There’s nothing like delicious dishes and fresh ingredients to celebrate the turn of the season. Take a look at our seasonality table to find out which foods are at their best this month, then read on for our favourite recipes to get in the spirit for spring.


For more like this, discover our top spring recipes, plus healthy spring recipes and budget spring recipes. Read our seasonal guides to discover which ingredients are at their best in March, April and May, plus find lots of ideas for spring ingredients in our recipe guides, from how to use wild garlic to our top rhubarb recipes.

10 recipes to get you in the mood for spring

1. Forager’s ravioli

A bowl of nettle ravioli with spinach and cheese shavings

Parcels of fresh pasta are filled with foraged wild nettles in this elegant vegetarian dish, dressed with butter and crunchy hazelnuts. For those who aren’t fans of foraging, you can swap the nettles for baby spinach leaves for an equally tasty meal.

Try the recipe: Forager's ravioli

For more tips and advice, read our guide to foraging.

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2. Easy rhubarb fool

Rhubarb fool in glass jars with biscuits

This simple yet indulgent dessert is a perfectly light finish to a spring dinner party. Swirl a sweet and tangy rhubarb compote through light-as-air whipped cream, and serve with buttery homemade pistachio shortbreads.

Try the recipe: Easy rhubarb fool

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3. Red wine poached halibut with bacon & mushrooms

Poached halibut on a plate with bacon and mushrooms

White-fleshed halibut comes into season in March, and poaching is the perfect way to make the most of its firm, meaty texture. The red wine in this recipe keeps the fish succulent and reduces down into a flavourful sauce, spooned over buttery mushrooms and spinach, and finished with a rasher of crispy bacon.

Try the recipe: Red wine poached halibut with bacon & mushrooms

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4. Wild garlic & nettle soup

Two pans of wild garlic and nettle soup

Vibrant, healthy and packed with greens – what more could you want from a spring soup? This is the ultimate dish to show off those foraging finds, incorporating young nettle and wild garlic leaves with finely diced vegetables, blitzed into a silky blend that’s as pleasing to the palate as it is to the eye.

Try the recipe: Wild garlic & nettle soup

Looking for more ways to use up your foraged goods? See our wild garlic recipes and nettle recipes. Also get more foraging and recipe tips with our guide on how to use wild garlic.

5. Easy roast leg of lamb

Roast leg of lamb on a baking tray

A classic Easter favourite, this simple roast leg of lamb is the perfect centrepiece for any roast dinner. For an easy flavour hack, make small incisions into the lamb and fill with rosemary sprigs, garlic and anchovies (omit these if you wish). The result will be succulent, fall-apart meat full of punchy flavour, it's sure to be a crowdpleaser!

Try the recipe: Easy roast leg of lamb

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6. Elderflower & herb cooler

Two tall glasses of elderflower and herb cooler, with floral garnish

This light, gin-based cocktail is given a picture perfect finish with ice cubes made from edible flowers and sprigs of rosemary and thyme. Elderflower liqueur and rhubarb cordial lend a sophisticated touch of sweetness to this refreshing blend.

Try the recipe: Elderflower & herb cooler

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7. Next level hot cross buns

Twelve hot cross buns, randomly arranged

Hot cross buns have to be one of the season’s greatest pleasures. We’ve given this classic bake a lift with the addition of more dried fruits and spices to make them extra fragrant. Brush with an apricot glaze for a professional-looking finish.

Try the recipe: Next level hot cross buns

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8. Spring greens carbonara

Bowl of spaghetti carbonara with spring greens and bacon

Give this classic spaghetti dish a seasonal twist with asparagus, sweet peas and long-stemmed broccoli. These fresh spring greens act as the perfect balance for salty, crisp pancetta and rich egg yolks.

Try the recipe: Spring greens carbonara

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9. Crab fritters with cheat’s chilli & crab mayonnaise

Two plates of crab fritters served with sriacha mayo

Crab comes into season in April and May, and this recipe puts the shellfish centrestage. Mix white crabmeat with Gruyère and fry until crisp and golden, then dip into sriracha mayo enriched with brown crabmeat and zingy lemon juice. The perfect snack to share with friends over a glass of white.

Try the recipe: Crab fritters with cheat's chilli & crab mayonnaise

We've got plenty more crab recipes to try, from classic crab linguine to a creamy crab & saffron risotto.

10. Jersey Royal, wild garlic & watercress tart with pink pickled onions

Jersey Royal, wild garlic & watercress tart served with a side of pink pickled onions

This veg-packed tart is a true celebration of spring and makes for a stunning seasonal showstopper. Jersey Royal potatoes take centre stage, complemented by a wild garlic, watercress and cream purée filling and zingy pickled onion garnish.

Try the recipe: Jersey Royal, wild garlic & watercress tart with pink pickled onions

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