The largest flatfish in the ocean, halibut is a delicious white-fleshed fish with a firm, meaty texture. Halibut live in the freezing cold waters off Scotland, Norway, Iceland and Newfoundland and will devour almost any type of fish or crustacean they come across.

Read more about responsible fishing at the Marine Stewardship Council website.


Available year-round but more widely available from March to September.

Choose the best

Choose halibut steaks cut from the middle of the fish rather than the tail which is full of bones. Buy from a reputable fishmonger who sources fish from sustainable stocks. Atlantic halibut is an endangered species, while halibut fished around Greenland is considered 'threatened'. Look for farmed or line-caught North Pacific halibut, that's been certified.

Prepare it

Halibut has a tendency to dry out quickly when cooking so steaks and fillets should be cooked with wine or stock to retain moisture.

Store it

Wrapped in foil, in the fridge.

Cook it

Baked, poached or pan fried.


Try cod or haddock.