Whisky – or, as it's known in Irish, 'water of life' – is a punchy spirit to be sipped and savoured. If you're prepping for a party or just want a sophisticated tipple to enjoy at your leisure, put whisky centre stage with these simple cocktail ideas. Go for a classic old fashioned with a citrus tang, pour yourself a refreshing mint julep or warm up with our winter whisky sour.


Dust off that cocktail shaker, crack out the glasses and have your garnishes at the ready – these cocktails are too good to miss. Stock up on the best whiskies of 2018 with our hand-selected favourites.

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1. Whisky highball
Best for... pairing with food


Try this take on the classic whisky highball with mint, sparkling water and a lemon garnish. This simple five-minute serve makes a nice change to your usual dram and is a great way to enjoy your favourite whisky. A highball can be a great match for food, adding just enough sweetness, spice and smoke to enhance the flavours of your menu.

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2. Mint julep
Best for... summer parties


Dip into the herb garden to create a refreshing mint julep, served over a mound of crushed ice. If you feel like going the extra mile, make your own sugar syrup with our handy recipe tip. This bourbon cocktail is often associated with the southern United States and keeping cool during the Kentucky Derby, but it's too good to confine to one day of the year.

3. Whisky sour
Best for... aspiring mixologists


Dust off your cocktail shaker and try your hand at a whisky sour. This is one for impressing your guests and showing some creative flair. The egg white makes the drink silky-smooth and adds a rich, creamy texture. Read our recipe tips for more tasty twists and ways to personalise your cocktails.

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4. Hot toddy
Best for... cosy nights in


Warm up this winter with a simple but mouthwatering hot toddy. Perfect for wet, cold weather, this punchy serve is best enjoyed in front of a crackling fire. Although the medicinal qualities can be debated, no one can deny it's a delicious drink.

5. Old fashioned
Best for... traditionalists


It's impossible not to feel ultra-sophisticated sipping our classic old fashioned. This citrus-laced beauty is named after the old-fashioned' tumblers it's traditionally served in. Simply muddle your sugar and bitters, pour in your bourbon and add a dash of soda water, if you like. It's strong, sweet and easy to make in minutes.

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