Two glasses of mojito cocktails with mint leaves

6 mojitos you can make in minutes

A tall glass of mouth-watering mojito is guaranteed to give you that chilled-out holiday feeling. Read on for six quick and easy ways to reinvent this refreshing blend with new fruity flavours...

The classic Cuban highball cocktail is loved all over the world for its luscious, subtle flavour, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with some fresh and fruity additions to a classic mojito… 


Watch our video with step-by-step instructions for how to make a mojito.

Top tips for making flavoured mojitos

‘Muddling’ is a technique of gently pressing ingredients together to release the flavour. To do this, take a muddler or the end of a clean rolling pin, place your ingredients such as berries, lime quarters and sugar into a glass, and gently press together. Generally, mint should be added after this stage, as pressing it can make the drink taste bitter. Instead, put the leaves in your hand and clap them together – this will release enough flavour, without overpowering the other ingredients. You can then add the liquid and ice, mix together with a spoon, and garnish.

Our favourite mojito recipes

Classic mojito

For the purists out there, nothing can beat the unadulterated original. White rum, mint, sugar and zesty lime make a cooling, classic combination. This recipe has the right amounts for an individual drink, but it can be easily scaled up to quench a thirsty crowd.

Make a Classic mojito

Raspberry mojito recipe

Lightly crush raspberries for a delicately flavoured, fruit-packed glass. Put a quartered lime, some raspberries and a teaspoon of caster sugar into a glass. Gently press the ingredients with a muddler or the end of a clean rolling pin. Put a few mint leaves in your hand and clap them together to release the flavour, then add to the glass. Add a shot of rum, lots of ice, and top with soda. Fold everything together gently with a spoon, garnish with a raspberry and some mint, and enjoy.

Pomegranate mojito mocktail

Jewel-like pomegranate seeds and ruby red juice add a luxurious hue to this heavenly mocktail. If you’re not shunning spirits, spike it with a single or double shot of rum per glass, depending on how strong you’d like it to be.

Pomegranate mojito mocktail

Passion fruit mojito

For a really tropical twist, halve two passion fruit and scoop out the centres, then strain through a fine meshed sieve with a bowl underneath to catch the juice. Make the classic mojito recipe and stir in the passion fruit juice when you add the rum, then float half a passion fruit on top as a finishing flourish.

Grapefruit mojito

Pink grapefruit adds a sunshine blush and tart tang to counteract the sugar-sweetened soda in this refreshing beverage, garnished with slices of whole fruit. Pour into a pitcher for a barbecue or party and watch it disappear.

Grapefruit mojito

For the designated driver…

Mojito mocktail

Perfect for the designated driver or anyone cutting back on booze, this mojito mocktail has all the oomph of the original – proof that you don’t have to forfeit flavour to get an alcohol-free treat.

Mojito mocktail

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What’s your favourite flavour of mojito? Got any inventive ingredients or top-notch techniques? Leave a comment and let us know…