It's impossible not to feel super sophisticated when sipping a classic martini. Once you've mastered the traditional serve and learned how to make the best martini, try it with a tropical twist, a hit of coffee or a delicate tea infusion. Whether you prefer shaken or stirred, these stylish drinks are perfect for celebrating with friends. Channel your inner James Bond and whip up one of these deceptively simple martini recipes for a special occasion.


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1. Classic martini

Martini in glass with orange peel

One of the most famous cocktails on menus around the globe, the classic martini has just two key ingredients. Choose between gin or vodka to pair with your vermouth. Vodka martinis tend to be cleaner and less botanical, while gin lends aromatic, floral notes. A twist of lemon peel adds a delicate final flourish. For a dirty martini, serve with one or two olives. If they're pitted, you can squeeze them slightly to incorporate the natural oils into your drink without it becoming too salty.

2. French martini

Cocktails with pineapple garnish

The French martini is a tropical twist on the traditional recipe. Use Chambord and pineapple juice to create this dreamy pink-hued drink. You can also easily customise it by using vanilla vodka, or adding a splash of champagne or prosecco. The champagne not only adds a fun element of fizz, but also a nice level of dryness.

3. Espresso martini

Espresso martini with coffee beans

Add a coffee classic to your repertoire and learn how to make our espresso martini cocktail. Use freshly brewed espresso, a dash of coffee liqueur and a basic sugar syrup, and garnish your glasses with a few coffee beans. If you like your drinks with a caffeine kick, this stylish martini will take your evening up a notch.

4. Clementine martini

Citrus martini with clementine slice

Add some sparkling citrus flavours to your bar cart with our clementine martini. Blend sharp clementine juice with smooth vodka, orange liqueur and a splash of fizz. Make a batch of this fun cocktail and chill in the fridge until glasses need filling. Serve in frosty glasses with thinly sliced clementines for a fruity flourish. We guarantee it'll go down a treat.

5. Passion fruit martini

Passion fruit martini in glasses with fruit

Bring some tropical flavours to your party with our colourful passion fruit martini. If you need something a little bit special to celebrate but want something you can make in minutes, look no further. This simple, smart looking cocktail is as simple as shaking up your ingredients, straining into glasses and topping with your choice of bubbly.

6. Courgette martini

Green cocktails in glasses with mint leaves

If you've got a glut of courgettes to get through, our courgette martini is the perfect summer tipple. It might seem like an odd combination, but when blended with lemon, gin and vermouth, this makes for a stunning take on a classic cocktail. Looking for something a little different to serve at your next dinner party? Our refreshing boozy beverage is one your friends won't have seen before.

7. Earl Grey martini

Cocktails in teacups with teapot

How do you take your tea? We'll have ours with ours with a splash of gin and a hit of citrus. Our Earl Grey martini is perfect for an afternoon tea or an evening in with friends. The bergamot oil in the tea will bring out the fruit and floral flavours in the gin. This super smooth serve is a decadent twist on the classic British cuppa.

8. Breakfast martini

Martini with orange peel on table

Who knew brunch could get even better? Try our simple breakfast martini with a stack of fluffy pancakes for a indulgent way to start the day. Wondering what the secret ingredient to this contemporary cocktail is? A spoonful of sweet marmalade. This is paired with fresh lemon juice and zest, Grand Marnier and aperitif wine for a full-bodied sip.

9. Lychee martini

Martini with lychee fruit

Our lychee martini really has the wow factor. The balance of sweet and tart and the light, floral fruit pairs perfectly with a botanical gin. Using the fruit and the syrup from a can adds extra oomph to your drink and means you don't need to whip up a sugar syrup. Garnish with a few rose petals if you're pulling out all the stops.

10. Vesper martini

Martini with orange peel in glass

Often touted as Bond's true drink of choice, it's impossible not to feel incredibly sophisticated when sipping our vesper martini. Most martinis are stirred, but this recipe is shaken to open up the flavours. We've used a Bordeaux-blend vermouth with aromas of fruit, honey and pines. We dare you to try to resist uttering Bond's famous line when serving.

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