps out the passion fruit liqueur for raspberry liqueur instead. It also uses store-bought passion fruit juice instead of fresh pulp, so it’s always easy to whip up with ingredients you can keep in the cupboard.

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3. Hurricane

Hurricane cocktail

Another tropical, fruity alternative to a passion fruit martini, the hurricane combines both dark and white rum along with plenty of fresh fruit. Fresh passion fruit pulp balances out tart citrus juice, and the cocktail drink is served long with a cheery cherry and an orange wedge for a kitsch finish. Check out our easy cocktail garnish ideas guide for more inspiration on how to decorate your cocktails in style.

4. Alcohol-free passion fruit martini

alcohol free passion fruit partini

Whether you’re having a Dry January or generally don’t drink, this alcohol-free passion fruit martini is a delicious, guilt-free mocktail that can easily be enjoyed midweek. In this recipe, the classic vodka and passion fruit liqueurs are replaced with alcohol-free spirit, creamy egg white provides the signature frothy top, and a touch of grape juice is used instead of a shot of prosecco.

5. Passion fruit and elderflower spritz

MOCKTAILS Frozen blackberry smoothie

If you’re looking for a long passion fruit cocktail, this simple spritz is perfect. Delicately perfumed elderflower cordial is a perfect foil for the tropical passion fruit. While we’ve created a mocktail topped with sparkling water, you could easily use prosecco or sparkling wine instead to make an alcoholic version.

6. Non-alcoholic summer spritz

summer spritz drinks cabinet

This non-alcoholic summer spritz recipe is another refreshing summer mocktail. With just four ingredients – fresh passion fruit, lime, sugar syrup and sparkling water – it’s a doddle to mix together and a great way to cool down on a hot day. Our recipe serves one, but the quantities can easily be increased to make a large crowd-pleasing pitcher.


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