Gin has experienced a phenomenal boom period in recent years and only continues to grow. This new-found popularity means lots of us are now familiar with various gin brands. Heritage distilleries such as Bombay Sapphire and Sipsmith continue to produce classic bottles, whilst names such as Whitley Neill, Chase and Malfy are also becoming recognisable mainstays on pub and supermarket shelves.


As we head towards the festive season, there are plenty of gin deals and Autumn sales on the market to take advantage of when you want to invest in a new bottle and top up the bar cart. Black Friday has passed, but there are still plenty of deals which haven't finished yet, so nab the chance to get a luxury gin at a great price for presents for friends, family, or maybe just yourself... We've spotted 22% off Malfy gin, 25% off Tanqueray gin and over 20% off Beefeater Gin.

Whether you're looking for a classic London dry for a simple G&T, a pretty pink gin for gifting or a quirky new flavour to discover, we've tested a huge variety of gins to find our favourites and have gathered the best deals. For more, check out our in-depth gin reviews: we've tried and tested the best pink gins, flavoured gins, gins for gifting and much more with over 400 reviews in our reviews section.

Which retailers have gin deals?

  • Amazon – deals across a range of product categories
  • Very – savings in offers and sale sections
  • Master of Malt – offers across spirits
  • Tesco – Clubcard prices for great deals
  • Waitrose – offers on alcohol in Waitrose Cellar
  • John Lewis – sale and offers across drinks, homewares and fashion
  • Morrisons – deals on groceries
  • ASDA – rollback prices on alcohol

Best gin deals on right now

Malfy gin con rosa

Best Italian pink gin

Malfy Rosa Pink Grapefruit Gin bottle on a white background

The pink grapefruit Rosa is Malfy's fourth gin offering, joining the original, lemon and orange varieties. The nose is full of grapefruit, but this gin stands apart from other pink grapefruit offerings for its rhubarb edge, complementing the citrus. When mixed with tonic for a bright G&T, the flavours are drawn out even more, along with the herbal juniper finish.

More like this

Tanqueray flor de Sevilla

Best overall orange gin


The resounding winner in our taste test of the best citrus gins, this scored top marks from us. It contains just four key botanicals, meaning that the priority notes of vibrant orange and a touch of pine shine through clearly.

Chase pink grapefruit and pomelo gin

Best pink grapefruit gin


Chase is well known for both its classic gin and wide range of flavoured options. This pink grapefruit and pomelo option has a pretty soft pink hue and plenty of zesty pink grapefruit on the nose. The spirit is smooth, creamy and on the palate mellows the tart fruit into bright citrus aromas for a gin impressively packed with flavour.

Malfy con arancia

Best flavoured gin

Malfy_ConArancia_V3 Cut-out

Another brilliant Malfy deal on a bottle that makes a brilliant gift and cheery addition to a bar cart. This orange gin is made with a mixture of Italian oranges and Sicilian blood oranges – perfect for a zesty spritz.

Star of Bombay

Best gin for a spin on tradition


If you're a Bombay Sapphire fan, try this twist in the Star of Bombay edition. It's a punchy gin with a higher ABV than many London Dry styles, with strong botanicals of juniper, coriander and bergamot for a bold G&T.

Silent Pool gin

Best bottle design

Silent Pool Gin, black friday deals

Picked as our favourite bottle design, this makes a great gift – and the gin tastes as good as it looks too. Produced in Surrey, it has an impressive 24 botanicals, including locally sourced elderflower, pears and honey.

Whitley Neill rhubarb and ginger gin

Best sweet gin

Purple bottle of whitley neill gin

This gin drinks fairly sweet when enjoyed neat, but is balanced out when mixed with tonic. The rhubarb element has notes of rhubarb and custard sweets, with subtle ginger warmth.

Gin Mare

Best gin for martini lovers


This Spanish gin has a strong savoury feel, making it a great gin to use if you like a martini with a twist. Herbal notes are clear from the first sip with botanicals including olives, thyme and rosemary.

