Creamy custard, light-as-air cream and your pick of exciting additions – who doesn't love a scoop of trifle? We’re powerless to resist the decadent layers that make up this crown jewel of festive desserts. If you want to branch out from the classic trifle recipe, we have the puds to impress at your next family gathering. Pick your favourite from our showstopping desserts and start layering...


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1. Retro trifle

Retro raspberry trifle in a glass serving bowl, topped with cream

This super-fruity retro trifle goes all out on indulgence. Layer raspberry jelly and compote with clotted cream custard and custard cream biscuits. Topped with fluffy whipped cream and cherries, this towering treat is a delight to behold and even more so to devour.

2. Next level sherry trifle

Next level sherry trifle in a glass trifle bowl

We’ve taken this classic dessert up a notch with a few special touches in our next level version. The fruity base sponge layer is infused with orange and sherry, the custard is enriched with double cream and extra vanilla, and we’ve replaced the traditional whipped cream topping with a fragrant orange and sherry syllabub.

3. Chocolate orange-tini trifle

Chocolate and orange trifle layered up in glass bowl

This brilliantly boozy pud brings together the flavours of a Mississippi mud pie with a marmalade martini. Our chocolate-tini trifle features a creamy citrus posset, silky chocolate custard, madeira chocolate mousse, madeira cake and clementines – could it get more more extravagant? Yep – it’s topped with crushed biscotti, chocolate buttons and orange zest.

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4. Peach panna cotta trifle

Peach panna cotta trifle in a trifle glass

Panna cotta and trifle join forces in this stunning centrepiece. Combining seasonal peaches with soft madeira sponge and custard, it's a must-make pud for the summer months.

5. Apple flapjack trifle

Apple flapjack trifle

Imagine buttery apple flapjack in a trifle. That’s what we’re bringing to the table in this fruity dessert with crispy nuggets of sugared and spiced oats. Add a drizzle of tart blackcurrant coulis to cut through the sweetness and top with toasted oats.

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6. Vegan trifle

Vegan trifle topped with raspberries in a large low trifle bowl, next to a large serving spoon and two bowls with spoons in

Boasting layers of homemade sponge, raspberry compote, custard and dairy-free cream, this pretty vegan trifle is a real winner for plant-based folk, yet will please everyone at the table. It's a great dessert for all manner of celebration.

7. Boozy brownie trifle

Brownie and chocolate trifle

If there’s a way to turn a classic pud chocolatey, you can guarantee we’ve tried it. Our boozy brownie trifle uses shop-bought ingredients, so it’s super-simple to make and even includes crunchy chocolate-covered malt balls – what more could you ask for? A splash of coffee liqueur or Irish cream takes the richness of the brownies to the next level.

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8. Black forest trifle

Black forest trifle served in a trifle bowl, topped with cream and three whole cherries

For an even more nostalgic, 1970s-style pud, this black forest trifle ticks all the boxes. It’s two retro desserts combined to make the ultimate party piece. Use chocolate brownies, cherries in kirsch and chocolate custard for waves of fruity, chocolatey delight.

9. Gooseberry & elderflower trifle

Diana Henry's Gooseberry & elderflower trifle, served in a large clear trifle bowl against a clear backdrop

Take your trifle-making skills to the next level by baking your own homemade sponge – it makes this gooseberry trifle an extra-special pud to serve to your nearest and dearest. With a gooseberry purée and elderflower cordial, it's brimming with floral summer flavours.

10. Yorkshire parkin & blackberry trifle

Yorkshire parkin & blackberry trifle served in a trifle bowl and placed on a table next to spoons and bowls

Take a traditional Bonfire Night treat – gently spiced parkin – and transform it into an irresistible dinner party dessert that you can assemble and chill until you’re ready to serve. Our parkin & blackberry trifle is true winter comfort food. Want to make your own Yorkshire bake from scratch? Try our traditional syrupy parkin recipe.

11. Mary Berry’s royal cherry trifle

A cherry trifle topped with four whole cherries, served in a trifle bowl

Try Mary Berry's kirsch-drenched royal cherry trifle with light, spongey madeira cake and generous spoonfuls of rich cherry jam. Make ahead of time and leave the flavours to infuse in the sponge for a few hours before serving. The biscuits add the perfect amount of crunch to this mouth-watering fruity feast.

12. Eggnog trifle

A vibrant orange eggnog trifle in a clear trifle bowl, topped with a mountain of cream

Combine a classic English pud with the traditional American Christmas tipple, and you’ve got yourself an eggnog trifle. Get the blowtorch out and scorch the meringue topping to create golden brown peaks for an extra-special touch. There are even profiteroles hidden underneath the cream for a twist on the usual sponge fingers.

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13. Christmas pudding trifle

Christmas pudding trifle in a glass serving jar

Need a way to use up leftover Christmas pud? Rustle up this speedy, indulgent creamy trifle with boozy, steeped oranges and custard and mascarpone filling. You can also turn your Christmas pudding into a marvellous mousse or even indulgent ice cream. Take a look at our Christmas leftovers dessert guide.

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