Best gin reviews – all our taste tests

We've rounded up all our gin reviews in one handy place. From flavoured gins such as sloe, pink and rhubarb to classic bottles and extra-special gifts, we've tried them all. Discover our best buys.

Citrus gin bottles on a colourful background

The best citrus gin

Ever tried pink grapefruit gin? Or gin flavoured with orange? Citrus flavours work perfectly with this botanical spirit. Read our review of the top 10 zesty gins to find your next favourite bottle. The best citrus gins.


The best rhubarb gin

Rhubarb and gin botanicals are a match made in heaven. Read our guide to the top 10 rhubarb gins and discover your new favourite. The best rhubarb gins.

The best gin and tonic in a can

Pre-mixed, canned gin & tonic – also affectionately known as ‘gin in a tin’ – is a popular, portable booze option for festivals, picnics and train journeys. We blind-tested 15 varieties to bring you our best buys. The best canned G&T.

The best classic gins

We bring you our eight favourite bottles of traditional gin, from heritage brands to emerging names on the gin scene. The best classic gins.

The best flavoured gins

Thinking of switching up your usual pour for a flavoured version? We’ve found the best, most eclectic flavoured gins, from rhubarb and strawberry to red wine and chocolate. The best flavoured gins.

Pink gin on a colourful background

The best pink gins

Flavoured with fruits such as raspberry, rhubarb and grapefruit, on-trend pink gin is sweeter than your straight-up spirit. We bring you our favourite buys. The best pink gins.

The best sloe gins

This deep-hued spirit isn’t just for Christmas. Reacquaint yourself with the original flavoured gin, made from the fruit of the blackthorn. The best sloe gins.

Bottle of Curio gin on a colourful background

The best gins to buy for gifts

If you’re searching for that extra-special bottle to give as a present, be sure to check out our list of 16 gins everyone will love. The best gins to buy for gifts.

The best gins from around the world

Gin is synonymous with the UK, but there are brilliant distilleries the world over. We bring you some of our favourite brands from across the globe. The best gins from around the world.

The best glasses for serving gin

From classic highballs to tumblers, martini and balloon glasses, there are all manner of ways to serve gin, depending on individual taste and the occasion. Discover our top eight buys that will take your G&T to the next level. The best glasses for serving gin and tonic.


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