Edinburgh Gin rhubarb & ginger gin

Best rhubarb and ginger gin

A bottle of Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger Gin

Originally developed by Edinburgh Gin as a gin liqueur, this flavour combination proved so popular, it was launched as a full-strength gin, too. Fiery ginger gives the rhubarb a boost, and the 14 botanicals make it complex enough to drink on its own.

Pinkster Raspberry Gin

Best raspberry pink gin


Pinkster is all about the raspberries, but this well-balanced pink gin steers clear of being sickly sweet. Juniper balances the raspberry aroma, but the juicy flavour come through once mixed with tonic for a delicious blend.

Tanqueray rangpur lime gin

Best unusual citrus gin


If you love citrussy gins but are looking to try something new, this is your answer. Rangpur limes are in fact not limes, but a mandarin-citron hybrid. The juice is sour but smells very sweet, resulting in a complex gin with a hint of orange flavour.

Malfy gin con limone

Best lemon gin


Another great Malfy gin deal. This combines classic botanicals with an intense infusion of zesty lemon, sourced from the Amalfi coast and Sicily. Intensely refreshing and citrus-forward, this is perfect served with lots of ice and tonic.

Sipsmith Sloe gin

Best sloe gin for drinking on its own

Sipsmith sloe gin

A classic sloe gin that is perfect for autumn and winter sipping. On the nose it begins with almondy notes, before soft stewed fruit and the hint of botanicals. A sip starts light and dry, but sweet and spicy notes come through on the palate as it finishes.

Edinburgh Gin plum and vanilla gin liqueur

Best plum gin


This rich, fruity liqueur (20% ABV) is ideal for making a spritz, or add a splash to prosecco. It's perfect for late summer days, made with Scottish plums and Madagascan vanilla for an aromatic tipple.

Hayman's London Dry Gin

Best overall classic gin


When you just want a classic G&T, this traditional London Dry gin is the option to go for – also a great gift for gin lovers who don't want to experiment with fruity flavoured gins. It's juniper forward, with citrus notes that work well when a wedge of lemon is added to your drink.

Hepple Gin

Best traditional English gin

Hepple gin bottle

This classic lets the locally handpicked juniper shine and is carefully distilled with complementary herbal botanicals including Amalfi lemon and lovage.

Beefeater London Dry Gin

Best classic gin


Beefeater Gin has been around since the 1820s and never goes out of style. Still produced in central London in copper pot stills, it is a traditional London dry gin with dominant juniper notes. Simply mix with tonic and plenty of ice to enjoy.

Brockmans Orange Kiss

Best premium orange gin

Brockman's Orange Kiss gin

This versatile orange gin is of course great in a gin and tonic, but also a good option for citrussy cocktails – use in a spritz with sparkling wine. Brockmans created their own triple sec (orange liqueur) to use as a botanical within their gin, alongside Valencia oranges and almond oil.

How to find gin deals online all year round

With this booming market comes competitive pricing. Smaller, craft brands are stocked nationwide and bottles can often be purchased at cut-price during sale periods. Christmas a great time to get a deal, but doesn't have to be the only time you buy.

Leading online retailers like Amazon, Master of Malt, 31Dover and The Whisky Exchange have gin sections. You'll find flash sales, discounted bottles and the latest deals detailed on the following pages:

Supermarkets regularly run deals on gin. Morrisons, Tesco and Waitrose have specific sections on their websites that list the latest gin offers and discounts.

If you're serious about your gin, we recommend identifying the specific brands you want to purchase before researching where to find it cheapest. There are also websites that allow you to compare supermarket prices for individual products at a glance.

While it might be tempting to go for the gin with the best price (especially when buying for parties and events) quality and flavour are of paramount importance.

Our reviewers have highly rated leading brands like Tanqueray, Warner Edwards, Malfy and Chase, all of which are commonly found in supermarkets and online sold via leading drinks websites. Brands like this will often be stocked in multiple retailers, meaning prices can significantly vary.

Our review of classic gin features heritage brands that are usually sold in supermarkets, including Beefeater, Martin Miller, Plymouth and Sipsmith. Before shopping online or picking it up from the booze aisle at your regular retailer of choice, scour the web using shopping tools to make sure you're not missing out on a bargain price elsewhere.


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