Sweet yet tart, fruity but tangy, raspberries make a brilliant addition to cocktails. As well as bringing a juicy burst of flavour, they’re also most likely to give your drink a pretty shade of pink and they make delicate garnishes. Capturing the essence of ripe berries, raspberry alcoholic drinks offer a delightful burst of flavor in every sip."


There are plenty of ways to flavour your cocktails with raspberry. Fresh or frozen fruit are the easiest options (frozen raspberries are handy for keeping drinks cool without diluting with ice) – you can muddle and crush them to release their juices or simply scatter them in whole. Our raspberry cocktail recipes use a whole range of flavourings, including raspberry liqueur, raspberry lemonade, raspberry sorbet and raspberry cordial.

We’ve picked our 10 best raspberry cocktail recipes below, from simple three-ingredient spritzes to generous punches to please a crowd; or try our unique mezcal and tequila combinations. Brimming with berry goodness, our raspberry liqueur cocktails are a sweet sip of summer.

For more cocktail inspiration, check out our best passion fruit cocktail recipes guide and browse our top picks of easy fruity cocktails you can make in minutes for a speedy DIY happy hour.

1. Raspberry fizz


With a splash of berry bliss, this cocktail with raspberry liqueur is a refreshing taste. You need just three ingredients for this elegant raspberry fizz recipe. The combination of crushed fresh raspberries and sweet raspberry liqueur pack the drink with fruity flavour – all topped up with champagne for a sparkling flute.

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2. Goji berry & raspberry cooler

Two tall glasses of peach and goji berry cooler, topped with mint

You don’t often find superfood ingredients in a cocktail recipe, but goji berries play a starring role in this alcohol-free mocktail. Raspberries, goji berries and ginger are infused together and served over ice for maximum refreshment. Add a shot of white rum to make this an alcoholic cocktail, if you wish.

3. Raspberry and passion fruit martini

Flirtini cocktail raspberry and passion fruit martiniValentines day menu

Raspberry liqueur (most commonly Chambord) is used instead of passion fruit liqueur in this berry twist on a classic passion fruit martini recipe.

4. Raspberry and rose spritzers

Raspberry and rose spritz

Raspberry and rose work brilliantly together, with the highly perfumed rose bringing out the sweetness of the raspberry. This pretty spritz tops rosé wine with sweet raspberry lemonade, a dash of rosewater and fresh raspberries for an elegant garden party drink.

5. Clover club

Clover Club

A clover club is a classic – the first written mention of the recipe dates from 1910. Gin and vermouth form the alcohol base, shaken together with raspberry cordial, fresh berries, lemon juice and egg white for a signature frothy top. It’s strong, tart, sweet and fruity all at the same time.

6. Once upon a thyme in Mexico

Once upon a thyme

If you’re a tequila fan, give this cocktail a go. From the mixologists at 400 Rabbits, a Nottingham-based bar specialising in agave cocktails, this blends smoky mezcal and tequila with lime, raspberries and fragrant thyme for a truly grown-up tipple.

7. French martini

French Martini

The most popular use for raspberry liqueur is in a French martini, a great classic cocktail recipe to master if you like a fruity drink. Mixed with vodka and pineapple juice for a short, strong drink, you can experiment with flavoured vodkas to make it different every time.

8. Raspberry gin

Raspberry gin with cocktails in glasses

If you've got a glut of raspberries to use, why not try infusing your own gin? Our raspberry gin recipe needs just three ingredients (raspberries, sugar and gin) and is infused and ready to use after 2-3 weeks. Use it to give any cocktail a hit of raspberry flavour. If vodka is more your drink of choice, we’ve got a homemade raspberry vodka recipe too!

9. White wine sangria


If you’ve only got white wine in the cupboard rather than red, you can still make sangria! This fruity sangria uses a base of elderflower cordial and ginger wine alongside white wine, before being loaded with sliced limes, peaches and raspberries and topped with sparkling water. An easy way to serve cocktails to a crowd.

10. Frozen raspberry sangria

Raspberry sangria

Similar in style to a sgroppino, this is the perfect cocktail for a hot summer’s day. The raspberry hit comes from smooth raspberry sorbet as well as fresh berries, with sparkling red wine or rosé poured over in the glass. Also makes for a super easy summer dinner party dessert.


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