Rum is a versatile spirit that suits a whole range of tastes. Turn it into a tropical punch for party season, a three-ingredient classic or a smooth, sophisticated daiquiri. Dark or white, spicy or sweet, find your favourite recipe and become a marvellous mixologist with our top tips.


Want to get mixing but don't know which rum to go for? Buy the very best after checking out our rum taste test and find even more recipes for cocktails and mocktails at our drinks hub.

1. Piña colada

Pina Colada

Rich coconut cream, delicate white rum and tangy pineapple. Learn to make a piña colada and get a taste of the tropics in a glass. Finish the drink with a retro umbrella to up the kitsch appeal at your next party, or mix a crystal colada, a lighter version made using coconut water and a twist of black pepper.

For a fun, alcohol-free option, try our spiced piña colada mocktail.

2. Mojito

Two glasses filled with ice, mint and mojito cocktail

When summer rolls around, everyone loves a cool, minty mojito. Become a master muddler and learn how to make the perfect mojito with tips and tricks from bartenders. Try funky flavour variations, too, with our six mojitos you can make in minutes. We also have a booze-free mojito mocktail that's just as refreshing.

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3. Frozen strawberry daiquiri

Two glasses of frozen strawberry daiquiris

For a supremely refreshing summer cocktail, try our frozen daiquiri with fresh strawberry juice. Want to make this drink part of your regular repertoire? Check out how to make the best daiquiri with expert advice and fruity recipe variations. Now try our classic daiquiri recipe and even more daiquiri recipes.

4. Caipirinha

Three tumblers of Caipirinha on a board with slices of lime

This zesty drink is perfect for warm summer evenings, relaxing with friends. Muddle together cachaça (a Brazilian liqueur similar to rum) with lime and sugar and serve with fresh wedges of lime. Try our frozen caipirinha for a cool spin on the classic Brazilian cocktail and then our best ever mint cocktails.

5. Mai tai

Mai Tai in glass with pineapple and cherry

Our easy mai tai recipe uses dark and light rum, so you get the best of both worlds in terms of flavour. It's tart, sweet and brightly red with grenadine. This tropical tiki style drink is a robust, vintage classic. Try more grenadine cocktail recipes.

6. Cuba libre

Cuba libre in glass with lime

This three-ingredient long cocktail is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Make a delicious cuba libre with white rum, cola and a squeeze of lime. It's one of the most popular cocktails in bars around the world for a reason. No need to worry about mixing techniques – this drink is impossible to ruin. Discover more cocktails with white rum.

7. Hurricane

Hurricane cocktail

For a taste of summer whatever the season, shake together the flesh and seeds of a passion fruit with the juice of an orange, lemon, sugar syrup and grenadine. Add a cocktail cherry to the rim of your glass for a fun, kitsch finishing touch. Try more fruity cocktails to get the party started.

8. Long island iced tea

Cocktail in glass with lime and straw

The classic long island iced tea has a reputation for being a seriously boozy option, but it's great for sharing, especially in summer when you may be entertaining outdoors. Mix equal parts rum, vodka, gin, tequila and triple sec in a jug and let guests help themselves.

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9. Dark & stormy

Dark & stormy cocktail on a moody dark background

Enjoy the definitive blend of dark rum and ginger in our dark & stormy cocktail. This simple highball has a touch of citrus to lift the 'dark' (rum) and 'stormy' (ginger ale) and is beautifully refreshing. Once you've mastered the basic cocktail, try our three favourite flavour twists – mint, tequila or orange. Try our homemade ginger beer for a non-alcoholic alternative with all of the warming gingery goodness.

1o. Zombie

Zombie cocktail

Zombies aren't just for Halloween. We're kicking off with a fruity cocktail that uses both dark and light rum, pineapple juice, lime and a splash of grenadine. Our easy zombie cocktail tastes deceptively light and fruity but packs a boozy punch. Shake with ice until you feel the metal turn cold, pour into a tall hurricane glass and garnish to your heart's content.

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