An espresso martini is a classic cocktail found on bar and cocktail menus everywhere. Freshly brewed coffee and coffee liqueur provide a double caffeine hit when mixed with vodka and shaken until the signature frothy top appears. It's traditionally topped with coffee beans to garnish and served in a martini glass – but if you're a fan of this popular cocktail, we've rounded up five spins on an espresso martini to try.


If you can't get enough of this flavour combination, we've also got plenty of espresso martini-inspired bakes and treats. Serve up a stack of espresso martini pancakes for a boozy brunch, make this impressive espresso martini cheesecake recipe for a dinner party dessert, or bake a batch of melt-in-the-middle espresso martini brownies doused in a rich coffee and vodka cream sauce.

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Classic espresso martini

Espresso martini cocktails

Make our classic espresso martini recipe with freshly brewed espresso, sugar syrup, vodka and coffee liqueur, all shaken together with ice until silkily combined for a perfect blend of sweet, strong and bitter.

Next level espresso martini

Next lvele espresso martini

If you've got a little more time, try our next level espresso martini recipe. It takes some planning ahead by making a homemade coffee-infused vodka that steeps overnight for maximum coffee flavour. A touch of sweet sherry also puts a new spin on the original.

More like this

Reverse espresso martini

Espresso martini Reverse espresso martini

Switch up the order of ingredients with this clever reverse espresso martini recipe, using just three ingredients. Coffee is frozen into ice cubes, which gently melt and infuse into a rich blend of vodka and Irish cream – no shaking required.

Espresso shrub martini

Espresso shrub martini

For a lower-alcohol version of an espresso martini, we've swapped out the traditional coffee liqueur and made a homemade coffee shrub instead, using balsamic vinegar, espresso and sugar. This can be made ahead, which is ideal for entertaining.

Espresso & tonic

Espresso + Tonic

It's not strictly an espresso martini, but we couldn't resist adding this final option if you're a fan of coffee-based cocktails. Serve up a chic espresso & tonic for a refreshing, alcohol-free cocktail to keep you cool in summer. Also, discover our turkish coffee sour drink.


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