Herbs are a great way to add flavour to a cocktail. If you're growing your own herbs or have a packet in the fridge that needs to be used, you'll want to try these recipes.


These simple cocktails make the most of a variety of herbs, from familiar favourites made with fresh mint, such as a mojito or mint julep, to drinks made with rosemary, thyme or fragrant basil. There are many different ways to incorporate fresh herbs into drinks, from muddling them to release their oils, to infusing them into sugar syrups or shaking them into the cocktails. Read on for our top herbal cocktail recipes – which one will you make first?

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Mint julep

Mint Julep

Mint is a familiar feature in many cocktails – it adds aroma when used as a garnish or muddled into the cocktail itself. A mint julep unsurprisingly makes the herb the star, with the mint shaken up with bourbon, sugar syrup and plenty of crushed ice.

Verbena spritz

Lemon Verbena Spritz

If you're lucky enough to have fragrant lemon verbena growing in the garden, this fresh cocktail is the way to make the most of it. The punchy leaves are infused into a citrussy cordial, which is then topped up with sherry and prosecco for a refreshing summer spritz.

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Elderflower herb cooler

elderflower & herb cooler

Instead of using herbs directly in the cocktail, for this drink they're frozen in ice cubes alongside edible flowers, allowing them to slowly infuse the cocktail as they melt. Thyme and rosemary are punchy choices that complement the floral notes of the sweet elderflower cordial and liqueur in the cocktail.


Two glasses filled with ice, mint and mojito cocktail

Another familiar cocktail in which mint shines as the star ingredient. Fresh mint is muddled with lime juice and sugar to release its essential oils, then topped up with rum and soda water to make a classic mojito.

Perfect spritz

Perfect spritz

This isn't called 'perfect' just because we love it – this spritz recipe is actually a twist on a perfect, a classic vermouth cocktail. Vermouth and gin are infused with dried lavender overnight before being topped up with soda water.

Hedgerow royale

Hedgerow royale

Inspired by the flavours of a British hedgerow, this unique cocktail is a perfect blend of sweet, sharp and sour. A fresh rosemary sprig is bruised to release its aroma, then mixed with prosecco, sloe gin and cherry brandy for a multi-layered spritz.

Pomegranate rosemary spritzer

Pomegranate spritz

This deep pink cocktail looks super-sweet, but the herb infusion balances it out. Pomegranate juice is reduced with a rosemary sprig to make a bold syrup, which is then topped up with prosecco for a sparkling dinner party drink.

Basil & strawberry Pimm's

Basil pimm's

Pimm's is a summer staple of pub gardens across the country. To put your own spin on a jug, try this herbal twist, which blends basil into vibrant ice cubes that slowly melt into the classic Pimm's and lemonade mixture.


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